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I have auto immune diabetes. Does this make it more likely i will get other auto immune diseases?

I have auto immune disease & have had shingle 5 times in various locations in the last 18mths. Would the vaccine help or trigger another attack?

I have auto immune disease Sjögren's syndrome and lupus. I also have HPV . Will my HPV get worse being I have auto immune illness ? Afraid of cancer.

I have autoimmune disease. I had severe chicken pox at age 40. Prior to that i was healthy. Could the c.Pox have triggered autoimmunity?

I have autoimmune diseases and asymptomatic myeloma. If i took immunosuppressive drugs will it reduce my paraproteins?

I have autoimmune thyroiditis. Will that make me more susceptible to other auto immune disorders?

I have been diagnosed with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. What does that mean overall?

I have been diagnosed with poly myosotis what is the recuperation time for this illness?

I have been told I have had tia's in past, but the last one a new doctor told me it might be a autoimmune disease called MG. How can I know for sure?

I have both systemic lupus/sjogrens overlap & used to have idiopathic central diabetes inspidus. Could the diseases somehow be related?

I have celiacs disease, what should I look out for regarding other autoimmune disorders?

I have CVID and mixed connective tissue disease. My Immunologist has me on Immuran, Remicade as well as Immunoglobulin therapy, really?

I have either autoimmune pandysautonomia or paraneoplastic syndrome. My anti striational antibody was positive. I have metastatic thyroid ca. Which?

I have fm and a systemic inflammatory autoimm. Disease that affects my joints skin and hair, is there a more exact diagnosis for my autoimm. Disease?

I have hashimoto's and graves disease. My endo is 2 hours away in a major city, and she is even perplexed? How rare/difficult to treat is this combo?

I have just been diagnosed with systemic mast cell disease. Where can I learn about it?

I have leukocytoclastic vasculitis on shins. Can it be caused from a food intolerance?

I have lupus &developed an autonomic problem after that. How does this occur. Do the antibodies attacking the nerves? Can this occur in stable lupus

I have neutropenia, a autoimmune disease. Also I have epilepsy and muscular dystrophy. I have chronic bouts of sinus infection. What should I do?

I have Primary Immune Deficiency, MS, POTS, RA, Raynauds, etc... no response to pneumovax or prevnar (pneumococcal vaccine). ANAs always neg. Sero-negative. Please help!

I have sarcadosis what can I do to prevent it from attacking me?

I have six diagnosed auto immune diseases. Every woman in my family has some sort of multiple auto immune disease. Does it run in families?

I have SLE & Primary Immunodeficiency. How can I have both? Would one, cause the other? Or is this just unlucky coincidence?

I have subclinical hypothyroidism, vitiligo and dermatitis. Am I at a higher risk of more autoimmune diseases like diabetes, MS etc?

I have unknown autoimmune. Son diagnosed with Ehlers hypermobility. Could there be any relation with the two? If so what autoimmune can be linked?

I have vomiting episodes that lead to systemic inflammatory response syndrome without sepsis. What causes sirs? Insufficient cortisol from adrenals?

I have von recklinghausen's disease dose it have any thing to do witi being allergic to nickel?

I just found out I am a diabetic does having this relate to having sle?

I just found out my blood was borderline elevated for autoimmune diseases. I'm only 24. What could cause this and how serious could this be?

I know cvid is compossed of twenty thirty illnesses what are they and what are all the symptoms of cvid?

I read that echinacea good for addison disease, but bad for multiple sclerosis. How come? Afaik, both of them are autoimmune condition..

I want to know if posterior uveitis and dysphagia are both related to some kind of autoimmune disorder?. because first I had uveitis, now dysphagia.

I was just diagnosed with myositis. Does this mean I have an auto-immune disease? How serious is this?

I was wondering is fibromyalgia, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis and acid reflux considered autoimmune disease?

I'm diabetic, can I get another auto immune disease too?

I'm having many neurological symptoms with a history of autoimmune disease, sarcoidosis and marrow reconversion in spine and base of skull. Thoughts?

I've been on humira (adalimumab) for Crohn's for 6 yrs. Now diagnosis w/ TB latent but it may be affecting other organs. What symptoms occur when TB affects other organs?

I've found out about transfer factor that could poasibly help to fight chronic diseases that are linked to immune system like cancer. How true is it?

I've heard that after contracting certain diseases individual immune systems sometimes deem the diseases not worth fighting. Is this true? If so does that mean that there would be no specific antibodies for a disease that your body decided to ignore?

I(f,26)still have thymus(Restthymus3,5x1,2cm).Should thymus be removed to prevent myasthenia gravis or other autoimmune diseases?P.S.I have hashimoto

If a person has lupus and dysautonomia? Did the lupus cause the dysautonomia? Autoimmune? Or totally unrelated & this person was dealt a bad hand?

If carry lupus gene, does it take 2 major traumas to the body to turn 2 full lupus episodes?

If hair is falling due to auto immune disease , what can I do?

If I am predisposed to autoimmune disease is first pregnancy a risk? My antirnp is 1.6, ANA 1:80, no diagnosis, no family history. Thankyou in advance

If I have 2 known autoimmue disorders, should I be checked for others?If so, what should I be checked for and how often?I have vitiligo & hypothyroidism

If I have auto immune hypothyroidism, is it possible for me to get another autoimmune disease?

