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17mo daughter has a dysplastic kidney and is peeing through everything. Diaper,clothes, ect is that normal?

18m old, severe diaper rash anytime eats fruit. Allergic? Yes we change diaper frequently, use cream & pedialite. She loves fruit but d.R is so bad.

21 month old only 4 wet diapers in 30 hours?

3mo old baby's diaper last changed at 8:30p. Dad and I didn't want to wake her up for a change as she mostly sleeps through the night. She woke up at 6:30a. We use 40% Zinc Oxide diaper cream. Harm?

4.5 month old baby with noticed small pinkish area in his diaper about 1 cm, when chang the diaper again also see it again, otherwise healthy?

6 mo old boy , doing potty during every feed, for last 48 hrs, now have rashes, generally he did 1-2 poo. He smiles and making eye contact frequently.

8mo girl with soiled diaper (poop) for almost 5 hours overnight. Sometimes it stays soiled while on traffic. Healthy baby, hydrated. Risk of UTI?

Are baby wipes bad for an adult vagina?

Are cloth or disposable diapers better for my baby's skin?

Are diapers a good solution for my incontinence?

At what age are children suppose to be out of diapers?

Baby boy has been circumcised 6 days ago, wound still wet refuse to dry baby in lot of pain what must i do?

Baby is eating good & growing.. but doesn't have more than 3-4 wet diapers a day.

Best way to handle diaper rash in adults?

Can 3 week old healthy baby use a+d diaper ointment at moms house & desitin (zinc oxide diaper cream) paste at dads house?

Can a baby be allergic to some brand of diapers?

Can a baby staying in a wet diaper to long cause yeast infection on skin?  if not what r causes of yeast on baby diaper area?

Can a bubble bath give my child a uti?

Can a two year old have allergies to a brand of diaper? There is no rash, only sneezing and and some congestion occasionally. These are sam's club members-mark disposable diapers.

Can babies wearing diapers get small blisters on their testicles?

Can i use disposible diaper or cloth diaper while normal diaper rash ???. M also using baby wipes

Can my son continue to wear disposables or will it continue to irriate his diaper rash?

Can not bathing(maintaining proper hygiene)&infrequent diaper changes,such as"because the diaper box says 12 protection",lead to a d.rash to a y.inf?

Can transitioning formulas lead to diaper rash?

Can you tell when an adult is wearing a disposable diaper?

Dear doc im icontince and i wood like to know how menny diapers i need in a day?

Do certain baby formulas cause fewer diaper rashes?

Do diapers expire?

Do I need a special trash can for diapers?

Do most daycares provide diapers and food?

Doc says newborns to have 6-8 wet and dirty diapers every night. Mine only has 2 or 3 ... is something wrong? (Breastfeeding )

Does it count as a wet diaper if the indicator is showing only a slight wetness or does it have to be soaking wet to count as a wet diaper? 11wk baby

Does wearing diaper cause UTI in infants?

Dr said newborn should wear two diapers because of some hip issue. Is it something dangerous?

How can I change a ten year olds diaper?

How come I have this secret diaper fetish?

How did people in the past survive without nappies/diapers?

How do I change my baby boy's diaper?

How do I change my baby girl's diaper?

How long can a new born go without wetting its diaper?

How many diapers does a newborn use normally?

How many diapers does a six-month-old baby usually need in a month?

How many wet diapers a day should my 6 month old have? I think she may be dehydrated

How many wet diapers should my 8.5 month old have?

How often do I need to change my baby's nappy?

How to clean and Cure conjunctivitis in infants? 7mo. Old to be exct

How to make homemade adult diapers?

How would adult diapers help my IBS if they can tell its me pooping?

Husband quadriplegic and needs diapers, what to do?

I am an adult baby who is in to domination, mummy told me to sit in my messy diaper for 2 days, it's day two and I have a really bad rash what do ?

I am stuck in diapers but I am ashamed of it?

I frequently change my baby's diaper. Why is he still getting rashes on his groin?

I have a 15mo old baby boy.i noticed lately he often scrathes his rash noted but still scratches it with irritability.we use cloth diapers and pampers dry?

I have urinary incontinence and my underwear is always wet, I use baby powder as a panty liner. Does baby powder cause uterine or ovarian cancer?

