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Antioxidants prevent chronic diseases like heart disease?

Anyone know what is a heart disease that can be caused from the mother drinking during pregnancy?

Anyone who is afflicted with congestive heart failure & edema that has it go away with diet change?

Are fungal infections more common in people with heart disease?

Are oral contraceptives related to heart disease?

Are patients with Parkinson's prone to anxiety, depression, lung diseases, and hip fractures. Is it the disease or treatment that increases the risk.

Are people recently diagnosed with lymphoma at an increased risk for heart attack if they already have heart disease?

Are some people more prone to getting coronary artery disease?

Are the cardiac side effects from Chaga's disease seen on an echocardiogram?

Are the heart regularities caused by Lyme disease fatal?

Are there any good news on killer diseases (ex: heart disease, cancer, virus, etc)?

Are there any specific treatments for heart diseases relating to sinus bradycardia?

Are there lifestyle changes that really make getting coronary artery disease less likely?

Are there stages in the development of hypertensive cardiovascular disease? What are those? I'm confused. Thank you!

Are there vitamins that may prevent or delay coronary heart disease?

Are there ways to properly manage pregnancy for women with coronary artery disease?

Are women more at risk of heart diseases after 40?

Are women more prone to heart diseases? I read that indigestion is a symtom of heart disease and it is more prominent between women, is that true?

Are women working in a hospital more vulnerable to heart disease?

Can a 26 year old get heart diease?

Can a person encountering ischaemic heart disease be saved?

Can a person whom sufferred from ischaemic heart disease be saved ?

Can a teenager develop a heart valve disease?

Can an employer fire you for having heart disease or cancer?

Can cancer in the blood cause heart disease? Is it possible for people with cancers of the blood to develop heart disease as a result? .

Can children of a patient with heart disease also get heart disease?

Can dentistry prevent heart diseases?

Can grave diseases affect your heart in anyway?

Can having diabetic neuropathy raise your chances for heart disease?

Can having diabetic neuropathy raise your chances of getting a heart disease?

Can heart cancer be caused by alcohol?

Can heart conditions be passed on genetically?

Can i tell me if my heart is damaged does it mean I have heat disease?

Can it be that a family history of heart disease put me at risk of congestive heart failure at age 18 ?

Can one have serious lung disease or cancer and still do rigorous cardio?

Can one hookah session caused me to get heart disease?

Can rheumatic heart disease take the life of a person?

Can sex helps in prevention of heart disease, any opinion?

Can sex helps in prevention of heart disease?

Can someone get a heart disease from smoking twice?

Can teens get heart disease? Is it common or uncommon? Would it show on an Echocardiogram?

Can teens have heart disease? What is the main cause of chest pain in teena?

Can there be a way to completely, 100% prevent heart disease?

Can WPW syndrome considered to be a type of heart disease?

Can you die from hypermobility syndrome like people die of heart valve problems with marfan's?

Can you die suddenly from cerebrovascular disease?

Can you explain a production function for decreasing deaths from coronary heart disease?

Can you explain if it's possible to reverse heart disease and arterial disease without drugs?

Can you explain if it's true that people with heart disease or heart problems live less than a healthy person?

Can you give me advice for a poor young heart patient?

Can you live a fully functional life with angina and artery disease and never have a heart attack? Or will you eventually succumb?

Can you please discuss the other perceived barriers of heart disease?

Can you tell me how to know if heart disease is getting worse?

Can you tell me is heart disease really the no. 1 killer of women?

Can you tell me which age can epstein anomaly (it's a heart disease) patients live up to?

Can you use erythropoietin if you have heart disease?

Cardiologist diagnosed me with hypertensive heart disease. He said my children have a 40% chance of having it. Can I do anything to prevent it?

Chances of coronary heart disease and significant blockage at age 28?..Having pains under breast bone..No family history. Dont smoke or drink..5'1/147

Congenital heart disease - when do you get clubbing of the fingers?

Congenital heart diseases - do they run in families?

Congenital heart diseases--what are most common and which are preventable?

Cornary artery disease runs high in my family. I have metabolic syndrome should I start a statin?

Could anxiety in teens cause heart disease?

Could I have gotten coronary artery disease from an error? I get nervous about it

Could it be bad for people who have heart disease that smoke?

Could sex help in prevention of heart disease?

Could skinny men have heart problem resulting death.?

Could they detect cancer, heart disease, nerve disease?

Could we all be ticking cancer or heart disease patients waiting to happen?

Could you completely eliminate chance of heart disease?

Could you explain what is cardiac disease spectrum in women?

Could you tell me why in some heart disease studies are more women included in men?

Describe the relationship between types of lipoprotein in the blood and heart disease?

Diagnosed with coronary microvascular disease. Can this kill me / cause heart attack? Is it dangerous? Drs around here dont know much about it.

Did anybody try coq10 for heart disease ?

Did there been any proof of yeast causing heart disease?

Difference between rheumatic fever vs rheumatic heart disease?

Do diseases or dietary problems cause premature greying?

Do lots of people get coronary artery disease, or is it unusual?

Do middleaged women need to worry about heart disease?

Do people with weakened immune systems from heart attacks have a higher risk of getting cancer?

Do signss of heart disease in women differ than those in men?

Do women of color need to worry much about heart disease?

Do you have to be diag first with coronary atherscherososis from smoking or any other risk factor to have a heart attack are there tests? any age?

Do you know which types of personality traits are more predictive of coronary heart disease?

Do you see a lot of males in 20's & 30's with heart disease? or having a lot of heart attacks? Also if you do, do they present many risk factors?

Do you usually have to be diagnosed with heart disease to have a heart attack or you can have one if you have risk factors?

Doc im furqan from indonesia what is the cause of heart disease? What kind of activities I have to do to prevent that disease?

Doctor confirmed I have valvular heart diseases and need to follow up. Will this needed throughout my life?

Does bilirubin and or gilberts syndrome really protect against heart disease or coronary blockage? Or is this false?

Does caring for a disabled person increase my heart disease risk?

Does having hyperthyroidism increase the chance of heart disease with father having two heart attacks and my brother having one at 41yrs?

Does HRT cause or prevent heart and cerebrovascular disease?

Does IV drug abuse cause heart valve disease?

Does lack of Omega-3 in diet lead to inflammation and heart disease or cancer?

Does obstructive sleep apnea affect heart function or Atherosclerosis in the arteries ? In which way is it a risk factor for heart disease ? Thanks doctors

Does pom juice really reverse heart disease?

Does premature ventricular contractions shorten life expectancy? If heart is healthy and no family history of heart disease, should it be a concern?

Does swallowing dental plaque causes clotting and heart disease?