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2 months old is refusing to breastfeed, she cries hysterically when i try to feed her, i pump and she accepts the bottle, she never had formula before?

2 mth old has been exclusively breast fed so far. no bottle feeding at all. must we introduce a bottle, or is it ok to continue without a bottle?

6moson refusing bottles but still wants solids even feeding with bottle first he pushes away and only eat couple ounces but still wants solids. Help!

A 3 week old breast feeding infant. Does this baby need extra water from a bottle if constipated? Does this baby need to take water from a bottle?

Are there any risks to drinking from a babies feeding bottle?

At what age can I begin giving my baby juice and water?

At what age can infants start holding their bottle?

At what age can you stop sterilizing bottles?

At what age should a toddler be able to use a spoon instead of relying on a feeding bottle?

At what age should toddlers transition from bottle feeding to a sippy cup?

At what age should you completely transition from bottle to sippy cup?

At what month can I give my baby water out of a bottle?

Attempting to wean my 21 months old from breastfeeding. How much cow's milk does he need instead? He's refusing the cup/bottle so far. Suggestions?

Babies that are on a bottle feeding aren't stronger? Aren't healthier? Im bottle feeding should I be worry or feel guilty?

Baby is 8 months biting mother when nursing but keeps refusing bottle . Baby is underweight(10 percentile) best way to wean a baby who will not take a bottle but needs nutrition ?

Baby wants to be feed from bottle to bottle and cries if not fed.. should i follow her cravings?

Babys multivitamin requirs to b stored in fridge after opening.I didn't c this&stored the bottle at room temperature &she had the full bottle.Is it ok?

Boy 13 years old still. Suck baby bottle is that. Normal?

Can a baby teethed at a month & a half old?

Can a newborn baby use purified water, that had been opened and unrefrigerated for 4 days, to mix formula?

Can CF baby have water in a bottle?

Can I breast feed while prepping for a colonoscopy? My 4 month old won't take a bottle.

Can I bring baby formula on the plane?

Can I deliver bottles of hot water to babies?

Can I feed my baby after giving him orajel natural?

Can i give a 2month old a pinch of cereal in his bottle?

Can i give a 2month old cereal in his bottle?

Can i give a new born baby a tea spoon of water in between feeding , please help?

Can I give my infant cold breastmilk from the fridge without warming it? He doesn't seem to have a problem with cold milk.

Can I give my son unrefrigerated pedialyte?

Can I give water for my two and half month baby?

Can i prepare the milk formula for my newborn baby and store it in the fridge? If yes, how long it lasts in the fridge?

Can I reuse breastmilk that I've already had in the fridge and warmed up??

Can i save my milk in the freezer for my child?

Can i warm my 2 month old water before adding the baby formula?

Can milk go into the ears of an infant if you prop them up while drinking a bottle?

Can pedialyte cause harm to infants?

Can pedialyte harm my 2 month old?

Can the feeding bottles be a reason for colic?My baby's bottles leak too much and I feel thay my baby absorbes too much air.

Can those soothie pacifiers really make a difference for a baby?

Can you bottle feed an infant while hes laying down on his back?

Can you tell me what kind of reusable bottle is safe for toddlers?

Do I have to sterilize the baby bottles after every feeding?

Do i need to sterilize my baby sippy cup he s one year old , i use steam sterilizer to sterilize bottles?

Do I need to sterilize my baby's bottles?

Do you think I should add milk to my son's bottle to stretch breastmilk?

Doc my baby is 2 weeks old and I got a cold and my baby is bottle feed?

Does anyone know, after how many months should baby feeding bottles be changed.?

Explain the issues around bottle use in babies and toddlers.?

For baby formula is it better to use baby water w or wo fluoride?

Hi there so for as long as I can remember I have want to be a baby diapers bottles all of it I wanted to know how I can do that and who would help ?

How can not feeding an infant honey help prevent botulism?

How can I get my 15 month old off her bedtime bottle.?

How can I get my 2 year old off a bottle?

How can I get my baby to eat from a bottle?

How can I get my baby to take a bottle?

How can I get my baby to take a bottle? He much prefers the breast.

How can I get my baby to take the bottle?

How can I keep my baby warm?

How can I teach 6 weeks baby to feed in bottle wheneever i need to go out.Im breastfeeding?

How can I teach my baby to use a sippy cup?

How can I wean my daughter off the bottle?

How do you begin to wean when breastfeeding? He doesn't like bottles so i give him sippy cups and he only bf's when he is sleepy

How do you know if a newborn needs some gripe water?

How long can I keep formula milk in fridge?

How long can I leave mixed formula out in room temperature before my baby drinks it?

How long do you sterlize baby bottles?

How long is baby formula good out of the refrigerator?

How many hours later can you still use an opened jar of baby food?

How many oz is a 3 month old baby suspose to drink ?

How many oz milk can we give to 1 yr boy at night bed time n tips how to encourage baby to leave bottle feeding?

How many times a day and for how many days is it acceptable to give a baby gripe water?

How much concentrated iburpofren infant's drops should I give my 8 lb baby. Of 2 weeks and 6 days?

How much pounds or ounces should a newborn be putting on every week?

How much time should I leave between feedings?

How much water should be given to one year old baby?

How often must i sterelize my baby's bottles? I wash with soapy water but should I sterelize after every feed or once a day or less?

How old does my baby have to be before I stop steralizing his bottles?

How should I introduce my baby to the bottle?

How to safely clean baby bottle nipples? By hand?

How to teach a child to switch his milk from feeding bottle to cup?

How would you tell if your baby needs glasses?

I am bottle feeding my baby4 weeks old, i left bottle with milk in cold water to cool it i guess i over cool it , can it harm now?

I am feeding my 40 days old baby nestle's nan pro 1 with bottle. Is it fine or shall I feed him with silver spoon and bowl or use steel spoon n bowl?

I am feeding my boy with avent philips bottles, he's 4 month&20 days old, on a bottle wrap is written 1+, should I change bottle nipples or? Harm?

I am going to breatfeed only for 6 weeks. Pumping & going back to work. Is the tommee tippee bottle the best bottles to use?

I gave my two months old infant a drop of old prepared formula milk by mistake.what can happen to my infant?

I have a 5 month old baby and my in-laws want to give her a bottle of tea. Is this ok for babies?

I have a 6 weeks old baby. I use feeding bottle to feed the baby. But I am concerned about the hygiene of the bottle. Please suggest ways to achieve..

I have a bottle of calcium supplements & on the bottle I read that they expired 07/13. Should I throw them away or are they still good?

I have been boiling my baby bottles, is this dangerous?

I mixed my 8 months baby's cereal with my toddler's formula by mistake? Will this harm my baby? I put 2 scoops.

I pump milk into a bottle but i really want my baby to latch back on and she won't what can I do to get her to latch on? She loves her bottle

I pumped two 4 oz bottles of breast milk last night and put in the fridge. How long can I let it sit out after removing from fridge?

I think i may have a super baby ! is it ok for him to hold hi own bottle, he is a little over 3 months?

I want to stop breastfeeding my baby and start bottle feeding but she is refusing to take bottle feeds, what should I do?

If I bottle feed my baby, is he more likely to have colic?

If i filled the feeding bottle with breastmilk, can I thaw it and get the little portion of it then refreeze again ?

If I give my son a bottle will he start to prefer the bottle more then my breast? I don't want to stop the bond.

If i pump out my breastmilk and put it in a bottle.How many hours before it spoiled?