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Can mesalazine be the cause of raynaud's syndrome?

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Hands always cold, grandma had raynauds and scleroderma. Im male almost 22, could I have them both too?

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How common is raynauds disease?

How common is raynaud's disease?

How common is raynaud’s?

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How would a lumbar sympathetic block help with Raynaud's syndrome? Very painful Raynaud's syndrome.

How would I know if I have raynaud's disease?

I am busy with my work and family and don't have time for raynaud’s phenomenon. How can I treat it fast?

I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, hughes disease, fibromyalgia. My feet are so cold during cooler months. Could this be reynauds disease?

I have been diagnosed with primary raynaud’s. Could I develop secondary raynaud’s?

I have copd. Could there be a connection with my raynauds ?

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I have Raynaud's, Chilblains and Dermographism. could they be related...possibly Hypothyroidism?

I have Raynaud's, is there any correlation with Reynaud's and heart palpitations?

I know I have raynaud's and it's a primary condition for me. Why do I only have problems in the winter?

I think I have raynauds disease. How can I find out for sure?

I was diagnosed with raynaud's but my hands don't change colors like most people's with raynaud's do. Is that normal?

I was wondering are angioedema and raynaud's linked?

I was wondering are rosacea and raynauds related?

I'm cold. I am in my early teens by the way. Is this raynauds?

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Is it possible to die from raynaud's phenomenon?

Is it possible to die from raynaud's phenomenon?

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Is there a link between rosacea and raynaud's disease?

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Please help! what is the koebner phenomenon?

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Raynaud phenomenon syndrome question. Is it really that or poor circulation?