I peed my pants do I need diapers?

I still poop my pants and wear diapers!

I want to stop using the toilet and start wearing adult diapers for the health benefits?

I ware adult nappies why don't baby nappies fit me ?

I wonder why I can remember having my diaper changed as a baby at daycare. Now I feel so safe if I wear one. Is it ok to wear them?

If adult wears/wets diapers by choice 24/7 for months/years, will urinary incontinence eventually result? Any other worries if careful with hygiene?

If my 2month old is sleeping 9hours a night is it normal for him to not get a wet diaper at that time?

If my baby is asleep, do I need to change her diaper through the night? No poop that I know of and no diaper rash. She's 6.5mo passing otitis media

If someone has incontinence and wears diapers would it be OK to wear a diaper to an yearly checkup?

If someone has incontinence and wears diapers would it be OK to wear a diaper to an yearly checkup? and what is best for summer wearing a plastic or cloth back adult diaper?

If someone has incontinence and wears diapers would it be OK to wear a diaper to an yearly checkup? and what is best for summer wearing a plastic or cloth back adult diaper? an yea it is me who wears the diapers 24 male I wear size medium.

If your son is 8yo and has encopresis, is there a type of diaper I can buy in order to prevent the smell?

Im always peeing my pants what are the best diapers?

In my sons wet diaper is normal to see a little blood after his pee's in his diaper? He's only four days old.

Incontinence will I have to wear diapers 24/7 for the rest of my life?

Is changing incontinence pads like changing a baby nappy?

Is it normal for a 2yr old boy to put his hand in his diaper?

Is it normal for someone to want to wear diapers for confidence issues?

Is it normal for someone without incontinence to want to wear diapers?

Is it normal to find blood in my baby's diaper?

Is it normal to soak through a pad hourly to your clothes the first cycle after having a baby. My son was born october 28?

Is it ok if the diaper cream enter the female part and annus of my baby ?

Is it ok to wear diapers for that time of the month?

Is it possible to pass your own chlamydia to your child while changing diapers?

Is it safe to wipe on a adult male penis glans with baby water wipes?

Is it unusual for a 23 year old to wear diapers?

Is there a brand or size of disposable diapers can cause a baby to have diaper rash more often?

Is there a preferred way to handle diaper rash in adults?

My 1 week old baby has plenty of wet diapers through the day but just one poop/day. Is this a cause for worry?

My 10 month old baby has a diaper rash and he crys when i change his diaper should I take him to the doctor?

My 2 year old daughter has a bad diaper rash. But she is in underwear.. how and why is this happening and what to do about it?

My 2yr old son does urine 7-8 times a day sometimes more is this normal?

My 6 month old baby boys diaper smells afterhe pees .This happens ifwe leave diaper unchanged for it normal?

My 7 month old boy has bad odour around genitals. What could it be? I clean with every diaper change, frequently n use zincofax. Please advice

My 9 month old has had 3-4 wet diapers today.Is it diarrhea? Normally it is once every day or every 2 days. How to deal with it. If it is narurally.

My baby is 1 month & I have change his diaper 5 hours ago but it feels like he has not wet his diaper & its night time.Should i b worried.

My baby is 4mos old &every time i change his diaper its usually a poopy diaper...Is this normal? I don't think he has diarrhea b/c he just got over i

My baby is 4mos old and every time i change his diaper its usually a poopy diaper...Is that normal? I don't think he has diarrhea

My baby is feeding and soiling her diapers as expected, however, she is sleeping a lot. She will be 7w. Is this a sign of growth spurt?

My boyfriend has a diaper fetish?

My breast fed newborn has bad diaper rash that doesn't seem to be getting better with diaper cream or airing out her bottom. What should I do?

My daughter has a really raw diaper rash. How do I soothe her pain when she has multiple dirty diapers that require her to be wiped often?

My daughter has what looks like a diaper rash but she never sit in pee or poop long haven't changed diapers or wipes?

My little girl is 3.5 yrs old and she's not fully potty trained yet.She has a bad diaper rash that comes and goes. What should I do?

My little girl is just learning how to wipe herself how is the best way to treat her rash?

My nephew's diaper is always overflowing, i've tried bigger size diapers, I just think he urinates way too much, he does'nt drink a lot of liquids.?