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+p/qcalcium channel antibody. Possible lambert eaton syndrome doc thinks. No malignancy. Being treated w/ ivig & starting rituxan (rituximab). ? What is this etc.

27yo.Cholecystectomy due to vasculitis. Papillary carcinoma due to hashimoto. Diagnosed w/autoimmune suppressor inactive. Told me avoid stress. True?

A relative has sarcoidosis. How can I help?

Ana positive low c3c and 4 no symptoms of auto immune could my fatry liver ve auto immune hepatitis?

Any recent news on treatment for subacute granulomatous thyroiditis?

Are all rheumatic diseases auto immune disease s or is there a difference in the 2. If there different what is the difference clinically?

Are allergies/asthma related to autoimmune disease! since both are a an over reaction of the immune system?

Are elevated tissue transglutaminase antibodies a possible reason for sneddons syndrome because of their effect on thrombin and the endothelia lining?

Are palmar erythema and telangiectasia related conditions? What can cause them? Immune system dysfunction?

Are people with pidd likely to also have autoimmune disorders? Can you have something like cvid and also lupus?

Are RA patients more prone to intestinal problems?

Are sarcoidosis and depression related?

Are schmorles nodes linked to auto immune diseases?

Are stress hormones more easily triggered when you have an autoimmune disease?

Are there any "at home" treatments or recommendations for addison's and graves disease? I also have other auto immune disorders.

Are there any auto immune diseases that would cause low estrogen?

Are there any doctors that specialize in rare skin disorders as well as chronic mononucleosis?

Are there any links between connective tissue diseases, aggressive osteoarthritis, food allergies, asthma or allergies? Which could be related?

Are there any organ specific antibodies associated with vasculitis/arteritis that can be found in blood when active inflammation is not present?

Are there certain autoimmune conditions that are associated with a high ANA titre (1:2560) more so than others? Like lupus?

Are you more likely to contract MRSA and c-dif if you have an autoimmune disease?

Arthralgia symptoms after immune complex reaction. How can it still be after 6 months?

Arthralgia symptoms after immune complex reaction. How could it be after 6 months?

Aside from thyroid dysfunction, what underlying diseases are associated with granuloma annulare?

Autoimmune disease: why does your body attack itself and does this have any impact on previous health conditions someone had before or is it genetic?

Autoimmune disorder and recurrent miscarriagesis there a link ?

Autoimmune hepatitis--i never heard of this?

Being tested for auto immune conditions, what possible environmental factors can cause RA or lupus ?

Beta 2 microglobulin 2.21h. Which auto immune disorder "names" specifically affect b2m?

Born at 26 weeks, 2 relaspses of MRSA infections, NEC, chronic lung disease, does my child have a immune inefficiency or disorder?

Can a brain metabolism disorder cause autoimmune reactions/diseases ?

Can a flu shot cause any type of long term illnesses or autoimmune diseases?

Can a lupus patient get another autoimmune disease? 

Can a major illness trigger lupus to develop in a person?

Can a titanium nail implant in collcarbone cause an autoimmune response and cause antibodies which could cause an illness? Have POTS and EDS.

Can aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides really cure autoimmune disorders? Need expert opinions!

Can amyloidosis be driven into remission?

Can an allergist/immunologist ever help with chronic inflammatory polyneuropathy? Have seen neuro, but have been told I have IgG deficiency as well.

Can an hs-crp of 8.9 point to cerebral or CNS vasculitis?

Can antiphospholipid syndrome be found in people with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy?

Can anxiety/stress trigger an auto-immune response like gullain barre syndrome against the body ?

Can auto immune vasculitis cause purpura on your neck? If so which type?

Can autoimmune cause a higher succeptibility to infection?

Can autoimmune cells disappear? I do not want to sound paranoid but I see an army doctor and she told me my RA and autoimmune cells disappeared.

Can autoimmune disease rev up the cytokine storm, or does it calm it down due to immune dysfunction?

Can autoimmune diseases e.G mg cause miscarriages? The myasthenia is mild just wondering if my immune system fights against the baby.

Can autoimmune disorders cause premature wrinkles / thinner skin? What kinds of auto immune diseases?

Can autoimmune encephalitis triggered by past infection be insidious unlike acute disseminated encephalomyelitis?

Can autoimmune illnesses I have; Sarcoidosis, Sjogren's, Raynauds & M.E. worsen Chronic Pelvic Neuropathic Pain? If so, how?

