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Anybody know about homocysteine?

Anyone know what is a habitual respiratory disease?

Are autoimmune diseases more common in black people or there's no difference?

Are certain groups more susceptible to acute myeloid leukemia? Do some groups experience this disease differently than others?

Are certain people more susceptible to gallbladder disease?

Are most people with cvid asymtomatic?

Are people with any specific age group prone to hodgkin's disease?

Are people with autoimmune diseases susceptible to sepsis?

Are people with huntington's disease contagious to others?

Are some people more prone to getting whipples disease?

Are the symptoms of Parkinson's disease different in younger than older folks?

Are there any disease that happen only to gay people?

Are there any disease that particularly affect orphans?

Are there any types of cancer that are more common in people who have celiac disease?

Are there any young people with Parkinson's disease?

Are there nationality differences in regards to celiac disease?

Are there racial differences in regards to celiac disease?

Can a patient with active TB disease infect other people?

Can a person with neurofibromatosis type 2 die young?

Can anxiety/depression cause a person to develop or be more suceptible to developing raynaud's disease?

Can dog fleas be a contributory factor to polycythaemia in people?

Can everyone get celiac disease, or is it a disorder of our genes?

Can people die from alzheimer's disease?

Can people get lafora disease?

Can polycystic kidney diseases people buy a new one?

Can STDs affect people at any age?

Can there be a job out there which actually studies rare diseases?

Can there be anyone who knows about Parkinson's disease that knows how it affects everyday life?

Can white people get sickle cell disease? Or is this disease exclusive to black people?

Can you believe that alcoholism is a disease?

Can you let me know how many old people die of cancer, cardiocerebrovascular disease?

Can you please explain why cirrhosis is not considered a disease found in young people?

Can you tell me are people with tay-sachs disease sterile?

Can you tell me how can gaucher's disease affect the person who has it?

Could gallbladder diseases only happen to fat people?

Could people usually die from celiac disease?

Could you tell me what happens if an alzheimer's disease patient is also diagnosed with cancer?

Diagnosed with ataxia; wondering how can I find other people who have it and how it affects them?

Do a lot of people get addison's disease?

Do a lot of people get Parkinson's disease?

Do a lot of people have darier's disease? How common is this?

Do autoimmune diseases affect more women than men?

Do lots of people get Parkinson's disease, or is it unusual?

Do lots of people getaddison's disease, or is it unusual?

Do only old people get Parkinson's disease?

Do people still die of leprosy or is that a disease thats been eliminated from the world? If so, where is this disease still widespread? Just curious

Do people whose children develop tay-sachs disease later have better outcome if they reproduce?

Do people with alzheimer's disease also get depressed?

Do people with autoimmune diseases have an increased chance of getting cancer?

Do people with celiac disease always develop cancer?

Do people with celiac disease look different than other people?

Do people with hemophilia usually have a normal lifespan if they did not catch aids?

Do people with tay-sachs disease look different than normal?

Do people with tay-sachs disease look different than us normal people?

Do people with wilson disease have a lot of pain?

Do you know of people with diseases such as Down syndrome that have children?

Does a blehparoplasty help people with grave's disease?

Does anybody with graves disease suffer from depression? Is it very common / very rare?

Does anyone have pseudoxanthoma elasticum? Is it an older person's disorder?

Does bipolar disease occur on many people?

Does paget's disease significantly decrease a persons lifespan?

Does Parkinson's disease affect a certain ethnic group or gender?

Does psoriasis affect only white people?

For what length of time do people live after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease?

For what length of time do people with cardiovascular disease live?

Has anyone ever heard of the disease wegeners granulamatosis?

Hi docs, is it true that people with tay-sachs disease become sterile?

Hi, how many people in Australia have Beh├žet's disease? Thank you.

How are old people tested for emphysema?

How can having tay-sachs disease affect people's life?

How can I tell if squid safe to be consumed for person with diabetes disease?

How come autoimmune diseases affect more women than men?

How diet autoimmune diseases: how does one affect the others?

How do I develop extreme resilience to diseases?

How do I explain to people about my sarcoidosis?

How do people catch autoimmune diseases?

How do people get celiac disease?

How do people get chagas disease?

How do people treat digestive diseases?

How do people treat nervous colitis?

How do people with Celiac Disease relieve migraines?

How do people with meniere's disease stay positive and optomistic?

How do people with scleroderma look?

How do they treat people with harlequin ichthyosis?

How does erdheim-chester disease kill a person?

How does genetic diseases cause a person to be more susceptible to cancer?

How does pml affect people with hiv?

How does Progeria affect the individual who has it?

How exactly does gluten afflict a person with celiac? How does it manifest neurologically? Can it affect other organs like liver and heart?

How frequently is Lyme disease fatal in people over 75?

How high is the percentage of people have access to medicine that prevents infectious diseases?

How is arthritis passed between people?

How is hemophilia a diagnosed in people?

How likely is it that having one autoimmune disease can lead to others?

How long do people live after being diagnosed with lou gehrig's disease?

How many different people in the u.S. Suffer from phenylketonuria (pku)?

How many different possible illnesses or diseases can a person have if she/he is overweight?

How many different rare diseases?

How many diseases out there don't have a name? And what happens to these people?

How many of the people with anemia are treatable, and how many are just born that way and untreatable? 50%/50%?