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3 mo.old swaddled wakes several times after 6-7hrs @night for pacifier.Goes12hrs btwn feedings so she's not hungry. Suggestions please?

1 month old baby 36.2 temperature won't stop crying. Pooped today but won't take a bottle at this time.

1 month old bottle fed and eats about four ounces and burps after every 2 oz. When she burps she spits up about half of what she ate. What can I do?

1 week old baby when feeding her she breaths faster why? Is it normal?

10 month old having cold n fever fussy at feeding time refuses to take milk or any food. How to help him feed?

10 mth old has viral enterovirus.Day 3- refusing all solids for last 30 hrs- very cranky.Has had water and lots of breastmilk. How long will this last?

10 wk old bf only never had a bottle. I feel very uncomfortable feeding around moms who bottle feed as they make me feel inferior. Is breast best?

12 wk old has stuffy nose and decreased feedings for 2 days. Today she projectile spit up after 2 feedings. Plenty of wet diapers and very happy.

14 wk baby,has been on omeprazole since 6 wks & Nutramigen since 5 wks.has stomach cramps after feeds for past 2 wks,baby is we try neocate?

16month old baby vomites in the night between 1and3am. Her last feed is at 10pm. During the day she is fine?

1mth. Old supposed to feed 3/4 ounces a feeding due to spit up a lot when was getting 5 ounces. Screams after 1hr. Of being fed now. What should I do?

2 month old baby. Bottle fed. She drinks about 1 to 1.5 oz milk a time. Every hour intervals. At night she sleeps for 7 hours and not fed . Proper?

2 months old baby very cranky and not feeding well. No sign of illness?

2 weeks old baby after 5 she starts getting aggressive, she drinks her milk and cries why? but during the day she's fine eats and sleeps normally

2.5m old is crying when i try to feed him i only breastfeed. What is wrong with him?

20 months son wakes daily in night due to hunger , wife gives 180ml formula milk in bottle. is it normal to wakeup and giving milk at night?

25 day old baby is always sleepy when feeding. I constantly have to nudge him to wake up & continue suckling at my breasts or bottles. What do I do?

2mos old baby vomits/spits her milk more often lately after feeding.. what to do?..

3 1/2 month old vomiting when I try to feed him (3 times). He feeds for about 1 min and throws up. He's now asleep. should I try Pedyalite?

3 mo.old swaddled wakes several times after 6-7hrs @night for pacifier.Goes12hrs btwn feedings so she's not hungry. Suggestions please?

3 month baby refusing to feed.I express milk.Sterday he refused even formula.Pushes away the bottle. Very depressed why? What to do. Baby very fuzzy.

3 month infant suddenly sticking out tongue when trying to breast feed - refusing nipple.Cries when trying to feed bottle. He's on 2ml of ranitidine. ?

3 month old baby has been crying more, gassy and has been spitting up a lot. Could it be from something I ate?

3 month old eats 4oz every 4hrs but spits almost all of it up.... What shud I do I called dr they said its ok.. Plus he cries after he eats what is it?

3 month old spits up after every bottle! gaining weight and doesn't cry after spit up! Generally, a happy baby! Reflex? Switch formula? Allergy?

3 months old, so fussy at night, suffering from colic, cries and becomes fussy while eating formula, needs to burp after each 10cc, difficault and fussy?

3 mth old last ate at 10am 4 oun formula haven't eaten since last fever 99.5 was at 4pm try to feed him but spits out what can I do to help him?

3 week old infant stomach making noises while I'm breastfeeding her, is that normal?

3 wk old being burped after every oz of formula still looks and cries for food after 4 oz bottle. When given more, spits it all up. What's wrong?

3 wk old cries and looks for food after i feed her, but if i feed her more like she wants, she spits it all up in a few minutes. What's wrong?

3.5 month baby no longer sleep thro the night. Up every 1.5 hours hungry in night&during the day he only eats 4oz breastmilk vs 6oz he ate. Is this OK?

3mth old, breastfed until I had cholecystectomy 2days bac. 1)no soiled diaper for 3nights & 2days. 2) being on hydrocodone can I start breastfeeding ?

