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Is there a way to diagnose drug induced immune deficiency vs inherited CVID?

Is there any connection between airborne allergies and meniere's disease?

Is there any connection between having a history of mononucleosis and possible development of lupus?

Is there any new information about sarcoidosis?

Is there any truth to the claim that someone who rarely, if ever, runs a fever likely has low immunity or an autoimmune disorder? If so, how likely do

Is there any type of food and ways that helps in the remission process of ra?

Is there anyone reading this that may treat the auto immune diseases ankylosing spondylitis or reiter's ?

Is there evidence that pregnancy causes the mother to develop a flare in an autoimmune disease?

Is there research into any genetic, autoimmune or other condition that links nerve sheath disorders (tarlov cysts, nerve sheath tumor) with autoimmune hypophysitis targeting acth cells? Ctla-4 gene?

Just diagnosed with pityriasis rosea.I know no known cause but Can I be around others with compromised immune system- heart transplant patients?

Looking for help with myalgic encephalomyelitis also known as cfs. Ideas to overcome this illness? says mosquito bites sometimes trigger hives, low grade fever etc in people with immune system disorders. What are those disorders?!

MD says I have primary lupus &secondary sjogrens. My chart says lupus-sjogrens overlap syndrome.Is there a difference between listing them separately?

Mom has all symptoms of addisons but blood work was negative for that and hashimoto. Any ideas what it could be? Auto Immune???

Mother had lupus and died suddenly of autoimmune hemolytic anemia that caused cardiogenic shock.Is that a lupus thing or do I need 2 worry. I have ra?

My husband has focul segmental glomular sclerosis, and I have an atrophic kidney. Are we both more prone/likely to have addisons disease?

My illeal biopsy showed chronic enteritis with follicular hyperlapsia. I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis too. Does it relate?

My lab results show very low Immunoglobulin A, I have symptoms of autoimmune disease. Does the immunoglobulin play a role? How?

Myasthenia gravis is a serious autoimmune disorder in which the body produces antibodies to what?

Please state the involvement of autoimmune disorders (other than the acth antibody) in autonomic nervous system dysfunctions. What specialist to see?

Please tell me, could a person with a myelin associated glycoprotein antibody, IgM have multiple sclerosis?

Recent studies have been reporting a potential association between rosacea and autoimmune diseases like MS, Parkinson's. How do I not stress about it?

Should a person without a spleen see an immunologist or infectious disease doctor for advice on a vaccine regimen?

Should I get the shingles vaccine if I have lichen sclerosis which is an autoimmunity disease?

Since myasthenia gravis is a systemic autoimmune disease, why does it often present with asymmetrical ptosis (instead of bilateral)?

Since psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, would it be a risk factor for lymphoma?

So can what shows on an autoimmune panel, then change in 2 yrs time? What r some that mimic fibro? I was told some do by my dr

The antiphospholipid antibody syndrome is antibodies associated with what problem?

The journal of clinical immunology Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 535738, 9 -Epstein-Barr Systemic Autoimmune Diseases What is your opinion?

The root cause of autoimmune diseases is leaky gut? I don't have any family member with any of the autoimmune disease. But I have psorias n areata.

There are many auto immune diseases out there, how can dr be sure that hypothyroid diagnosis is not one of them instead?

What are autoimmune diseases within eye ?

What are clinical manifestations of a systemic infection?

What are dangers of suppressing tnf-alpha in inflammatory diseases/disorders? Does tnf-alpha suppression make u more likely to succumb to infection?

What are major symptoms of IgA nephropathy?

What are signs of pancreatitis caused by imuran (azathioprine)?

What are some supplements for swelling and autoimmune?

What are the effects of autoimmune diseases on pregnancy?

What are the negative effects of autoimmune diseases?

What are the tests for acute inflammatory polyneuropathy?

What are the tests for systemic inflammatory response syndrome (sirs)?

What auto immune diseases cause hair loss?

What auto immune diseases have gastrointestinal problems as the main symptom?

What auto immune disorder has insomnia and no hunger as a symptom?

What autoantibody is seen the most in antiphospholipid syndrome? For example..Perhaps anticardiolipin is seen more often than the others...?

What autoimmune disorders are not as commonly tested for and ruled out? I have +ANA and other severe symptoms but no culprits yet, (also not lupus).

