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Can you use Paragard if you have an autoimmune diseases?

Can your brain cause your cells to attack yourself in the case of an autoimmune disease?

Canker sores lead to Crohn's of lupus, is this true?

Celiacs being an auto immune disease, will the auto immune disease still affect me if i'm gluten free later in life. Like stiff mans or scleroderma?

Chances of getting another auto immune disease on top of arthritis?

Could amenorrhea of almost 3 years be caused by Addison's Disease? I am also recovering from anorexia, have celiac's disease, & low b.p. (8os/50s)

Could an immunoglobulin deficiency effectively mask an autoimmune disorder from auto-antibody screens such as AMA ANA etc.or is it a separate thing ?

Could mast cell activation disorder cause a virus to trigger severe sinus symptoms and reactive airways?

Could people with autoimmune disorders donate blood?

Could undiagnosed lupus lead to complications with needing multiple abd. Surgies..Body attacking itself?

Could waxing trigger an autoimmune attack?

Could you recommend at physician in chicago for auto immune diseases?

Crohn's disease, i think i've found the cause. Would a Coombs test tell if a too strong immune system is the problem. There's obviously more to it. ?

Diagnosed with r.E.M. Syndrome -rare skin disease . More information about this please?

Disease processes associated with a high positive ANA other than autoimmune disorders?

Do auto antibodies always lead to autoimmune diseases? Or can they be present then go away without harm?

Do infectious diseases trigger antiphospholipid syndrome ?

Do most people who get chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy have many symptoms?

Do people with secondary sjogrens have the ssa or ssb, or is this only with primary? I understand 2ndary occurs with already existng ctd.

Do specific hla antigens predispose someone to ischemic heart disease?

Doctor thinks I have a rare autoimmune disease that isn't usually detected in testing? She is referring me to a rheumatologist? What might it be?

Does a high IgA value indicate churg strauss in chronic pulmonary disease?

Does aids sound like a auto immune disorder?

Does an auto immune disorders increase the risk of having a miscarriage?

Does an autoimmune trigger like gullain barre syndrome against the body affect HIV test results in anyway?

Does anyone have really mild chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, making diagnosis uncertain?

Does anyone know of information on non-immune hydrops?

Does autoimmune disease cause cytokine storm or calm it down due to immune dysfunction?

Does demyleniating/inflammatory process of the nervous system occurs during primary HIV infection?

Does ethnicity affect how symptoms appear for lupus?

Does family history in first cousin (or other NON-first-degree relatives) increase risk for autoimmune diseases such as lupus, scleroderma, RA?

Does hashimoto's thyroiditis cause immunosuppression? Can prednisone cause latent TB to become active in a patient with chronic sinusitis?

Does having 1 autoimmune disorder predispose u2 others? Mom with hoshimoto's>psoriatic arthritis>viral hepatitis>acute myeloid leukemia.

Does having an autoimmune disease make you more susceptible to meningitis or encephalitis?

Does having multiple autoimmune disorders signal deeper health issues that should be investigated? I have hypothyroidism, vitiligo, & endometriosis.

Does HIV progress faster if some one is already ill with an auto immune disease such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis?

Does hypothyroidism and interstitial cystitis have any connection? Are they caused by an autoimmune disorder?

Does isoniazid causes hematologic dysfunction?

Does moderately severe cryofibrinogenemia always include cutaneous vasculitis, or can a person have only the internal vascular manifestations?

Does pregnancy trigger endocrine diseases?

Does scleroderma or lupus cause only urethral syndrome (no infection) and nothing else?

Does sjogrens syndrome come in flares like lupus? What is easier to control-lupus that affects organs or sjogrens that affects organs ?

Does someone with celiac's and autoimmune hepatitis have problems with their monthly periods?

Does the herb kalawalla (polypodium leucotamos) actually work for autoimmune disorders?

Ebv positive triggered autoimmune disease i could feel excruciating pain my immune system attacking my nerves directly?

Female 35, can gastroparesis be caused by an autoimmune disease?

For many years now, I have been suffering from connective tissure disorder. I had a lupus panel twice but it was never confirmed.What could be my prob?

Genetic causes- splenomegaly, fatty liver, seizures, fatigue, psychosis and ataxia? Neg. For np a/b/c, lupus, wilson's and ashkenazi diseases

Had stroke heart attack seizures trmors liver damage and now auto immune hypothyroidis this lupus?

Has anyone heard of a person who has scleritis and auto immune problems.?

Has it really been shown that fibromyalgia leads to lupus?

Has there been any suggested correlation between mesh bladder slings and development of autoimmune disease?

Has you ever heard of crmo, its an auto immune disease?

Hashimotos disease. Is there a virus that triggers / causes it?

