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"does using a night guard present a choking hazard for my 6 year old child?"

11 weeks baby always tries to keep finger in her mouth. Is this normal?

12 week old baby girl sucks on fingers and moves a lot when sleeping but doesn't wake. Is she hungry or just self soothing? Is it teething?

2 month old doesn't suck on pacifier after being well fed but opens mouth towards breast, what does this mean?

2.5m old has active tongue(sticks it out a lot, smacks) and is starting to have trouble first taking a bottle (BF and bottlefed) gags often. Normal?

2.5month old active tongue (thrusts, smacks, sticks out) starting to interfere w/ bottle/paci/nipple latch. Gags often. Normal or cause for dr visit?

3year old daughter has front four teeth eroded due to bottle feeding. How prevent?

7 week old baby bubble drooling is it normal? Can a reflux cause her to drool? Or it can be because she sucks her fingers?

8.5 month old doesn't bang toys together only puts toys in mouth. Also doesn't clap or wave. Should I be concerned?

A friend told me I could put a little vanilla extract on a wet washcloth and let my baby chew on it for teething relief. Is this okay?

After nursing, my 2.5 month old sucks his fingers and occasionally gags himself. Why could this be?

Any ideas why docs put the thermometer under your tongue?

Are pacifiers really bad for babies’ teeth?

Around when do micro preemies begin to cut teeth?

Baby almost 2, uses soothie pacifier. Worried about teeth. Won't take another type. Will permanent teeth be affected?

Baby arches and straightens while feeding ? Remedy

Baby wants to suck on it so need to know what a pacifier can do to the teeth if anything?

Baby will be 8m in 5 days but no teeth. Salivating and biting on everything for months & nothing. I'm low on vit D now but don't know if while pregnan?

Can a 10 mouth baby be around a puppie ?

Can a 7 week old be teething? When I clean Her mouth she starts bitting me and she's spitting out a lot of saliva. Started 3 days ago. If so can I give her frozen fruits in a feeder?

Can a baby bite his lip during sleeping?

Can a baby catch herpes from a pacifier ? another child had my 7week old son pacifier I rinsed it off with hot water just a little soap I'm worried

Can a baby start teething at 2 months old he is almost 3 months he puts his hand in his mouth and cries if he can't put it in his mouth?

Can a baby using a bottle to long screw up their teeth?

Can a pacifier cause an eczema break out on a toddler?

Can babies sucking two fingers cause any dental problems?

Can babies who breast feed get tooth decay? I try and breast feed my son whenever i can, and would like to know if that can also lead to tooth decay. .

Can gingivostomatotis keep re occuring in babies?

Can my baby catch anything serious from chewing the tip and bottom of my shoe?

Can my baby get leukemia from chewing on a toy another leukemia baby chewed on?

Can pacifier use be bad?

Can sucking fingers harm a baby's teeth? Our two year old daughter sucks her middle two fingers all the time, and we're concerned that it might cause her teeth to come in crooked or incorrectly. Is this something we only need to worry about if she's still

Can thumb sucking result in gum infection in infants ? How can it be stopped ?

Can toddler get thrush from a pacifier that hasn't been washed. If I boil pacifier will bacteria come off so he can use again?

Can u clean a 3 months baby tongue with honey?

Can you tell me if i could leave orajel on while i sleep?

Daughter has hand foot & mouth blisters in mouth what can I do to make her more comfortable? Also i'm 7 months pregnant will it harm my unborn baby?

Does a baby's pacifier use affect teeth alignment?

Does baby acne leave any scars? Does gently wiping the face with a baby wipe after feeding and milk spit ups going to make things any worse?

Does ice cream prevents babies teeth to errupt early?

Does it ever happen that a dog licking a 6 week old babies face causes oral thrush in the baby.?

Does Sucking on a pacifier at naptime and bedtime reduce the risk of SIDS? How so ?

Does using a pacifier have any consequences on a baby's teeth later on in life?

Does using a pacifier help or hurt colic?

Dr thinks my 6wk old is teething she crys sucks and drools a lot. Don't have any baby orajel gma suggested southern comfort on gums to help sooth?

Hi my daughter is 11 and still sucks her finger how can it affect her mouth health wise?

How big of a problem is baby bottle tooth decay? We don't give anything to our baby in a bottle other than milk and water, but i'm still worried that we're giving it to her too close to bed time. I try to make sure she doesn't fall asleep with it in her m

How can I get my 27 month old daughter to stop usong the pacifier?

How can I help soothe my baby's gums?

How can I learn to undo the spits?

How can I prevent my toddler from choking on toys?

How do I best help my baby with teething? I've tried using children's ibuprofen, teething rings, and other similar things, but it's bad. Is there anything out there that i'm not thinking of that might help? .

How do I clean the milk from a newborns tongue?

