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Could you tell me what is the hardest part about dealing with someone with alzheimer's disease?

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Does turmeric help with the course of alzheimer's disease?

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Fleisher et al (Neurology, 2011) found Depakote accelerated brain atrophy in Alzheimer's. Should those with family history of Alz. avoid Depakote?

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Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes Alzheimer's disease?

Hi doctor. is there any risk of dementing process in cutaneus amyloidosis? The risk of having amyloud bodies in CNS? Im 49 with a 20 years hx of macular amyloidosis and now worried about dementia. Thanks

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How do you prevent alzheimer's disease?

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I am curious about the associations between IBS & other GI problems and Parkinson's disease. What do the pd experts out there think of research on that subject?

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