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My 2.5 girl now has blood and lime green in stool for over a year. Seen numerous doctors. Any diseases kids can be born with that is related?

12 yr niece was finally diagnosed w celiac artery compression. Docs don't seem to know much about. Is it autoimmune related? Where in US specialize?

16 year old daughter has Crohn's disease and has no signs of puberty should l be worried? Her bone age is 13.

18 months ago i had cellulitis in my chin. Unknown at the time i also had sll/cll. Is there any cause/ effect or other relationship between the two?

3 small nonspecific lesions. Lyme disease negative. Now being tested for nerve damage and memory loss, all thats left is stroke and ms, limbs tingle?

3 yr f has a chilblain on toe should I worry about lupus / or underlying condition . She seems healthy . Led saw her said idiopathic sometime help?

36 yo female with a history of Crohn's disease and degenerative disc disease. Have a numb spot on my pointer finger, my hands are cold and i get tingling. May have mild Crohn's flare. Neuropathy?

3yr old has mild anemia and developed the 5th disease rash, is this life threatening since she is anemic??? Im panicking

4 months a go I found red spots on my gum. slowly has spread .It does not have pain or bleeding. Was diagnosed as autoimmune disease. what is therapy?

56y/o male with macular non branching rash on both lower extremities. Appeared suddenly. Feels generally unwell. Previous diagnosis of Lyme Disease.

61 yrs old - diagnosed with Crohn's disease at 13. Ostomy 13 years ago. Erythema nodosum extreme on left leg. . . Very painful. Several years now.

95 lbs and diagnosed w lipedema. What is causing the pain and where can I get treatment as no dr seems to ha be any knowledge on this disease?

A friend of mine has prominent finger pads that resemble fetal finger pads, but has no other symptoms of kabuki syndrome. Could there be another reason for this?

A person has single vessel coronary disease since 2000, now 2008 an still single vessel, 15months later severe triple, how unlikely is this ?

Aches and pains everywhere and pins and needles. I am very concerned about Lyme disease although I don't have rash. Could it be serious ?

Am double jointed, long tongue, poor healing. Does this sound like ehlers-danlos syndrome?

Any connection to getting breast implants and then developing lupus or fibromyalgia at some point afterwards? Are implants a known cause of either?

Are blue lips a sign of pulmonary disorder?

Are gallbladder vasculitis and hashimoto's disease related? Should i look further or could that be two separate and unrelated things?

Are low set ears a telltale sign of downs syndrome?

Are migraines and small vessell disease related?

Are proctitis & thrombosis linked somehow?

Are rashes on hand caused by liver disease?

Are shriveled fingertips and toes symptoms of an autoimmune disease?

Are stubby fingers a sign of an autoimmune disease?

Are there any cures for gilberts disease/syndrome; mainly the yellowing of the eyes?

Are there any lung diseases that can cause neuropathy isloated to one side of the body?

Are there any other proven benefits to having the shingles injection beside the obvious neurologic ones?

Are there dental problems that go along with this connective tissue disorder?

Are there some genetic reasons I get periorbital cellulitis off and on?

Are vasculitis and major bruising related?

Are weak bones a sign of any type of cancer or genetic problem?

Arteries in my head very visible. One on each side. I have no sign of illness. Can this be treated?

August of 2012 my daughter developed a headache, her swallowing became difficult, digestive issues increased and developed an immune deficiency. VNI?

Been treated for anemia resulting from upper GI bleeding. Exact source as yet undetermined. But i'm also having intermittent and acute "cicada-like" loud buzzing sounds in my ears. Any connection?

Can a physician diagnosis a connective tissue disease only based on the presentation of a persons nail bed capillaries? If so, can they specify which one?

Can any1 break down stiff persons syndrome 4me or help me find a web site or other diseases that are the same if any.

Can anyone tell me what "trauma" means? Is trauma a disease? And why does this have anything to do with the tongue? :) thank you very much.

Can aortic aneurysm symptoms be mistaken for anything else? even more so after use of drugs? Mostly about the symptom of a mass underneath the

Can be related to bone disorder. Any other reasons to bluish sclera?

Can chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction be from a muscular disorder and also affect muscles and joints in most of my body? I was dignosed with cip.

Can chronic venous insufficiency cause or be related to raynauds and spider & cherry angiomas on chest? Fyi not pregnant or on hormones of any kind

Can cold weather affect or worsen vascular symptoms or diseases, if so what conditions (fibromuscular dysplasia or inflammatory conditions?)

Can cracks in your feet mean liver disease?

Can cvid contribute to other illnesses such as dystonia, cfs, fibro, raynoids, eye tummy issues?Other than infection how can it effect my body?

Can dupuytrens contracture be caused by liver issues? I got diagnosed at ~39 years old. I believe one of my grandfathers had it too.

Can face swelling be celiac disease?