If intestinal permeability is sometimes associated with autoimmunity, couldn't stomach ulcers also cause autoimmunity in some cases?

If the HPV-vaccine trigger erythromelalgia, could it be reversible?

If there are no auto immune disorders, what is iritis caused from? Have had it for 2 weeks and currently undergoing aggressive treatment.

If you are hiv neg with low t cells, does it indicate you have a serious disease or autoimmune disorder?

If you have an auto immune disease can you get your bellybutton pierced or will you suffer a reaction?

If you have systemic vasculitis (churg strauss syndrome) can you still get a gastric bypass?

Iga my cousin has an auto immune disorder? It is very rare. He can't find an effective treatment.

Immunologist i have sarcoidosis, hashimoto's thyroiditis, nodular prurigo, & psoriasis. Should i see an immunologist? 67 woman w/mgus and more.

In cryofibrinogenemia (not cryoglobulinemia), what is more likely---the condition incites an autoimmune reaction due to inflammation it causes, or an autoimmune process causes the cryofibrinogenemia?

In my late 30s with SLE with secondary sjogrens syndrome.Had symptoms for years.I have no organ involvement. Is the likelihood of this very minimal?

In the last year I have developed beginning stages of an autoimmune disorder, gasrtrioparisis, IBS and mrsa. Why is the occurring at once thoughts ?

In which autoimmune diseases/disorders do you find dysfunction of the "vitamin d receptor"?

In your experience, what is the most common autoimmune or other condition associated with symptomatic cryofibrinogenemia? Or is cryofibrinogenemia typically the primary disease process?

Is a hida scan (cholescintigraphy) dangerous for people w/ lupus or autoimmune diseases?

Is arthrogryposis considered a chronic illness?

Is chronic enlargement of submandibular gland in sjogren's syndrome dangerous? Is it suggesting a end stage disease?

Is chronic psoriasis linked to heart problems?

Is crps considered an autoimmune disorder? Is small fiber neuropathy considered autoimmune disorder?

Is dermographism an immune disorder?

Is dermographism an isolated condition or a sign of many potential autoimmune disorders?

Is Ehlers Danlos Syndrom 3 considered to be an autoimmune disease? Can it be treated with immune suppressants?

Is Endometriosis considered an auto-immune disease/problem?

Is eosinophilic bronchitis a type of hyper eosinophilic syndrome or are they interrelated?

Is fibromyalgia considered to be an autoimmune or viral disease or related to neurotransmitters?

Is going grain free helpful in auto immune sjorgens or other autoimmune disease if there is no known gut reaction or celiac disease?

Is hemorraghing capillaries into the cuticles a sign of an auto immune disease?

Is interstitial lung disease an allergic or immune problem?

Is it common for a teen with mctd or any autoimmune disease to turn to using illegal drugs? If so why?

Is it common to measure c-reactive protein in diagnosing majjor organ disease?

Is it necessary that there is an underlying cancer in dermatomyositis and poly myosotis? And does the condition vary from person to person or same?

Is it normal for people with diabetes to have other autoimmune disorders such as lupus and thyroid problems?

Is it possible for chronic elevated cortisol to instigate multiple sclerosis?

Is it possible for membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis to be caused by mixed cryoglobulinemia?

Is it possible for you to have gastric bypass when you have systemic vasculitis (churg strauss syndrome)?

Is it possible to have systemic manifestations of ra- problems with eyes, vasculitis, rashes before problems with joints? Ana 1:160, anti ccp igg: 63

Is it true that there is a connection between epstein-barr virus and fibromyalgia?

Is leaky gut a good explanation for autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis, asthma, eczema, etc?

Is light chain deposition disease cureable?

Is low dose naltrexone a good idea to help with treatment-resistant autoimmune disease?

Is lupus attacking the nerves the same as ms? I know they’re different diseases, but when lupus affects the nervous system, does it do it the same way as ms? Are the symptoms the same?

Is myasthenia gravis is a serious autoimmune disorder in which the body produces antibodies to its own nicotin?

Is posterior uveitis, oropharyngeal dysphagia, and gingivostomatitis all related to an autoimmune disorder which is attacking my immune system?

Is rosecea linked to any other illnesses? Is it a precursor to other illnesses? Thank you.

Is rsd considered a catastrophic disease?

Is sjögren's syndrome and lupus and sponge kidneys and intersistal cystitis something i was born with or can something else cause these illnesses ?

Is sjogrens ever secondary to hashimotos or is it only considered secondary when ctd is present? Is it sjogrens that causes hashi in someone with both

Is sle one disease or is it a combination of several disorders?

Is the cognitive dysfunction that results from systemic lupus erythematosus typically permanent?

Is there a connection between previous exposure to epstein barr(moderate case of mono age 18) and subsequent development of auto immune problems?

Is there a correlation between red gums & autoimmune diseases?

Is there a link between pesticides and developing lupus ?

Is there a medical specialty that deals with auto immune diseases?

Is There a possible connection between auto immune disease and cataracts?

Is there a rare auto immune disease that affects the heart and entire body other than lupus?