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"my father has cll. He's concerned that it may be a hereditary condition, and that i may develop the disease. My mother also has parkinson's. ?

18 year old girl just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. What's the prognosis?

2 years ago, i was diagnosed with chomophobe rcc. Today, i was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. Any relation between the two at all?

3 siblings & 3 nephews been diagnosed with hemochromatosis I have been tested and have 1 of the 2 genes my ferritin is 420 - shud i be concerned ?

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. Is this a fatal disease?

A friend's child was just diagnosed with angiitis, is that a serious condition?

A friend's child was just diagnosed with lymphoma, is that a serious condition?

ALS question My grandmother was diagnosed with bulbar ALS in August 2015. She's the only one in our family to have it. Should my mom & I get tested ?

Are there any chances that asd 10x8mm will cure itself?

Are you considered to be 'terminally ill' when diagnosed with juvenile diabetes?

Can congenital kyphoscoliosis be hereditary? Why would someone be NEWLY diagnosed with this at age 60?

Can my recently diagnosed epilepsy have to do with me having huntington's disease? Are seizures an early symptom of hd?

Can you tell me how the life of a patient who is diagnosed with hodgkin disease change?

Cen anyone tell me anything about amyloidosis ?

Could hereditary retinoblastoma survivors have more also wonder how is retinoblastoma actually cured?

Could use your help docs! my father was just diagnosed with multiple myeloma. What now?

Could you suggest any treatment for my mother who is suffering with parkinson desease?

Dad (50) diagnosed brain cancer 2 years ago, daughter (16) diagnosed with brain tumor today .. related?

Dad has something called angiodysplasia; what kind of disease is it?

Do you think I was mis diagnosed? I was told I might be infertile. No one in my family has that.

Does anyone know how familial hypercholesterolemia is diagnosed?

Does anyone know of retinoschisis and the prognosis?

Friends mom was juts diagnosed with stage 3 aggressive multiple myloma at 58. What is the average lifespan after diagnosis of this?

Great grandpa died from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy at only 32. Should i be tested?

Great uncle and his daughter both diagnosed with acute apl leukemia in their 50s. Is this genetic? Environmental?Should i worry?

Hi, my nephew (3 months old) is diagnosed with hirschsprung's disease. Doctors suggested for a two stage surgery. Is that a complicated one? Pls help.

How can the life of a patient who is diagnosed with hodgkin disease change?

How can I help my father who has aortic sclerosis?

How can I help my grandfather, who has just been diagnosed with dementia?

How do I treat my grandfather who got dementia?

How do you diagnose schizophrenia? I think my dad has it but I can't be sure?

How exactly is hodgkin's disease diagnosed?

How exactly is munchausen by proxy diagnosed?

How is syncope diagnosed in expectant mothers?

How long will my dad live if he was recently diagnosed with alzheimers?

How old is the oldest newly diagnosed wilson's disease patient?

How probable is a sibling of a Parkinson's disease patient to have same diagnosis?

I am 22 year old male and diagnosed with Crohn's . Can i collect disability?

I am bloof type b-. My dad is o and my mom is b. They say b- are rare types. Why is the type rare? Whoelse could be my possible donors in case i need?

I am seeing a MS specialist to rule in or out MS (not diagnosed). My uncle just died of ALS. Can ALS Wax and Wane early in the disease?

I believe I have familial hypercholesterolemia, does this need to be treated?

I discovered that my cousin has lupus?

I have been diagnosed with gestational thrombocytopenia--what's my prognosis?

I just found out my father has stage 4 chronic kidney disease. Can you please tell me what that means and how I can help my father?

I suffer from polymoysitis what is my prognosis?

I think I have sarcoidosis like my mother. How familial is it?

I think my 16 month old granddaughter is developing asthma. How is this diagnosed? Her father has a history of this.

I was diagnosed with lazy ovary but i speculate i may have endometriosis. My older sister had it. Is it hereditary?

I'm curious, when a person is diagnosed with cancer, are they given a prognosis?