Can frequent canker sores mean some sort of serious disease?

Can hashimotos disease cause swollen hands?

Can having an orthopaedic problem like exostosis or scoliosis affect blood circulation?

Can I see a picture with someone that affected by kienbox disease I mean the hand?

Can inflamation to the brain start to occure just 2days of exposure to hiv.Can Lyme disease mimic HIV symptons?What else can cause brain inflamation?

Can itchy arms be a symptom of celiac disease?

Can low c3c be caused by severe vulval spongiosis?

Can lupus cause easy, severe (aka: multiple and very large) bruising?

Can Lyme disease be in your body and only manifest a small rash when under stress?

Can middle chest pain when pressed be due to anything pertaining vascular disorder due to connective tissue disease?

Can myopathy disease make u feel latargic and week?

Can neurogenic pruritus be localized to the scrotum only...Or have you ever heard of that happening? My doc has ruled out everything except this.

Can raynaud's disease make you have flat nipples?

Can rheumatic or other diseases make finger joints grow thicker/bigger (at beginning of disease)? And what disease would do that? I'm 32.

Can SLE alter your tastebuds ? my tastebuds seem to have diminished and is this A sign of something serious ?

Can somebody list bone diseases caused by overusing of vinegar?

Can somebody tell, just by looking, if you have facial symptoms of systemic sclerosis?

Can sore thumbs be linked to liver?

Can symptoms of Lyme disease (and coinfections) become worse due to changes in the weather (such as change in barometric pressure)?

Can thyroid disease cause itcy feet.

Can whole body itching (without a rash) be caused by hashimoto's/adrenal insufficiency? and would this indicate under-treatment?

Can Wilson's Disease effect your vitamin D or cause stiff neck ?

Can you have Temporal Arteritis and not realize it, or is it a painful condition? Also, how quickly would it progress, weeks or months??

Can you please describe the diseases associated with blood group o+?

Can you save my foot with infection in bloodstream and vascular disease ?

Can you tell me if minimal aortic sclerosis always get worse?

Can you tell me if there are diseases that cause white or gray hair at an early age, without many serious side effects?

Can you tell me of an autoimmune disease that causes pain and tenderness in fingertips?

Causes of sudden easy bruising? Rarely bruise & now I have 4 that have no cause/known origin. Medical conditions include IST/ANS dysfunction & no meds

Complications- Lyme disease, bipolar disorder, and dental abscess that has spread to heart/brain/ears/eyes?

Could anybody get subclavin steel syndrome's or unknown lung disease caused by immune system turning on you?

Could chronic body pain, like with fibromyalgia, be cause from histoplasmosis in someone who already has presumed ocular histoplasmosis?

Could coughing be connected to fifth's disease?

Could having bulbous fingertips possibly indicate a heart problem?

Could having chicken pox & severe viral myositis at 40yr lead to ai disease with muscle involvemt a few years later or was mild disease alwys present?

Could my swollen ear lobes be a result of secondary Sjorgren's Syndrome? I was diagnosed years ago along with RA,

Could tongue fasciculations,arm tremors,depression be a sign of Wilson's disease? Does long term use of psychiatric drugs cause Wilson's disease ?

Crp level of 7.3 does it mean infection or could it be something else like heart disease? Had infection on foot but heart disease runs in family.

Cvi for 2 yrs progressing fast imaging hasn't shown cause. Raynauds- hands & breasts. Poor circ. Skin, joint, muscle & eye infla. Tests ok ideas?

Dear sir My diseade is behcet syndrom&I have clot of blood in head&foot After affected herpes zoster I given neuralgia & I have diabete type2?

Diagnosed with chronic total radial artery occlusion. How is this different from acute occlusion. How do I check if fingers r pink and have good ref?

Diagnosed with classic ehlers danlos with crossover yesterday & was wondering if blue sclera is associated with all eds types or just vascular type 4?

Diagnosed with Meibomian gland dysfunction, is this indicative of Sojgrens Syndrome . Also have fatigue, joint pain and trouble walking and dry mouth?

Do cirrhosis and kidney disease come hand in hand?

Do I have heart disease if every time i get a bruise it heals in months?

Do infertility and addisons disease usually go hand in hand?

Do multiple café-au-lait spots on my baby's skin mean he has a serious disease?

Do you think numbness/sorenss on the scalp after several cigerettes in a short amount of time may be caused by ischemia? Is this a dangerous sign?

Does a belly button ring produce a higher risk of infection if you also have celiacs disease?

Does anyone know of an autoimmune disease that causes tingling and tenderness in fingertips?

Does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome caused by rheumatoid arthritis present differently than primary CTS? e.g. slower atrophy due to RR wrist inflammation?

Does disappearance of nail clubbing mean underlying disease is getting cured?

Does early psa with spinal involvement without the skin condition mean a severe psoriasis attack in future?