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1 week old baby coughs After eating what can it be?is it normal?

10 month old having cough, cold and fever(37.3-37.5) for 3 days is fussy during feeding times. How can i feed him.

10 months old baby operated for large vsd , now he has cough with vomiting but no fever and feeds well , is it ok to give him antitussive and what is i

10month old baby has temp104. Her chest is clear. But she has cough. ?

10months baby operated for large vsd now has cough with vomiting but no fever and feeds well is it ok to give him antitussive , which best one?

14 mo old has had cold for 9 days. Is this normal?

16 weeks pregnant. Is it ok for the baby that i need an inhaler sometimes for wheezing really bad? Thank you!

1month old son has cold and cough?

2 months old baby had cough and cold and was treated with antibiotics via iv. Baby still has cold for 10 days now with no fever but stuffy noise

27 weeks pregnant, will cough drops hurt my baby?

31 weeks pregnant and have a horrible barking cough to the point of it hurting could it be croup? If so can it harm my baby?

38weeks pregnant with flu, is constant coughing bad for baby?

4 month baby coughs a lot after formula tried a lactose free but still cough and phlem his not sick?

5 month Baby boy has fortnight back viral cough and cold .he was given taxim o and timnic.he is now recovering.mother has got cough.please advisei?

6 months baby is coughing for 3 weeks?

7 months old baby girl with a cough. Should i give her children's cough syrup?

Always 4 year baby have cold n cought and do vomit?

Baby 8 mths. Teething. For weeks, hardly sleeps at night. Last night gave Calpol, baby slept all night. What is best for baby? To give Calpol or not?

Baby coughing/choking while feeding?

Baby has cold hands and feet, no temp, cough , cold runny nappies and sickness. What do we do?

Baby has cold sweats (has bronchiolitis).?

Baby is 3 months old. Affected by cough since 5 days. Is there any way to expell sputum from baby's cough? She coughs badly..

Can a 6 month old baby have hayfever already?

Can an airconditioner make baby get a cough? Ours is not really too cold actually and its not direct on her crib

Can babies come down with the RSV infection repeatedly?

Can i give banana to my 6+ baby when he has cold and cough?

Can i give my 10 months old baby banana in cough?

Can i give my 3month old baby saline nebs?

Can i give my son disudrin? He had his cold this morning only. He is 1 year old. I usually give him disudrin if he has colds since he's an infant.

Can i nebulize a 1month old baby?

Can i shower my 3month old baby who is having a fever after circumcision?

Can i still visit a newborn baby when I have a cold?

Can milk based formula cause baby to become chesty and cough?Baby has rattling in chest and cough for two weeks.Tried soy formula but baby gags on it.

Can my 6 month old baby get croup in the middle of summer?

Can my 6 month old baby use cold and cough syrup if so what do u recommend for him concerned mother

Can you fly if infant has a cold?

Can you give an infant anything for congestion?

Can you tell me what to do for newborns throwing up after feeding and it coming thru nasal passages and choking baby?

Cough and colds of 7weeks baby?

Could you tell me what are signs of RSV in babies?

Do all babies throw up after coughing?

Does frozen teether make any throat congestion in baby?

Earache on 10 month old baby. What can I give her?

Family member who had a stuffy nose was holding my 14 week old breastfed baby. Will my baby get sick?

Friend's newborn baby got whooping cough.Granny who didn't know visited sick baby then visited my nb baby on same day. Held both.Chances of catching?

Help docs! my 2 months old baby has lots of phlegm?

Hi doc my baby is one month old. she got catarrh from me . pls what do i give her to stop it.

How can I avoid my daughter gettin RSV again?

How can I help my 6 month old baby, if she is coughing on and off all this week?

How can I help my baby sleep thro a bad cough?

How can I manage my baby's cold?

How can I reduce phlegm in my baby?

How can I tell if infant is sick?

How can I tell if my baby has cold or if it is allergies?

How can I tell if my baby is cold?

How can I tell if what my baby has is just a cold?

How can I tell when my baby has recovered from broncholitis as he seems better but still has a cough?

How can u tell when your infant is finally getting over rsv?

How could i tell if my baby has a cold?

How dangerous is croup cough in pregnant woman? 6 months pregnant, son has mild croup, I have sore throat a few mornings only. Danger to fetus?

How do babies get bronchilitis?

How do doctors treat a flu in a baby that is under 6 months?

How do i deal with a sick baby that has a cold?

How do I kniw if my newborn is sick ?

How do I know if i can't ha ve babies?

How do I know if my baby has the flu?

How do I treat a cough on a 7 month old baby?

How do you treat a croup cough in a six month old baby?

How long does a viral respiratory infection last in infants and toddlers? And can their eye puff up because of it?

How many cough in a day is normal for a 2 month old baby? Yesterday my 2 month old daughter cough 6 times last night. is it normal or need to worry?

How to cure chest cold of my 17 months old baby?

How to make 8 months old baby more comfortable at night when he getting flu and cough ?

How would I know if my baby has pneumonia instead of a regular cough?

Howlong fever for a one year baby is okay?

I am 6 months pregnant, coughing with phlegm and bronchitis. Is it going to harm the baby?

I am breastfeeding my 1mnth old baby and i had a fever now.Wil my baby get fever too?

I am breastfeeding, is there anything i can take to help soothe my sore throat and cough that will not affect my supply or harm my baby?

I am currently breastfeeding and I have a cold. dry coughing sneezing and runny nose. what is safe to take since I breastfeed? safe for me and baby?

I have 2 month old baby.I feeding baby now.Now baby have cold can't breath.I also have cold.What medicine i hav to take and how to solve this.

I have a 1 year old baby girl and she has a cold that she has had for a month. She has a cough and her nose runs green?

I have a 10 month old baby, should I take her to a doctor for a cold? Or only when a cough develops??

I have a 4 week old baby, and she is very congested. Is it something dangerous?

I have a 4 week old baby. How do you know when they have a cold as opposed to normal newborn congestion?

I have a 7 month old baby , she's been coughing a lot recently. What can I give her?

I have a four month old baby with phlegm, what can I give her to take that away?

I have a two weeks old baby who develop sneezing and cough. Pl advise on what to do ?

I have bodyaches, weak, no fever or cough & i feel very cold. Could this be the flu? I'm a breastfeeding mother to a 3 month old baby.

I have cough and flu for almost a month now, and i think im pregnant. Is this bad for the baby?

I have fever and diarrhea can i continue breastfeeding.can my baby catch the virus if i hold her or if she breasfeed?

I have flu and sore throat my baby is 2 month old and breast feed please tell me some home remide that can't effect on baby?

I have itchy throat so I cough im 26 weeks pregnant does it affects my baby?

I have sore throat and flu. Can I still breast feed or my baby will get sick from my milk?

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and got sick about 2 days ago with a stuffy, runny nose is there anything i can take that's safe for my unborn baby?

I'm delivering my baby this week, but i'm sick with cough and colds. Should I worry?

I've had a dry cough with no cold symptoms for 3 wks. I have a newborn and have my whooping cough shot. Im breastfeeding. What should i do?

If a baby coughs once a day is it something to worry about? My baby usually coughs once a day especially during or after feeding.

If a baby has a staccato cough how long it lasts? A week? My baby when 3.5month had a cough for 6 days then stopped & she only coughed during the day

If I have a cold (sore throat, cough, sneeze) will my 4 week old breastfed baby catch it?

If my baby is 4 months old he has been having this weird cough.. It's real dry and short.. He only does it every once in a while... Could it be rsv?

If my stomach is cold does it mean my baby is cold?