I'm just wondering, if you were diagnosed with cancer would you accept or reject the treatment?

I'm worried because my mother has just been diagnosed with celiac disease, any tips, what do you suggest?

I've been diagnosed with neuroblastoma and i'm really scared. What can I expect?

If a 15 year old was diagnosed with primary generalised epilepsy can she still grow out of it?

If a 15 year old was diagnosed with primary generalised epilepsy could they still grow out of it?

If my brother developed schizophrenia as a teenager, does that mean I will too?

If my grandmother suffered from lou gehrig's disease what's my chance of suffering from it too? Is it 25%? No more cases in family.

If my sister has been diagnosed with celiac disease what are the chances I may have it also?

If my sister has been diagnosed with celiac disease what are the chances I will have it too?

If my younger sister has polyarteritis nodosa, what is likelihood that her older brother myself, will have it too, i have no symptoms at the moment?

If you were being diagnosed for aml, what questions would you ask?

Is diebities in child curable?

Is hairy cell leuchemia hereditary , my dad died from the consequences of this disease?

Is Parkinson's disease heridatary? Just found out that my sister in the early stage of it now. What test are taken to diagnose this?

Is sle a serious type of disease? Recently my sister was diagnosed with this disease, but the biopsy is yet to be conduct.

Is sociopathy hereditary? My father I haven't seen in 10 years has had it all his life. Doctor said may be diagnosed it later in life if D continues

Mom's been diagnosed with a cholangicarcinoma?

My 10 yr old son has multiple hereditary osteochondroma (30 or more) from his father. Father had the disease as well as chondrosarcoma/should i worry?

My 64 yr old father, recently diagnosed with wernike korsakuff syndrome, is it too late for thiamine?

My 66yr old mother has been diagnosed with scleroderma (she has raynaud's too). What should we be expecting as a family and how can I help her?

My 78 year old father has been diagnosed with myelodysplasia. How is treated and what is the survival rate?

My 81 year old father was just diagnosed with ild. What is his outlook? He has been in the hospital for 12 days.

My 81 yr old father is diagnosed with monoclon paraproteinemia, what does that mean and what are the causes?

My aunt was just diagnosed with MS and she is 33 or 34. How likely is this disease hereditary? I don't know of anybody else ever having this?

My boyfriends mom has a grave disease. How do I treat them?

My brother had a spinal tap and was diagnosed with ms. He said there are 4 types of ms. What are they and how do they differ?

My brother has developed chronic pancreatitis. What is it exactly?

My brother has developed glioma. What is it exactly?

My brother has developed kawasaki disease. What is it exactly?

My brother has developed legionnaire's disease. What is it exactly?

My brother has developed mesothelioma. What is it exactly?

My brother has hocm. Is there a cure?

My brother has pchizophrenia since being young and my mum has been diagnosed with it 2 years ago at 58 what's the chances I will get it ?

My brother has ust been diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma are my sister and I likely to get it too?

My brother was diagnosed with arrhythmia. How many types of arrhythmia s exist?

My brother was diagnosed with bph. What does this mean?

My brother was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism. Any tips or suggestions for him?

My brother was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis last year and now he has mood swings and is depressed and blames the disease on my mom. What to do?

My brother, aged around 5, has diabetes. I want to know that can pancreas be replaced in his case?

My childs been diagnosed with Fanconi anemia, am do confused what's the prognosis any information would be great?

My dad has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. How long would he have left?

My dad have mild prostatomegal, is it curable?

My dad is suffering from neuropathy. How can this disease be prevented? How can he recover?

My dad was just diagnosed with a potassium allergy. Does anyone have any info?

My dad's just been diagnosed with cirrhosis (grade 8/18, stage 6/6). How serious is this?

My daughter has been diagnosed with all ph+, does it mean that this disease has become inheritable in my family?

My father died of complication with cardiomyopathy, will get this disease too?

My father has developed celiac disease. What is it exactly?

My father has developed legionnaires' disease. What is it exactly?

My father has neuropathy. What does this mean?

My father has parkinsons. Can it be cured?