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A foodborne illness is a disease that is transmitted to people from big commercial farms, right?

Approximately how many genetically transmitted diseases are there?

Are antibiotics responsible for the mutation of bird flu and mad cow disease?

Are GMOs linked to cjd or mad cow diease?

Are jujitsu artists more or less prone when it comes to contracting diseases?

Are new infectious diseases continually emerging?

Are prion diseases more common among people who hunt and eat what they kill? (Due to the meat not being tested for disease)

Are the prion diseases going to ever cause a pandemic?

Are there any diseases that people can contract from a cow?

Armadillos are supposed to be carriers for a disease; is it some kind of skin or nerve disease?

Can anyone tell me about Ebola virus disease and how to prevent it?

Can cancer or other diseases live in cremains, after cremation? I've heard bovine spongiform encephalopathy prions are said too. Anything else?

Can creutzfeldt jakob disease be transmitted through saliva? Do spouses catch it?

Can creutzfeldt-jakob disease be spread during regular dental procedures?

Can I contaminate my workplace if I am diagnosed with legionnaires' disease?

Can i get bloodborne diseases from saliva?

Can I have caught a disease in mexico, how can I know?

Can Mad Cow Disease be transmitted during an autopsy? A hospital is blocking an autopsy because a Korean vet "may have contracted it," so I'm curious.

Can men get meningococcal disease?

Can polio transmitted due to heredity?

Can someone get legionnaires disease more than once?

Can teenagers get diseases from kissing?

Can thyroid disease be transmitted from one person to another?

Can vaccination for infectious childhood diseases be made compulsory?

Can you catch Alzheimer's disease eating from an aflicted person's spoon?

Can you catch any diseases from drinking from someone else's straw?

Can you diagnose somebody's cjd years and years before anything happens?

Can you explain mad cow disease?

Can you get a disease from touching someones urine?

Can you get Alzheimer's disease through a blood transfer with someone who has it?

Can you get creutzfeldt jakob disease from a drop of blood touching you?

Can you get creutzfeldt-jakob disease from a dental instruments?

Can you get mad cow disease by eating meat from the usa? Can you still get mad cow disease even if the meat is cooked?

Can you get mad cow disease from the gelatin in Altoids or vitamins?

Can you get mononucleosis aka kissing disease from doing hookah?

Can you get prion diseases by eating anything other than brains?

Can you please think of some precautions that resurants could do to stop foodborne diseases?

Can you tell me if i could get a disease from kissing?

Can you tell me if there are easily contagious diseases that have aggressive behavior as symptom?

Can zoonotic diseases from dogs be cured? Or do they stay with you forever?

Could dead rats bring diseases?

Could diseases enter through your fingernails?

Could sex and smootch with person having musclelar distrophy transmits the disease.?

Could there be a disease called mad mouth disease?

Could you contract a venereal disease from breast sucking?

Could you get any diseases from kissing someone?

Could you get mad cow disease by eating any beef from an infected cow?

Could you pick up a disease from kissing someone?

Could you tell me what are diseases that you could get from kissing?

Could you tell me what pick's disease is?

Creutzfeldt-jakob disease? Mad cow? Are they the same?

Do cockroaches carry diseases? What health risks to cockroaches pose? Can they transmit diseases to people and pets?

Do crabs carry disease?

Do leeches carry any diseases?

Do people get mad cow disease?

Do you think it would be unlikely to contract legionnaires's disease while camping on the? Beach?

Do you worry about getting mad cow disease when they eat whoppers?

Doctors, what are the chances of contracting an infection disease from a mosquito.. Do all of them carry disease..?

Does anyone know anything about chagas disease and whether any biting bugs here can give it to you?

Does anyone know if stills disease has any connection to hiv?

Does anyone know where I can contact an expert or find newest details on mad cow disease?

Does anything happen if I have periodontal disease and kiss or lick someone?

Does edema disease can be infectious & transfer from one person to another in the same home ?

Does everyone shows symptoms of fifth disease, if they are infected with the b19 human parvovirus?

Does fifth disease have more complications in adults that contract the b19 human parvovirus?

Does gelatin help for brittle nails? Risk of mad cow?

Does living in the same house with that of a chicken pox patient necessarily lead to contacting that disease?

Does trich have any association with the flesh eating disease?

For reference, how does spider transmit diseases to humans? Is it because of the ingestion of eggs? How do you know if you contract the disease?

Had there ever been a disease that has been eliminated altogether from the world?

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease = hoof and mouth in animals?

Has any musician/ player died from creutzfeldt-jakob disease?

Has anyone suffered from this mad cow disease in the u.S. Or canada this year?

Help! should I be tested for mad cow disease. Going mad. All I do is worry!?

How affective are condoms against disease?

How are outbreaks of food borne disease detected?

How can I avoid getting mad cow disease?

How can I avoid mad cow disease?

How can I get tested for mad cow disease (crutzfeld-jakob) or dementia?

How can someone contract tuberculosis and what does it do to that person? Why is it considered a 'lung disease'?

How can you cure mad cow disease?

How can you detect mad cow disease?

How can you find out if you were ever infected with transmissible spongiform encephalopathies?

How can you get meningococcal disease?

How come humans get so many types of sexually transmitted diseases whereas animals get none?

How common is mad cow disease?

How did legionnaire's disease get its name?

How did legionnaires' disease get its name?

How do humans get affected by mad cow disease?

How do you find out if infected with transmissible spongiform encephalopathies?

How do you get legionnaires disease?

How does a person get huntington's disease?

How does a person get legionnaires' disease?

How does a person get mad cow disease?

How does mad cow disease spread?

How does the aids virus affect us in the beginning of the disease?

How exactly is the huntington's disease caused in humans?

How is mad cow disease spread?

How likely is it for someone to get mad cow disease nowadays?

How likely would it be for me to catch the hand-foot-mouth disease from a 4 year old?