What can cause secondary (acquired) IgM deficiency? Cancer? Infections? Autoimmunity?

What can I do for my autoimmune conditions without going to a doctor?

What causes an elevated jo-1 antibody? I am taking medication for rheumatoid arthritis. Is this related, or does it indicate other disease activity?

What common auto immune diseases have gastro problems as the main symptom?

What could cause soreness around the right rib area on right flank if you had an auto immune disease. What auto immune disease could that b?

What could cause symptoms of immune issues and reoccuring oral thrush, other than autoimmune disorders?

What diseases are associated with inflammation in/on the brain? Would MS fall into this category?

What does an increased number of mast cells in stress-indiced urticaria biopsy indicate? Previously diagnosed w/connective tissue autoimmune disease.

What does mixed atonal/demyelinating poly neuropathy mean and what are diseases associated with it?

What does the rheumatic diseases which shows that she definitely does not have myositis specific or myositis associated antibody.What means?

What exactly is crmo the auto immune disease?

What happens if taking methotrexate for autoimmune diseases?

What happens if you give antibiotics to a patient with some sort of autoimmune disease like lupus? Can this cause problems? Kind regards

What illnesses are associated with elevated IgG subtype 1 and subtype 3?

What infections besides borrelia could cause CNS demyelination and cns/neuro symptoms ? Just infections please...Not ms

What is a good book that lists autoimmune diseases/disorders and their associated autoantibodies?

What is a low cd57 count associated with besides Lyme disease ?

What is best treatment for chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy? Please advise the name of doctor in orange county ny.

What is chronic inflammatory demilinating polyneuropathy?

What is chronic inflammatory demyelating polyneuropathy and how is it treated?

What is current theory as to a likely cause or trigger of Crohn's disease?

What is differential, auto in medicine?

What is idiopath auto neurology?

What is it if somebody has chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy?

What is mast cell disease and how does it manifest in infants?

What is naltrexone and how does it help autoimmune issues?

What is the best way to diagnose autoimmune disorders in immune deficient patient on IgG replacement? Rheumy suspicious of lupus, but not definitive

What is the cause of autoimmunity? I've read that it is immune deficiency, hyperstimulation,and IL 2.

What is the code for nephrotic syndrome secondary to systematic lupus erythematosis?

What is the difference between an immune disorder vs an autoimmune disease?

What is the difference between hypersensitivity and auto-immune disease, in the context of immunology?

What is the difference between hypersensitivity and autoimmunity?

What is the difference in the appearance of cellulitis and an auto immune disorder?

What is the genetic component to autoimmune disease? I know someone with 6 people in their family with them...& all are neurological..Ms..Cidp...Etc.

What is the most effective treatment for arthritis thus far? And are we any closer to finding a cure for auto immune diseases?

What is the most unsual rare and disabling autoimmune disease and as a neurologist you were even surprised the immune system can be so powerfull ?

What is the pathogenesis of villous atrophy induced by bacterial overgrowth ? How does it cause the atrophy? sprue-like enteropathy uknown aetiology

What is the permanent cure for the auto immune skin disease called pemphigus ?

What is the relapse rate of borderline tuberculoid hansen disease?

What is the relationship between neutropenia & Raynaud's disease?

What is wrong with my immune system? Diagnosed with hashimoto's 5 years ago, now diagnosed with autoimmune thrombocytopenia!

What kind of doctor should I see if my general practitioner thinks i may have an autoimmune disease or multiple sclerosis?

What kind of specialist understands most forms of vasculitis and can order angiography? Doc thinks I have a form of it due to complement system issue.

What lab work should be done before a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome is given? Lupus, Lyme disease, heptatitis, anything else?

What microorganism causes this terrible disease that is called ra?

What new research is there regarding vasculitis and polyarteritis nodosa?

What organization is doing the most research regarding vasculitis and polyarteritis nodosa?

What sort of disease is a corticosteroid imbalance?

What sort of disease is c.M.L.?

What to do if I had glandular fever and it has now developed into a serious autoimmune disease?

What to do if I have a mild case immune deficiency disorder. what would happen if I got a tattoo?

What to do if I have been dealing with active systemic lupus erythematosus. can it be caused by prescription medication?

What to do if I have cvid, I am wondering what autoimmune disorders can come along with the disease?

What to do if I have health question about auto immune disorders!?