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•best tips 2 get pregnant asap. Baby to b born 2014? Food/drugs/exercise problems

10m old baby.has hiccupps 4 times a day for last 2 days.everyone lasts 19 mins seems it normal?medical evaluation needed?

11 yr daughter eyelashes all fell out! blood tests are perfect and she ks healthy? She cries her self to sleep every night. Dr says its ok? Yyy

16yr old son has lost 40 lbs in less than 6 months. He is 119 and 5"9. He is very cautious about how much he eats. His pediatrian says it is a phase.?

17mth old male , cp, bpd, x 26 weeker , cvi , 2 grade 4 bilateral bleeds , pvl, ftt, protein intolerance. 16lbs30 inches. Safe minimum fluid intake/day?

1year old baby has fever of 105,1 what to do ?plz give some good ideas

2 y/o boy w/ boils on abdomen. Mom says the pediatrician said its from eating too many Cuties clementines. Not sure if I believe the mom. Any ideas?

2 yo opened child proof kids vitamins -Disney gummy vitamins - prob ate about 2 or 3. Is this something I should be concerned about?

20 monthold baby boy does not differentiate colours even if we teach.what age is max we can wait.he can make out milk and water by looking into though ?

22mo boy fed 1000cal/day via gtube. No activity change. Has dropped from 11.5kg to 10.9kg in 15 days. Is this ok?

22mo old boy. Gtube fed 10000 cal/day. No change in activity level. Normal labs. Has gone from 11.5kg to 10.9 kg in 15 days. Is this ok/normal? Or no?

22mo old boy. Gtube fed 10000 cal/day. No change in activity level. Normal labs. Has gone from 11.5kg to 10.9 kg in 15 days. Is this ok/normal? Or no?

2mo old baby eats 1oz every 3 hrs won't take anymore acid reflux slow gainer drs r fine with it! what's wrong? 10lbs finally help!

2months baby suffering drop by drop motion?

2nd child is 18 month should your stomach still have that shape of baby bump is something wrong that body is slower at returning to normal state?

3mo baby formula fed 24 oz/ day. Pediatrician indicated no vit D is needed and will reasses @4mo. I'm scared of rickets. Can it be reversed early on?

3month 3wks baby boy, 5.75Kg, 63cm, Doc says he's totally healthy, I need a 2nd opinion on weight. Breastfeeds x 3hrs and reached all age milestones.


5/30/13 born at 35 wks. Refuses food & formula. Wgt in 5th percentile. Max formula intake 12-16oz daily. Is this common? Does this usually get better?

5yo boy poops one or two times a week and has since birth. X-ray reveals constipation. What are some causes and solutions?

6 mos baby allergi of seafood. Is it possible the allergy will disappear after the baby 18 mos?

6w5d girl takes 24oz formula and hasn't had much if any sun exposure since she was born. Is she at risk of rickets? Could she have It now?

7 month old baby boy has high tempture of 101.1 what can I do?

7 week old baby eats two ounces with added rice every three hours born at 36 weeks 7lbs now 9lbs 3 oz also severe reflux!?

7mo is developing great with her abilities but hasnt gained much more lbs since 5 months. Birth weight was 6.11 now is 14. Eats one meal solids + bf.?

8.5 months kid having loose motion. Should i be concerned?

8M baby boy failing to thrive? Born 3.5Kg, drop to P10% at 2M; keep at P5-6%, now P20%. HC 40%. Height 50%. Av gain/month 550gr. All milestones met!

9mo is feeding ~24 oz of formula now & has never gone beyond 32 oz. Consulted ped multiple times and said vit D are not necessary. No teeth yet. ?

A 2 1/2 boy can't talk, eat with spoon or dtink from cup without lid. Motor skills below average. What can I do where can I get help?

A 2years 6month baby boy not walking but have soft bone . Already seeing a doctor and placed on calcium supplement and vitamin d. What can it be?

A child age 1yr 2 month doesn't ve appetite except on mother s milk.So she is under weight. We r worry. Pls help.

A child of 2 years has thrown up over a couple times over a month , not healthy and what is recommended ?

After delivering my second child and nursing for a year, I have become flat chested. Are there any natural ways for me to regain my bust?

