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If I put vitamin d drops in his breastmilk can I refrigerate it if he doesn't finish it all before it needs refrigerated?

If I take a bottle of expressed breast milk out of fridge and warm it up, feed to baby, and then have leftovers..,is it okay to reuse?Back in fridge?

If i wash baby bottles while I have acrylic nails on could it harm my baby?

If my breastmilk doesn't freeze, but is cold is it ok?

If we stop with bottle feed, cough decreases and again increase with bottle feeding.Why is this so?

Im having a hard time bottle feeding my breastfed baby. What should I do to make her drink from the bottle?

Is gripe water the same as mylicon drops for babies?

Is it bad that i drink from a babies bottle?

Is it better to bottle feed or breastfeed?

Is it better to store milk i've pumped in bags or bottles?

Is it critical or urgent to wean my 18 month old off the bottle to a sippy cup? What are the dangers?

Is it dangerous to rerefridgerate leftover formula & reuse it?

Is it normal for a 4 weeks old baby to have poop right after his bottle milk? He almost have 10 or more dirty diaper a day now?

Is it ok that my baby likes the bottle better?

Is it ok to give my month old rice at night in her bottle to help her sleep all night?

Is it ok to put a little cereal in my almost six weeks boys bottle just at a night feeding ?

Is it ok to put the bottled pump.Milk in the fridge?How many hours before it spoil then

Is it ok to save leftover formula in the refeigerator if my baby doesn't finish the whole bottle during one feeding?

Is it okay to give my 2 month old baby some water ?

Is it okay to give my 9 week old baby water?

Is it okay to wash baby bottles in bleach?

Is it safe that i pump a 6oz bottle of breastmilk and feed it to my newborn at night? He wakes up like 3 times & drinks 2 oz. I leave it in the bedroom

Is it safe to add cereal to your baby's bottle when they are 4 months old?

Is it safe to give babies liquids in plastic bottles?

Is it safe to give Gaviscon to a 12 month old baby in her bottle?

Is it true that if I breastfeed, it will be harder to bottle feed later on or be an option?

Is warming a babys bottle in a bottle warmer okay?

It says right on the bottle of honey not to feed it to infants does anyone know why not or what could happen, what to do?

My 1 month old son who is formula feed is constipated, extra water isn't helping. Can i put karo syrup in his bottle to help?

My 2yr old still has a bottle of milk to comfort her before bed. Shes tried to go without but it makes bedtime very difficult. Is 2 too old for bottle?

My 3 month old just started refusing the bottle?  please help

My 3-month-old breastfed baby won't take a bottle. Are there some special bottles or nipples he might take?

My 3.5 month old baby rejects bottle feed these days though im giving him feeder from beginning.I also give him my own milk but it is insufficient.

My 4 month all of a sudden decided he no longer wants to eat from the bottle? He will take the pacifier but screams when the bottle comes near him?

My 4 month baby wont breastfeed or take a bottle what should I do?

My 40 days old baby boy had ear infection so Dr. advised to feed him with silver spoon and not in bottle. M feeding in bottle from day10 What do I do?

My 6 month old breast fed baby only drinks 5 ounces per bottle. She bottle feeds twice while I work for 8 hours. She is 18 pounds. She was born 8.5 oz?

My 6 month year old infant is already holding her bottle...Is that safe and okay for her to do?

My 7 week baby fights when she is feeding by bottle. I am using my pumped milk or optimal. Tried to change bottles and nipples did't work?

My babies refusing the water they are now seven months what can I do ? When I should give them ? How much daily ?

My baby brother is 3 weeks old and refusing breast milk, is it okay to start using baby formula in a bottle?

My baby doesn't drink my milk unless he is sleeping. He prefers the bottle when awake. What can I do to maintain or reestablish my milk supply.

My baby is 11 months.He is breastfed and does not take a bottle. I would like to wean him onto either formula or cow's milk. Bottle or sippy cup?

My baby is 5 weeks old and not eating well she'll drink a 3 or 4 oz bottle every 6 to 7 hours ?

My baby seems fine but bottle of honey says not to feed it to infants does, know why not?

My baby spits up after every bottle should I change her milk?

My husband didn't wash or sterilize newborn's bottle before giving it to him, it was just one. Will he be okay??

My infant can only sleep if I give her gripe water is that okay? Can she get addicteed?

My newborn(13 days old) is always hungry, would it be ok to start bottle feeding and keep breastfeed?

My son is 2 months old and is both bottle and breast fed should I give him water?

My wife spoon feeds milk to our 15 months baby during night when he is asleep. Is it safe? Also she feeds him every 4 hours be its day or night, safe?

My1 year baby, i tried to omit the bottle of milk he drink while he s sleeping during night but he suck his thumb i give him water but no benefit?

Mylicon or gripe water; is it ok for babies to use this?

Should baby bottles be sterilized ?

Should I feel guilty that I am using a bottle to feed my baby?

Should I hold my baby upright or lying down when I am feeding her a bottle?

Should I start giving my 6 month old a bottle in the middle of the night?

Should I sterilize these bottles?

Should I wean my 4-month-old off the bottle?

Should you ever offer a baby a bottle while breastfeeding?

Should you give a 10 month old gripe water everyday to help them sleep or for teething, a cap full in every bottle and 2 at night?

Till when i should keep sterilizing my baby's bottles?

Two-month old baby refuses expressed milk in bottle, how to encourage her bottle feeding?

Until what age do I need to sterilize my newborns pacifier before use?

Using a pacifier and a baby bottle to calm down why do I do this and can't stop?

Using breastmilk that is frozen in ice cube trays to place in bottle, what is the best/fastest way to warm it up for baby? Would a bottle warmer work?

What age can I start giving my bottle fed baby some water in a sippy cup in addition to his formula? And how much can I give him?

What age should a baby be to have the bottle taken away?

What age should be off a bottle?!

What age should my child stop using the bottle? Mine is 19the months old and only gets bottle for milk at naptime and bedtime. I am starting to wean.

What age should u stop boiling water for infants bottle?

What are some tips for weaning my infant?

What can I do for my breastmilk to drie up?

What can I do if my baby will not take the bottle?

What do you suggest if my twins aren't breastfeeding like they used to because I introduced the bottle?

What is a good age to take a child off her bottle and use only cups?

What is best for a kid, glass, stainless, plastic bottle?

What is bottle rot?

What is safer, plastic or glass bottles for babies?

What is the best bottle to use for a preemie?

What is the best way to clean bottles and pacifiers?

What is the best way to sterilize bottles and nipples?

What is the best way to wean my baby off of bottles?

What is the harm in giving baby 2 oz of water after feeding for 1 hour? My son he is 26 days and I have enough milk but he likes to feed long time

What is the right angle to properly hold a baby's bottle when feeding her milk?

What is worse for the teeth, sippy cup or bottle?

What number plastic is most safe for baby bottles?

What should I do if my 10 months baby will only take a bottle when sleeping?

What should I do if my baby will not take a bottle?

What should I do if my baby will not take the bottle?

What to do if I'm 16 with a 19 month old daughter and she still uses her bottle for naps and at bed time, how do I bottle break her?

What's in this small bottle?

What's the easiest way to wean an 18 month old off the bottle w/o too much crying?

When can an infant have water?

When can I bring my baby in open water?

When can I start giving my baby water to drink?

When can I starting giving my baby sippy cups?

When can I stop sterilising my baby's milk bottles? Or is sterilisation even necessary? My country's sanitation is very good.

When can I stop sterilizing my baby's bottles?

When can we introduce our 3 month old baby to the bottle feeding? We fear that bottle feeding might bring the chances for infection. Plz suggest