4 mnth old spits up A LOT on enfamil gntl ease she wont stay off her belly bc she rolls over what is the best formula and cereal to help control that?

4 mo. old, started cereal, how many times a day should he eat it/when to increase frequency of feedings? Bottle schedule was 5oz/3hrs.

4 month old formula fed baby wont feed as much anymore. Usually 4 oz every 3 hrs but now about 2 oz in more than 3 hrs. What could be the problem?

4 week old eats 4ounces of similac for fussiness and gas every 2-3 hours. Is that normal?

4m old is eating less and very fussy especially towards the night. Currently breastfeeding and he latches on for a few sec then screams. Teething?

4mo baby wants the feeding bottle all the time as she's awake.If i refuse she starts crying &gets so fussy.Spitting &colic.How to organize her feeding?

5 mnth bb sleeps from 11pm till 10am without waking up to feed, after feeding she sleep till 12pm, she knows how to sooth herself.Normal? Shes breastfed

5 month old baby always throwing up his milk. I'm afraid, will the baby be alright?

5 month old baby keeps throwing up a lot throughout the day. More so after feeding him formula. No matter what I do always throws up?

5 week old baby is constantly hungry. I've been breastfeeding him all day between 2 hour interval formula feeding.

5mo refuses to feed formula or trying solids. Will cry in hunger but when bottle is given won't drink it. This has been intermittent and I'm worried.

5month old son. 4 hrs since last feeding has been vomiting since, sleeping a lot won't take bottle and is fussy. What can be wrong?

5w old fussy ALL THE TIME. She feeds well but sleeps most of the time. Crying when awake just wants to be held. Clay-like poop with soy formula.

6 month old is cranky she doesn't want to drink bottles she just chews in the nipple but she eats baby food . No drool or diarrhea what's wrong ?

6 wk old with GERD. When nursed she continuously vomits the breast milk for over an hour. When given formula, no vomiting or spit up. Help!

6 wk old won't stop crying has bad rash on butt w watery poop breast feed only. wants me only, sucking on everything and drools a lot. Has to cuddle ?

6-7 m old baby was good sleeper during breastfeeding, when I started solid foods when she was 5 month she started to wake up twice.

6mth old screams while being feed rice cereal most of the time. Or spits it all up hours later. ?

6wk breast feed only won't stop crying, sucking on everything and drooling having hard time pooping when does watery going on for 2 weeks now?

7 month baby suddenly fussy generally especially during feeding ...what can be causes. .shes on cerelac and formula feed...wants to be held?

7.5 months old baby girl feeling difficult to poo. Have started semisolids for her feed as per pediatrician.she wont drink water properly. Wat to do?

8mo is refusing to nurse. He's not sick and acts playful/happy. But just now refused after sleeping all night! Why won't he eat?

8mth old baby is teething, not really wanting to eat, refuses bottle sometimes &fussy, and seems to want to sleep more? No fever, should I be worried?

9 month old still wakes up on his own wanting his milk feed every night, any good way to stop him from waking up for milk? Every 3-4 hrly he wants.

9week old baby very unsettled,had 6 dirty nappies(usually only 2)& is not feeding as often or as long (breastfed).has cold & clammy it normal?

After getting a pyloromyotomy and being on soy formula, my baby is still throwing up. What else do I do?

After my 6 week old eats formula. He is really gassy and screams right after he eats for up to 2 hours. Any suggestions to ease the pain?

At 9mth old baby is drinking 5oz per feed, is if too little? He still wakes up every 3-4hrly on his own for milk at nite. Is this normal?

At night times my 12 weeks old infant will not wake up to breast feed, 5 hours gap ll b there for last breastfeed. Any problem to baby's nutition?

Baby 3 months old. Why has my bottle-fed baby started to refuse the bottle? Started since 2month old

Baby 3 weeks old. Breastfed. Lots of wet diapers and poohs. Has gained birth weight. Sometimes only feeds for 5 mins. Is that long enough ?

Baby 5days old breast and bottle fed yesterday was just using bottle today she want breastfeed at all how to get back bfeeding?

Baby 6mths began weaning from pumped breastmilk. First bottle of formula threw it up 2hrs later. Is this normal?