After having a baby 9 mo. Ago i've had major night sweats daily, soaking the bed. My doc says anythings possible up to 1 year postpartum. 2nd opinion?

After I delivered, they whisked my baby from the room. I barely got to see him. He was not premie, but i’m diabetic. Why did they do that?

After our 2nd child born my wife get fatty stomach how would she loose the weight please in details?

Am a nigerian, can you advice me on the kind of fruit to eat regularly that will not have side deffect on my baby boy, his now about 3weeks old?

Are green beans and peas considered safe options to give to baby 6m newly introduced to food? Any risk if g6pd deficient ?

Are pediatric electrolytes bad when i'm pregnant?

Are there benefits for mother breastfeeding adopted child? My husband and i are wanting to adopt an infant, and i was told by a lactation consultant that i could begin re-lactating by a series of steps needing to take place before hand. I know the benef

As a celiac mother, should I watch for symptoms in my baby while giving some gluten to her?

As recommended by his pediatrician, i gave my 3 week son rice cereal for 1-2 days to help his reflux. I heard it can cause issues. What harm did i do?

At night at nursing home, mom leaks urine out of adult diapers. I bought four kinds of them today and I am hoping they help. Is there one best for thin older woman?

At sons year od checkup dr ordered an ultrasound of his brain for monday said his head size is in 95th percentile he appears very healthy was surprised to find out he's 18 lbs only because he loves to eat very active fun baby

At this point, 5w of formula prepared with Nursery Water + Fluoride could have caused any damage? Scared about fluorosis risk for my daughter.

At what age is itsafe. For a typically developin. Childto ea popcorn?

Baby has been sleeping excessively after her 8 weeks immunization and also refusing to eat. Should i be concerned? She took dtap and hep b

Baby has BPD, feeds by gtube, swallow study shows ability to swallow but risk of aspiration. SLP approved 5cc by bottle w/ each feed for swallow therapy. Is there a high risk for pneomonia?

Baby is 11 weeks and can only eat 3 ounces at a time ... He was born at 34 weeks. Should i be concerned?

Baby is 9w old & while I tried to for all these weeks, I never established a routine other than for feeding. Starts daycare. Am I too late for routine?

Baby is gtube fed. Who on my medical team determines the diet and feeding schedule? Pediatrician, GI doctor or do we see a dietician/nutritionist?

Baby is one year old fever is 105,1 what to do to reduce it?

Baby lowered to percentile6 in weight for 7months due to milk allergy; now on solids he's up to P20. Can we rule out failure to thrive? Height,HC: P45

Baby weighing 10.5kg does it matter if i gave him 1 suppository of adol‪ 125mg ?? His teething so i want something to help him sleep

Being treated for depression, but still possibe to have healthy baby?

Brother has polycythemia vera and on serial baby aspirin. Developed ulcers in small intestine. Can he substitute the baby aspirin with something else?

Can 6 month old baby forget his mom after general anesthesia? if so is it temp. or permenent?generally if left a week end will 6 month old forget mom?

Can a 12 mo old baby be tested for bi-polar or add?

Can a 4 month old baby get neo poly dex?

Can a man feel the equivalent pain to child birth?

Can i be forced to breastfeed after giving birth? Made informed choice to ff. Also, can I bring my own formula to hospital?

Can i give my 7month LD baby fermented cod liver oil, buttternmilk and probiotics... Are they too much to give? (my baby has a terrible eczema)

Can i give pediasure complete to my 18m old baby m also using nido 1plus not fesh milk .can pediasure complete increase baby weight his weight is 9.6?

Can i prevent rickets in my exclusively breast-fed child through sun exposure alone? I exclusively breast-feed my son. Is it possible to prevent rickets with sun exposure instead of giving him vitamin d drops?

Can i still have kids when i git my period once a month and im overweight i take medicines for my health problems. We have kid all ready

Can Lactate dehydrogenase raise at a 2 yo boy who cried until almost fainted? (20 minute violent crying). Sample dificult to colect (three stitches).

Can my girlfriend consume alchol my girlfriend was born with no reanal artery so having kids is out of the question but is it safe for her to cosume alchol

Can the types of foods and nutritional ingredients influence the sex of the baby, if you're trying for a baby?