Can autoimmune or dysautonomia cause muscle fasciculations? I have unknown autoimmune diseasedont know which oneand p.O.T.S and get these all the time

Can celiac disease cause erosive osteoarthritis? I have had control of my celiac dz for 30 yrs with very few reactions. Reactions are worse the older

Can chikungunya trigger lupus or heightened inflammatory factors that look like lupus?

Can chronic EBV flares cause auto-immune like symptoms?

Can chronic exposure to toxins cause mctd? Two of us that worked together have mctd, cvid, autonomic disorders ..

Can chronic viral infections cause low complement C3 levels? If so, which chronic viruses do this?

Can degenerative disc disease, endometriosis, migraines, and colon condition all be due to food sensitiv.'s and/or underlying auto immune disease @46?

Can depression lead to the disease itp?

Can dermatomyositis be prevented?

Can EBV cause a autoimmune reaction?

Can having an autoimmune disorder make a person more susceptible to developing another autoimmune disorder?

Can having autoimmune disease decrease one's chances of fighting off infections?

Can having many allergies be a sign of an autoimmune disorder?

Can hepatitis b vaccine give you rheumatic autoimmune diseases such as polyartheritis nodosa because my sister started getting symptoms shortly after?

Can hepatitis b, tb, or other vaccination stimulate latent psoriasis or any other autoimmune disease that runs in the family?

Can hypothalamus damage/autoimmunity cause: cold/heat intolerance, no fever response, and dysesthesias? How would you test for damage/antibodies?

Can I still get my IVF with an auto immune disorder?

Can i take amoxicillin with an autoimmune disease?

Can immunosuppressants actually make autoimmune diseases worse?

Can inflammation from autoimmune disorder cause dysautonomia? If so, if you treat the inflammation, the dysautonoma symptoms settle down?

Can Intravenous Immunoglobulin or IVIG really cure Neuropathy and neuromuscular disorders?

Can Lyme disease cause multiple chemical sensitivities, mold illness, new food allergies etc? Can autoimmune diseases cause those as well?

Can masturbation lead to autoimmune diseases like lupus or multiple sclerosis?

Can menopause trigger autoimmune disorders? I was diagnosed with both psoriatic arthritis and celiac disease at 51.

Can my undifferentiated connective tissue disease be generated by my fathers severe exposure to agent orange? He has type 2 diabetes due to exposure.

Can nucleolar pattern be associated with Hashimoto's or something other than scleroderma?

Can one autoimmune disease increase the likelihood of another one?

Can one say that atherosclerosis is an autoimmune problem?

Can parasitic schistosoma treat immune and blood disorders?

Can psoriasis cause random inflammation where ever it "wants"? Or are there specific immune related diseases that cause random benign inflammation?

Can rheumatoid disease cause me to be off balance, or could it be the medications?

Can SIRS (systemic inflammatory response syndrome) be an underlying cause of delirium or be otherwise associated with delirium?

Can Sjögren's syndrome or any autoimmune illness be treated with IV infusions ?

Can systemic inflammatory response syndrome in a 5 year old with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis cause macrophage activation syndrome?

Can taking probiotics boost any latent autoimmune disease like psoriasis or PsA running in the family?

Can there be evidence that pregnancy causes the mother to develop an autoimmune disease?

Can untreated Celiac disease cause Immune Reconstruction Syndrome? I have bad allergic symptoms without Montelukast. Untreated Celiac disease too.

Can vaccines cause autoimmune disorders? Can vaccines cause autoimmune disorders?

Can vitamin B6 really help with inflammation in known autoimmune diseases like lupus?

Can you have a normal complete blood count in autoimmune liver and/or autoimmune kidney disorders/diseases?

Can you have more then 3 autoimmune diseases at once? Eg: hashimotos itp, celiac? The more you have, are you at a higher risk to acquire even more?

Can you please discuss the immune response against Lyme disease?

Can you tell me about infectious diseases, seizures, psychosis, infertility?

Can you tell me about subclavin steel syndrome's or unknown lung disease caused by immune system turning on you?

Can you tell me about the link of addison's disease and dermatomyositis? I've been tapering for months from 10mg of prednisone and am now down to 5mg.

Can you tell me how is this disease pathogen move from 'host to host' also how do the hosts respond to the disease in terms of the immune response?

Can you tell me if basal salt cause disease or illness?

Can you tell me if i were to mention immune deficiency, what diseases would you immediately think of?

Can you tell me is kombucha drink related to sarcoidosis disease?

Can you tell me more about a person who has scleritis also having other auto immune problems.?

Can you tell me what are signs of pancreatitis caused by imuran (azathioprine)?