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Accidentally fed my 9 months old baby formula that was sitting out for 4hours in an air conditioned room. What are the risks?

Are babies okay to spend time in the basement?

Are crib bumpers really unsafe for babies? Are the breathable mesh options safer? I'm worried about her getting her hands stuck if i don't use one.

Are crib toys safe?

Are fireworks bad for my baby?

Are there child safety ratings for cars?

Are there special blankets used to swaddle babies?

At what age can I start covering my child with a blanket in her crib?

At what age should I put my 2 month baby her room and crib?

Baby ingested some bugspray baby age2 no phone 2 call poison control

Babys toys put in the sterlizer and it melted a little the bottles were in there to we gave a bottle to her then saw that the toys melted is she okay?

Can an 8 month old baby safely be around a dog?

Can baby powder or baby corn starch catch on fire?

Can i carry baby near the microwave?

Can I have exterminators over when I have a toddler?

Can I put a nightlight in the nursery?

Can I put my baby on walker, he is 7 month 8 days

Can I start using a pillow and a blanket for my 15 months old baby?

Can I use a playard/pack and play with a bassinet for the first 3-4 months?

Can leaving a ceiling fan on at night make baby sick?

Can pet cats sneak in and harm my baby while he's sleeping in his crib?

Can sharing baby wipes between babies in a church nursery spread disease? What about diaper changing surfaces that may not be cleaned between kids?

Can smoke on clothes and furniture still cause a danger to children?

Can u put Vicks sabb in my baby humifer he 15 months?

Can you explain why aren't space blankets used to keep neonatal children warm?

China paint to blame for toy safety scares?

Had toddlers birthdy party last night.Had helium balloons.Im 12wks preg.If helium naturally escapes from balloons while in the house can it harm baby?

How can I baby proof our hotel room when we travel?

How can I create an eco-friendly nursery?

How can I keep my baby safe from ticks when our dogs bring them in all the time?

How can I keep my baby safe in the car?

How can I keep my child safe in the carseat?

How can I prepare my pet for the new baby?

How can I protect my baby when there's a smoker in the house?

How can I stay in touch with my friends when I have a new baby in the house?

How can I tactfully tell my mother-in-law I don't like the clothes she buys for my baby?

How do I baby proof my house to protect my crawling baby?

How do I baby proof my house?

How do I baby proof windows?

How do I buy maternity clothes if having triplets?

How long after putting in new carpet is it safe for a baby to be in the room?

How many years can you keep a carseat before it's considered no longer a safe carseat?

How safe is infant sleeping in airline basinette in bulkhead?

How to chose toys for a 10 months old baby?

How to handle toddler safety at bed time?

I am having my first baby and have been told to baby proof my house. What would you recommend?

I catched a very small spider in my 3month old baby's bed, what there will be spider again when im not there. How can it harm my baby?

I have a small apartment, kitchen which is also bedroom, my baby is coming up in few weeks how safe is to place a bed for a newborn in a kitchen?

I have a Wi-Fi router in my baby's room. Is this a health concern/risk for the baby? If so is it still a risk even if the router is in another room?

I put germ x on a rug burn on my hand! Is it going to harm my unborn baby???

If I am purchasing a impeller humidifier for my 3mos baby to help with his coughing..How long do u keep it on?

If u have no place for a baby's bed, what the best decision, moses basket or a baby stroller? Which one is safest?

If vacuuming carpet, should I take kids out of the room?

Im 40 weeks, I dont have a bassinet just a crib & its in another room next to ours. is this ok? also i am wondering on crib bumpers.

Is a window air conditioner safe to use in a young child's or baby's bedroom?

Is an exersaucer toy harmful to 5 months old supported sitter baby?

Is ceiling fan good for baby?

Is it bad to use a ceiling fan in room with a 5 week old? Can it cause colic or anything else harmful to baby?

Is it normal that my baby doesn't want to play with toys or other objects?

Is it safe for a baby to live in a freshly painted house? (9 months old)

Is it safe for newborn baby , 4 month-old to watch television and how far should keep the distance between baby and tv? Thanks

Is it safe to bring my baby to my neighborhood pool?

Is it safe to gently throw my baby in the air and catch her?

Is it safe to have a 7 month old baby in the house while painting?

Is it safe to have a fan blowing directly at infant when they are sleeping?

Is it safe to put a waterproof cover on a baby's crib mattress?

Is it safe to put my baby to bed swaddled? Or is that a risk of SIDS?

Is it safe to use a portable oil heater or electric heater to heat a room during pregnancy and after delivery in a babies/children's room?

Is it true that "swaddling clothes" is dangerous to infants?

Is my babies going 2 be ok i sprayed bug spray around the house while my babies was sleeping

Is sucking on a blanket dangerous for my baby?

Is there a good, safe way to disinfect the toys my child plays with?

It's okay to use the bernat baby blanket yarn to crochet a diaper cover right?

My 4 year old's toys are dangerous for babies. How can I keep our baby safe without banishing his sister?

My baby was playing in the toilet?

My child sniffs a toy stuffed bear all night because of the smell is this safe?

My husband sprayed aerosol insecticide 1.5 meters from a toy. Is it still safe to let my 9 months old baby play with that toy?

My son is 7 months old is it ok for him to have a stuffed animal with no tags or anything in his crib at night to snuggle?

Read that paper towels contain formaldehyde. Dry my newborns pacifier off with paper towels . Harmful to baby?

Safe to still breastfeed baby after getting paint on hands while painting a room in our house (washed hands before nursing)?

Should blanket be used in crib/sids/care provider should blankets be kept in cribs/childcare provider ?

Should my baby be snooring at 1 month old?

Silly question. Slammed door loudly by accident can this harm my baby in utero? Im 28 weeks.

Sitting near an electric heater for eight hours can it harm the unborn child?

Toddler broke a cfl in living room and touched it. We vacuumed it , toddler in room when cleaning up. We ventilated and evacuated the room only after cleanup and 10 minutes did this harm my child?

We tried for years to have a baby. We just brought our precious baby home. What do we do with our long-time pets?

What are some helpful but non-essential baby items to have in the house?

What are some helpful but non-essential items for my baby's nursery?

What are some helpful, non-essential items that are nice to have for my baby's nursery?

What are some items that are essential for my baby's changing table?

What are some safety precautions I should take for my newborn baby when traveling by car?

What are some tips for creating a safe nursery?

What are some tips for infant car safety?

What are the best musical toys for baby?

What are the best outdoor activities to do with my baby?

What are the best toys for a two year old?

What are the best toys for preemies?

What are the best ways to baby proof my house?

What are the essential baby items I need to have in the house?

What baby-proofing equipment is essential?