How do I keep my toddler from putting things in his nose and mouth?

How do I know if my daughter is teething or just chewing to explore? 4 months, passing crankiness, drools a lot & always wants things in her mouth.

How do you clean baby's toothbrushes before putting them inside baby's mouth?

How long after brushing my teeth should I wait to kiss my baby or let her put her hands in my mouth?

How long after eating is it safe to kiss my baby, or let her put her fingers in my mouth?

How long does numbness last for baby teething gel?

How long should a baby use a pacifier for? Do they damage teeth?

How often should we change baby's pacifier?

How to break thumb sucking habit for my 3 month old daughter? ..what supplement can I start for her as I have to go back to my work?

How to get a splinter out of my baby daughters mouth?

How to stop baby from sucking lower lips to prevent thickened lips and pushing out teeth.

I accidentally sneezed on my 1 month old newborns face when i was about to breastfeed. His mouth was open. Could I have harmed him?

I am using a pacifier for my 2 month old. Sometimes if pacifier is not there in her mouth she sucks her lips and produces bubbles with saliva. Why?

I forgot to wash pacifier off after it fell on the ground and put it in baby's mouth, will she be okay!?

I have a 13-month boy and bought him soft bristle toothbrush. I wonder what are the ways to safely clean them before putting it inside baby's mouth?

I have a daughter, she is 13, she still has eight baby teeth and shes tried to wiggle them but they wont budge, will she still be able to have braces?

I have a3monthold baby, i don't breastfeed him, i'm a smoker, i never smoke at home, i wash my hands and brush my mouth before contact him, still danger?

I know honey isn't safe for my infant, so i'm wondering, is it ok for him to have a wooden teething toy with a beeswax polish on it?

I noticed am orange color on my 8 week olds tongue this morning and he keeps putting his hands to his mouth? He is strictly formula fed.

I read that sucking on a baby pacifier can help with self harm because it calms you down. Can this be true?

I wear diapers and rubber paint at age 47 still suck my thumb, what's wrong with me?

I've heard it's a good idea to cut the tips of pacifiers to make them less attractive. Is that safe?

If a child bites his fingernails and eats them, is there any harm?

If a child lifts a bottle of fabuloso to its mouth and ingest a little from dripping under the top what must the person do to make sure the baby ok?

If toddler has hand foot mouth can he prolong the sick period by sucking on pacifier? Will pacifier re-contaminate his mouth?-

Is it common for dentist to put a child completely sleep to do work on her?

Is it normal for babies to suck their feet?

Is it normal for my baby to like sucking on her blanket?

Is it ok for baby to chew on my 22k gold bangle?

Is it ok if I put sunscreen on my baby hands and she puts them in her mouth?

Is it ok to put 2 teaspoons of lactose sol 10/15 ml xvi in my 7mnth old's baby bottle 2x a day instead of giving it to him by mouth mouth?

Is it okay if children use an electric toothbrush? Our five year old really seems to prefer to have that used on him, but i'm worried that it might be too hard on his baby teeth. Do I have anything to worry about? .

Is it okay to bite my child to teach him that biting hurts?

Is it okay to rub a little bit of Benadryl (diphenhydramine) on a babies gums while teething will it help. She's 10&1/2 months?

Is it possible for a 16 year old to still have a suckling instinct?

Is it possible for my three month old to be teething. She drools a lot, trys to suck on anything that comes near her mouth, and scream a lot more?

Is it save to safe for a one month old baby to suck on a laffy taffy?

Is putting soap or hot sauce in your kids mouth mouth an aacceptable form of punishment?

Is sucking on a pacifier any better for a baby's dental health than sucking on a thumb? Our daughter sucks her thumb all of the time, and we've heard about the damage it can do to a child's teeth. Since pacifiers are softer, we were hoping we could someho

Is tongue thrusting really something to worry about with baby teeth? Our baby does a fair amount of tongue thrusting, and have read that it can damage baby teeth. I just have a hard time believing that it can do all that much damage though. .

My 1.6 years daughter is very stubborn and not concentrating. I can't teach her how to brush her teeth or use potty. Help me?

My 13 month old cries when I put him down and cries a lot and keeps putting his hands on his cheeks. This is relatively new?

My 1yr old daughter has habit of sleeping with milk bottle in her mouth. She needs bottle whole night, otherwise cries.How to remover her this habbit?

My 2 month old baby is a little fussy and keeps sucking on his fist and biting on my shoulder, could it be too early to be teething? He is well fed

My 2 month old doesn't use a pacifier, is she missing out on suckling?

My 2 weeks old baby girl makes some clicking sound while breastfeeding and 4rm bottle. Has it anything to do wit tongue tying?

My 2 year old has a weird habit since he was a baby to pull pieces of fuzz off blankets and suck it up his nose. Is this harmful ?