Baby Adanma is 5mths and 2 weeks, she feeds well and ok. Wants to play all the time when she's not feeding. Sleeps on average 3hrs at a time. Advice.

Baby is 3 weeks 6 days and has vomitted 4 times today baby never vomitted this much before. ?

Baby is 9mth old is it normal for him to still wake up three hrly for milk at night? Shuld I stop giving him even when he cries?

Baby keeps puking a half hour later she went from breast milk , newborn formula to now ar . The baby was tested no reflux is on Zantac (ranitidine) .Suggestions?

Baby nurses for 2-3 min then starts crying and refuses to latch on again. Good milk supply. Dr evaluated baby and said healthy.

Baby reflux. I can lay down my 5 months old after breastfeeding as the milk just comes back out. Even after 1 or 2 hrs. It doesn't hurt him. Help!! ?

Baby refusing to bf or bottle feed since she started baby rice last week. Stopped baby rice still she bf from 1 breast for 10min then start crying?

Baby spits up even 1 hour after feeding (since birth,now 2 mo).sometimes refuses bottle and cries.few seconds before spit she cries. what can this be?

Baby stopped vomiting for 2 hrs what can I feed him?

Baby was on antibiotics(baby is almost 3 month) he started to have diarrhea now almost after every bottle. Is it normal? What should I do?

Baby's month old. Doc says he's very advance. He's up every 30 minutes & hungry nothing but milk comforts him at night. Nursing wasn't enough now it's happening with formula. But if I give him more than 3oz he pukes! can I give him a little cereal b4 bed?

Besides burping, what can I do to feed my restless baby?

Breastfeed 6 week old vomited while feeding. Let her rest 5 min and fed other side and she vomited again. What could be causing this?

Breastfeeding wife of 3 week old has food poisoning (diarrhea, some vomiting). Pediatrician said ok to breast feed. What can wife take?

Can gas be a reason 7 week old baby isnt sleeping? (Breastfeeding)

Can i feed my baby a bottle i made from 7:30 dis morning right now it is 11:21?

Can infants spit up due to anything you ate if you are breastfeeding?

Can my baby be allergic to my breastmilk? He vomits at least three times a day after feeding. Sometimes the milk is curled or just like water.

Daugchter is 3 weeks. She eats 4oz every 4 hours. Its almost been 7oz w/o a feeding. Should i wake her up?

Daughter is 12 weeks old. Day time will breastfeed 2 hours once. By night she wont wake and ll be 5 to 6 hours gap from bfore breast feed. Is it ok?

Daughters baby is 11 days old. Other than going right after birth, he has only pooped once. She recently switched from breastfeeding to the bottle.

Dear doctor, my baby 10 wk always flexes his body after feed and throws up as he does this. Why do babies flex so much? Is it normal or something?

Decided not to breastfeed. Can hospital refuse to give me formula? (can't bring own, so this means i will be forced to breastfeed?).

Do I have to feed my baby formula to make sure he is getting the right vitamins?

Do I have to feed my baby formula when I go back to work?

Do I need to wake up a 7mo with diarrhea for her Pedialyte? She has been refusing food and formula. Asleep now. No fever and active, just fussy.

Does anyone have any feed back on hyland's teething tablets for babies?

Gave my 6 wk old her first formula feeding at noon (alimentum). At 3 gave her bottled breast milk, and at 4 she threw up( not spit up, vomit) help?

Hello, my 7 week old baby has started spitting up clear fluid between feeds. She has also started crying in the evening during feeding when I wind her?

Hello, my son is 1.5 months old and he is always hungry... 10-15 minutes after feeding him, he gets hungry for more, please help.

Help me please I don't know what to do! baby spit up shot striaght out?

Hi Dr. My 22days old baby gets hiccups almost every time after feeding (breastfeeding or bottle) n while feeding he sweats on his forehead, please advice me on this ?

Hi my 5 month old baby just grunts and cries like she is in pain with her tummy.dr changed her milk but still doing it. And being sick. What could this be?

Hi! I have a son who is 18 months. Whenever i give him milk he coughs for about 1 hour. Why is that? Please help.

Hi. My 4month old baby girl sm times spits out milk especialy in cold days what its th treatment shes breast feeding?