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1 y old baby was exclusively breastfed till 10 months.still bf but refuses solids.eats minimal weight gain for 2 months.what could be done?

1800g baby weight at 32weeks 3 days, is this low or normal weight?

18m old not eating well .any hunger syrup for weight gain?m giving mosegor .he feels sleepy aftr mosegor .any harm on my baby?9.6weight

20 weeks 4 days pregnant. Told baby weighs 5oz. How bad is this, what to do to increase its wgt? Already started out over wgt and put on 25lbs

28 year old mom with ms. Breastfeeding. Not postpartum. Is dieting ok? How many calories should I take in?

3 wk old falls asleep after 15-20 minutes of breastfeeding (total) and uninterested in continuing if i manage to wake her. She his gaining weight however (born 8lbs1oz, now weighs 9lbs7oz). Is this ok?

30 weeks pregnant and only gained 1 pound. Doc says baby and i are looking good. My question is will not gaining weight affect labor?

35wks pregnant now, bb's weight only at 2kgs. What's the risk for underweight baby? Tq.

4 months ago I had a baby and I am trying to figure out how to lose this baby weight.During my pregnancy I gained 52pounds .

7 week old baby weighs 13.4lbs. His birthweight was 9.2lbs. Everything else is fine. Should I be worried he is eating too much?

8 weeks old baby weights 4.35 kg. Was born 3.06kg. Didn't gain weight from 7 to 8 weeks. Should i worry?

8month old baby weights 8 kg. Is he perfectly weighed?

After delivery I gained weight from 50 to belly looks same as during my me dr....

After i give birth how much waight can I loose the first month . Im 37 weajs pregnant anf i put on 15 kilos?

Am 10wks pregnant with twins but I find it hard to eat and am losing weight. Am worried for my babies.

Am 28 weeks 6 days pregnant. Did usg today. My baby weighs 1201g. Is this an ideal weight or underweight?

Am 32wks 4 days pregnant. My baby weighs 2200g now.Is this a normal weight in this gestational age? Or underweight?

Am i able to get an estimate of how much my baby will weight at birth?

Any advise for 1.5year old baby to increase appetite?

Are overweight babies healthier than thinner babies?

At 18 do I still have baby fat?

At 26 weeks my baby is weighing 822 gms and the US report says its 41 %. Is it normal or my baby is underweight?

At 32 weeks my baby only weighted 3lbs.4ozs. How big do you think it will be at birth?

At 32w5d weight of baby is 2080grm, no diabetes, amnoitic fluid is slightly more, can we do anything to reduce the increase in baby weight?

At 4 month about how much should my baby weighing in my belly?

At age 16, what does it mean to "still have your baby fat"?

At what age do you lose your baby fat from being a child?

At what week do you lose a tube baby?

Baby born 9lbs, will be 2month old on friday24.Last monday weight him 10 3/4lbs. Gain little weight.He move a lot will that be the cause of slow gain?

Baby boy (8lbs 15oz at birth-now 1 month old and is 11lbs 2oz) is eating 5oz every 4 hours. Is this too many oz or not enough?

Baby girl 4.5 months old, weights 5.95kg was born 3kg. Is she underweight? She's otherwise healthy and meeting her developmental milestones

Baby is one and a hafe! I want to be lose 150 pounds. How can I do that?

Baby lost weight before my milk came in is my newborn goin to gain his weight back and more now that I have milk?

Baby was 7.1lbs at birth. 2 months she was 9.10. 3months 1week she is 12lbs. Is this an ok weight gain? She won't double her birth weight by 4 months

Baby was born 4.18kg (9lbs). He is now 7 weeks old and in 99th percentile for both length and weight. Is this ok? He seems in proportion.

Baby was born at 40 weeks weighting 7.9 pounds and 20.5 inches I had her two month appt and she's weighting 9 pounds height 22 inches. I am breastfeeding but I am extremely concerned about her weight gain. Is that normal?

Baby's weight at 32w 2 days was this normal? No diabetes,bp.normal and healthy.what would be his weight at birth? Normal delivery is diffic?

Breastfeeding last 6wks what's a Good way to lose more weight already dwn to prepreg size just need to get to healthy weight 120-130 I'm 5"2 3rd kid?

Breech baby current estimated weight 6lb 10ozs 34+5 weeks will she turn in 3 weeks?

Can a marathoner have a baby?

Can a petite skinny girl produce a fat baby?

Can baby shaking syndrome cause no waight gain?

Can i give cheese to my 6 m old baby .which type is best for my baby? I want to increase his weight

Can i give sporlac to my 9 and hallf months old baby she is having loose motions?

Can i have a healthy baby 7 months after loosing twins?

Can I predict my baby's birth weight?

Can I use meta slim ptoduct while feedng my 9 mnths baby for reducng my weight?

Can the baby be overweight just because the breastfeeding mother's diet is unhealthy?