Can vaccines cause babies to have digestive issues like spit up the day after being administered?

Can you tell me how to help my step son naturally with add?

Can't get my 6 week old to eat more than 2-3 oz of formula at a feeding. He therefore feeds every 2-3 hours. How can I change the pattern?

Cant we play with the genetics of a baby to make it resistant to HIV?

Could there be a difference between a baby and teenager's stool?

Curious - while breastfeeding baby, if i'm distracted or focused on tv, computer, book, etc and not baby solely, does that effect milk production/feed?

Daughter lost ability to swallow 9 days ago. Gi docs can't find cause & says she's in starvation ketosis but won't give her feed tube, only glucose iv. Is that safe? Atl area docs you can recommend?

Daughter was born 24wks 6days. She is 15 days old and her eyes aren't open. When should they open? Is this normal? She is in NICU. Weighs 1lb 8oz.

Dear sir, does eating too much sugary foods make my 3 month old baby more active and thus cause her to have difficulties in sleeping? I am breastfeeding since she was born. Thank you. Best regards.

Do hormonal imbalances in the mom make a baby more prone to baby acne? I have PCOS. Also, can lactose intolerance in baby cause rash similar to acne?

Doctor recommends spironolactone,breastfeeding and afraid to pass in milk,as antitestosterone to make my baby boy feminine,also afraid of dehydration?

Does a drop of formula prepared 5 hours ago given by mistake to a 2 months old infant have high risk of hurting him?Plz i'm afraid and i need answer

Does a hebal medicine called "watsonal castoria" safe to intake by a g6pd deficient. My 1 year old baby got a lost bowel movement.

Dr. Oz recommends taking 2 baby aspirin a day (162mg.) I am 60. Is it ok to take 2 baby aspirin a day? I am female, aged 60 years. I weigh 125lbs. And I am 5' 103/4" i once was told I should be 65 to start an aspirin regimen by a medical dr. (internal

Dr. said to give 3 wk old girl (full-term, breastfed) 1 ml of Polyvisal w/ iron daily. Read this isn't typically done this early, why? Can it harm her

Even when I was a child (and was very slim), My knees used to hurt. What could the reason be? My mom did not eat properly when she was expecting me.

Flying for 10 hrs with a 3.5 month baby. Need some tips ( even any useful article) for the baby to cope up airtravel and some soothing techniques pls?

For a baby of 17days is a little bit of sunlight good for health or its not necessary till he completes a month.?

For what reason mothers prefer yellow dress when they bring newborn for jaundice check?

For what reason would a chiropractor "adjust" a healthy 13-month old baby?

Fully aware of benefits of breastfeeding, but made choice not to for personal reasons. Can i be forced to breastfeed? Hospital is "baby friendly".

G.i.Doc said don't worry "yet". But Imconcerned gtube fed 22 mo old is losing weight. 12.2kg 2 mo ago, 11.5 2 wks ago. 10.9 now. Am I overreacting?

Gave moral support 20 years ago to daughter having baby in 40s/ now I wonder if that was good due to economy and other factors. How do I resolve this?

Grand daughter 4 year old with <0.3 lithium and normal everything else but had vasovagal attach oh her 4 birthday , nb had lack of sleep and food bef?

Gtube fed baby has fever from vaccinations & is formula fed 7xday with gap from 1am-6am. Shall he get h2o during this gap for hydration & how many ml?

Had 4 units of prbcs post delivery, breastfed, checked baby at 6 mo at creepy aids clinic. Should I have done that?

Had emergency C-section after to much patoeson, made the babys heart stop a couple times, am I at high risk with a second child, b/c of the patoeson?

Has milk protein allergy got to do with developmental delay in baby?

He can I b a bit slim?I'm 33yr old n mother of a child...Pls. Advise .

Hello doctors! i'm sabin fatima from pakistan..I'm 28 years old.I want to ask u about milk for good health and for strength..Please recommend me?

Hello, my daughter is 16 and handicapped(low tone/ q43-q44 deletion). She has acid reflux at night but fine all day. What can I give her to help?

Help please! could children drink el marino collagen?