Have high ige(no symptoms) but have hashimotos whih is an autoimmune dise. What help can I seek from an immonologist to address the autoimmune condit?

Have lupus & have since developed POTS syndrome despite stable labs. Do antibodies affect autonomic nerves? Can this occur in controlled lupus?

Have mixed connective tissue disease and whenever I have a flare, my SVT flares up as well. Why would my auto immune disease affect my SVT? Thanks

Having autoimmune is it form of cancer?

Hello, Is there a known connection between Graviola supplements and autoimmune diseases?

Help me, 59yrf-dercum's disease, lymphedema, ans disorder, heart disease- mi x3, 10+herniated discs, autoimmunity, gastroparesis, duodenitis w nodule?

Hi .What is lupus disease? Is it dangerous? How can we fight it and is there a way to recover from it?

How are the symptoms different from lupus and juvenile idiopathic arthritis? What would clue the dr on testing one disease over the other?

How can chikungunya infection complicate pre exisiting lupus, over -active thyroid and coronary arythmia?

How can I get reactive hypoglycemia under control with having addison's disease? Can it be brought on by steroids?

How can lupus/undiff connective tissue disease affect the cerebral spinal fluid & cause CNS symptoms? My md thinks it's causing my neuro symptoms

How do autoimmune conditions develop in the first place?

How do I find other people with leukocytoclastic vasculitis?

How do you know the difference between an acute, chronic, or immune related disease?

How does cfs relate to other illnesses such as fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivities, gulf war syndrome, neurally mediated hypotension, Lyme disease, and candida?

How does having an autoimmune disease put you more at risk for the flu?

How effective is a cytokine panel in determining whether you have an autoimmune disease like lupus?

How effective is turmeric in helping fight inflammation from lupus ; how about alpha lipoic acid for lupus neuropathy?

How is drug/alcohol-induced myocardtitis (i.E. Non-viral and non-autoimmune) treated? What's the danger in misdiagnosing it as pericarditis?

How is humoral immune deficiency diagnosed? What are the implications and treatments?

How is mitochondrial deficiency, gi, and hashimotos relate? Which appears first possibly creating or exacerbating the others?

How is the ability to attack phospholipids associated with illness?

How likely is it that i could have inherited an auto immune disease from my family?

How long does a neonatal auto-immune disease last for?

How much vitamin D3 should be given to individuals afflicted with an autoimmune disease?

How often does IgA deficiency progress to cvid? I was tested at 26 and don't have cvid. Is it likely to turn into cvid?

Hydroxychloroquine used for multiple autoimmune disorders?

Hyper-eosinophilic syndrome; cause unknown. Probably immune related. Alternatives to indefinite steroid treatment?

I already have GPA vasculitis, what are my chances of getting any other type of vasculitis even when I'm immune suppressed? Thanks

I am a paatient of auto immune hemolitic anemea( aiha) on and off steroids for the past seven years need help?

I am complement deficient without an autoimmune disorder. what is making me sick?

I am healthy BMI but have PCOS (no cysts) and other autoimmune issues (alopecia universalis, psoriasis). Are inflammatory/diet factors possible?

I am not diabetic but have been diagnosed with necrobiosis lipoidica...Can this be connected to sarcoidosis (which i have)?

I am wondering which autoimmune illnesses can cause costochondritis?

I believe that I have lupus but the doctors that I have seen are hesitant to diagnose it. I have auto immune hemolytic anemia and auto immune thrombocetapenia. What shouldi do?

I do not know what it is exactly, all i know is its autoimmune) how much does medication help?

I had a full hysterectomy and now PCOS. I have amyopathic dermatomyositis and read PCOS causes inflammation. Is there a link why I have this disease?

I had glandular fever and it has now developed into a serious autoimmune disease. What are my options?

I had posterior uveitis 5 years ago and was told that it's an autoimmune disorder. Then 2 years ago I developed dysphagia. Are both of these related?

I have 2 autoimmune disorders (vitiligo & hypothyroidism) with long fam history of autoimmunes. Should i be worried about my kids or have them tested?

I have 4 auto immune diseases. Fibromialgia, candida, hashimotoes, lupus. Where can I go for help?

I have a disease livedoid vasculitis since last 6 years, what is the recovery time for it ?

I have a immun disease known as itp . Right now I have it over 15 years and i really want to know if myn disease ever can been cured? (completely)

I have alopecia areata, an auto immune disease, does this mean its harder for me to get well from sickness?

I have an IgG subclass 3 deficiency. What diseases/disorders are associated with this? Are you more likely to acquire certain diseases/disorders?

I have an unspecified autoimmune disease. How long should I give my rheumatologist to give me anactual diagnosis before seeing another doctor?