Can ultrasounds tell how much the baby weigh or how big the baby is ?

Can you please tell me why it'shard for mothers to lose weight after pregnancy?

Can you start dieting the day after you have a baby?

Could I have a small belly bt deliver a big baby well healthy 5lbs or more?

Could i lose baby jelly belly after 10 months?

Currently trying to breastfeed my 1week old baby ? What foods can I eat to give me milk but at the same time not gain weight ?

Daughters 4 months and weigh 12lbs 11 ounces how can I help her gain a pound or 2 in 2 weeks I've been feeding her pablum how much can she eat (pab)?

Delivered baby boy 3 days back.At that time my wt was 73.2 kg & today it's 70.7 kg. Baby wt at birth 3.18 kg. Y so low wt loss?When wk start loosing?

Do you think a 500lbs woman could have a baby?

Does formula (similac advance) make babies fat or chubby? Do all babies go through that chubby phase? At my son 1month check up he weigh 10pounds

Does how much weight you gain during pregnancy affect how big your baby is ?

Effects of mom's weight on growth of low birth weight infants?

Had a c-sec 12wks ago would it be okay to workout with weights (10lbs) my baby weighs 15 lbs. I don't want to get a hernia or my incision to open?

Had my 33 week scan last week. Baby girl is around 2.4 kg. Is it an avg weight? Is she a big bub?Wat weight wud she be by the time she's born?

Hello doctor , im 38 weeks pregnant last week baby weighed 2.6 kg ..Whats the maximum weight baby can gain in 1 week ?

Hey I have a 7 month old baby boy names Ryan Clay he weight 14Ib 12oz is he under weight?

Hey i wanted to know if your nursing a baby would it cause you to loose weight fast ?

Hi doc am lactating mom for 3 months old baby boy, can I drink green tea. Tell me some exersice to do at home to loose my pregnency weight without gym?

Hi doc its.Uzma 19 years old and trying for a baby and wanna lose my weight.Can I use green tea for its not be effecting for trying a baby -?

Hi doctors my, 4month old baby son has gained weight up to 8.5 kilograms , he is breast feed , am worried . Please help.

Hi I am obese 40 years old and 4 weeks pregnant ...I had my first child last year by cecerean in Oct. I don't like fish what can I eat to loose weight without harming my unborn baby please?

Hi i'm 31, had a miscarriage 4 mos ago approx. I still haven't lost my baby weight. My prolactin is 159. One brest all of a sudden deflated& the other?

Hi I've had a 10lb baby a 9-12 baby and a 9-5 baby can that be the cause of me being loose and what can I do s i wont be that loose?

Hi, i am seven months pregnant now. But my baby is in underweight how can I gain weight and bring the weight of the baby as normal within two months?

Hi, I am in 8th month of my pregnancy and just a few days before my U/S reports reflected that my expected baby weight at time of delivery could be 2 kgs which is less I think so. My 9th month will start at 28th August. So, will my baby gain weight in the

Hii have 2 babies and now my weight is 67kg i want to reduce it ?

Hii, I have 17 months twin baby girls. Elder one has10.5 kg weight n younger one has 8.5 kgs..So how can I increase my younger baby weight..?

How accurate on baby weight is ultrasound? When i had my babies, there was nothing like this, but my daughter (grandbaby on the way) had hers she said they could tell the weight. Really? How accurate is this? Just want a big healthy grandbaby!

How can I drop this fat after having a baby?

How can I help my 6month old baby gain weight? He was born prematurely at 28 weeks and the dr says if hee doesn't gain by Mon he will be hospitalized.

How can I loose my baby fat if I really hate working out?

How can I lose my baby without getting an abortion?

How can I lose my stomach from having babies?

How can I safety gain weight? In a few years I want to carry a baby without worry of me being underweight to miscarry again.

How can I tell if my baby's weight is cause for concern?

How could a woman lose her baby while unconscious?

How do I lose a baby without an abortion. ?

How do I lose the extra 20lb after giving birth?

How do you lose a baby without abortion?

How does gestational diabetes increase a baby's weight in the womb?

How effective is nutriprem milk in aiding low birth weight babies?

How fat are babies supposed to be? Can babies be obese?

How have I lost weight during pregnancy? Me or the baby getting smaller?

How many babies end up their estimated weight?

How many extra calories a day do I need with twins? I am currently 14 weeks.

How many extra calories a day must I have if i'm breastfeeding twins?

How many kg should a 10month old baby weigh?

How many oz are 2 months old suppose to eat? My baby was 7.5pounds when he born and now he is 11pound. Is it good?Do he need to gain some more weight?

How much a newly born baby gain her weight daily or weekly?

How much blood loss is normal when you have a baby?

How much does a baby have to weigh by the time he is a 1 year old ?

How much should a 4 month baby weight ? Birth weight was 7lb n 15 oz