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A family friend had brain cancer(glioblastoma multiforme) at 14. Was cured and is now 35 and perfectly healthy. Is this rare? Is he extremely lucky?

A friend told me, although rare (about 5% of patients), that a patient can have a clot even with a normal d-dimer. Is this true?

Any reported cases of idiopathic small fiber neuropathy effecting women in their young 20's?

Anyone familiar with choroid plexus papilloma?

Anyone have mastocytosis? What is it?

Anyone hear of serpiginous choroiditis?

Anyone heard of incontinentia pigmenti a rare genetic condition?

Anyone know anything about symptoms people have when they have disseminated peritoneal leiomytosis tumors?

Are all cases of glioblastoma multiforme fatal? Can you share some sources?

Are brain annerysums rare in a 23yo female?

Are congenital cataracts in teens rare?

Are congenital cataracts rare in teenagers?

Are intentines cyst rare or there seen a lot ?

Are mediastinal germ cell tumors known to be hereditary? I was cured, but my girlfriend is concerned if we were to have kids.

Are petuitary gland tumors rare in teenagers? What age group is most at risk?

Are there any known causes of gastroschisis and pulmonary atresia today? Any more cases of the 2 together

Are there any risks for asymptomatic patients with brugada syndrome?

Autoimune disease after hepatitis b vaccination might happen in very rare case, how to know if it is related when you're unfortunately that case ?

Autopsy shows stillbirth had eagle barrett syndrome.Will this recur?

Can anyone tell me about the cause of retinoblastoma?

Could anyone tell me what holoprosencephaly is?

Could you help me please! I'm medical student and I need very accurate answer ( Why Heart Cancers Are So Extremely Rare)?

Curious about prion disease, after reading an article. How rare is it? What are prevention methods? How many cases per year.

Diagnosed with the rare condition of urticaria..Details please?

Do you have anymore info on schnyders crystalline dystrophy please? I know that it's rare and autosomal but looking for as much as poss.

Docs said adults can grow taller in very rare circumstances but I'm unclear what those are. What are the rare circumstances that cause that to occur?

Docs said girls typically stop growing around 19-21 except for few rare cases. What would cause those few rare cases where height not achieved by then?

Does anyone else have a reaction to triclosan? Is it rare?

Does Guillian barre syndrome happen to woman more than men? And what age is most common onset? I'm 20 is risk ?

Does small fiber neuropathy with no finding cause is usually rare in people younger than 60?

Guillaume duchenne's, documented a disorder that develops in conjunction with syphilis. what is this?

Gyn cytology report reads "rare hyperchromatic groups of atypical cells". Does rare in this case mean "few" or a rare group i.e. a rare cancer?

Has anyone heard of fap (familial adenomatous polyposis) outside the amish community?

Have a really mild case of shingles. 21 male. Scared of rare complication of system wide/brain infection. How rare is this? And is it fatal?

Have u ever heard of anyone having a re occurence of transverse myelitis?

Hello. When you say heart failure is uncommon in young around 20, do you mean its rare? I'm asking if you could say its rare. Yes or No ?.

How can children with the rare disorder pachygyria be cured?

How can I get help for a rare gist (gastrointestinal stromal tumor) case?

How can rare blood disorders be treated?

How can retinoblastoma usually be detected?

How common is htlv in the usa? Is it usually serious or only in rare occasions?

How common is htlv in the usa? Is it usually serious? Or is that on rare occasions?

How common is htlv is the usa? Is it usually serious or only in rare occasions?

How common is multiforme gluoblastoma in a 30yr old female?

How is a retinoblastoma caused?

How likely is it that I have ms? What is the prevalence of MS in the u.S.?

How many cases of Down syndrome are reported around the world?

How many cases of dwarfism are found in the world?

How many cases of primordial dwarfism are found worldwide?

How many cases of progeria are there?

How many people is there in the usa that has bilateral diaphramatic paralysis. Also how many in the world have this as well?

How might i go about finding a doctor that will treat a rare case?

How often does duchenne muscular dystophy occur in the american population?

How rare is a cholesteatoma?

How rare is colon cancer in 20s? And why is it rare in young people if it is rare?

How rare is it for a patient with cochlear implants to acquire cholesteatoma?

How rare is it for someone my age to get pancreatic cancer. I know rare, but how rare? 1 in 10, 20, a 100, a 1000?

How rare is it to have had PVNS in my knee? Not many of my local doctors are aware of this condition. I'm i 1 in a million?

How rare is phlegmon in general and in babies?

How rare is progeria in the world right now?

How rare is the condition intussusception among adults?

How rare is the occurrence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy around the world?

I also want to know, how rare is acromelagy?

I asked a question about " rare gram negative diplococci seen " What do "rare" stand for?

I have a conditione called hlh it is a very rare and deadly illness but not many doctors know about this! can you recommend a hlh specialist?

I need your expertise, is fibroadenoma very fatal disease?

I recently heard of arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. Can you tell me what that is?

I was diagnosed with non surgical antimetropia at 40 yo. I am 54 now and still mostly do not wear glasses. Are there any known causes? How rare is it

I was wondering is cancer rare at the age of 4?

I was wondering whether paget's disease is cancerous in all cases?

I'm a 38 year old male and was diagnosed with apls and sarcoid of the lung's 4 years ago how rare is it to have both?

I'm diagnosed with rare childhood glaucoma. Can anyone explain to me what this is?

I'm starting to think that I have a case of arachnodactyly. What should I do?

I've read a couple of websites that states ulcers are rare in teens and even more uncommon in children, is this true?

If 43 kids are diagnosed w/ cancer each day , how come it's considered "rare?" Doesn't sound rare to me.

In case of pancreatic cancer, why they usually present with migratory thrombophelebitis ?

Is a brain annuerysum rare in a 23yo female?

Is fibroadenoma very fatal disease? Any answer appreciated.

Is htlv rare in the usa?

Is it more likely for a teenager to have Paget's disease or a benign condition with similar symptoms?

Is it possible that people with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita have childeren?

Is it rare for children to have ptosis?

Is it rare for my 15 yr old to be diagnosed with absence seizure at this age? Do you think he will grow out of it ?

Is it uncommon for teenagers to have toxic shock syndrome? Is this treated differently?

Is lgv common in the usa? Is it usually deadly?

Is lou gherigs disease ALS possible in children such as a 3 yr old? If so, how rare? Statistics of this happening tona small child?

Is lymphocytic hypophysitis truly as rare as it appears on the internet or is it just rarely reported? Do most endocrinologists have patients with lymphocytic hypophysitis?

Is myositis ossificans pretty rare?

Is oesapgus cancer rare at 40 male and is it uncommon in the uk?

Is paget's disease cancerous in all cases?

Is pediatric fibrosarcoma fatal or is there a cure?

Is peripartum cardiomyopatholy rare in a 23yo female?

Is polydactyly rare?

Is primary brain cancer considered a pretty rare disease?

Is primary sclerosing cholangitis rare?

Is raynaud's disease pretty rare?

Is schizophrenia considered to be a reportable case?

Is sepsis in teens rare?

Is sudden adult death syndrome rare in 22yo female?

Is there a known cause of cholangiocarcinoma?