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What are the possible causes of breathlessness in a non smoker if asthma and COPD ruled out?

What are the symptoms for vocal cord dysfunction? I have been told by an allergist I have it because I have chronic shortness of breath.

What are the symptoms of atelectasis please? Existing with bronchiectasis

What are the symptoms of bronchial adenoma?

What are the symptoms of chronic bronchitis with and without lung cancer?

What are the symptoms of lung disease in infants?

What are the symptoms of lungs disease like tb?

What are the symptoms of pulmonary aspiration?

What are the tests to evaluate for, allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (abpa) if one has chronic cough and its suspected to be fungi related ?

What are the two respiratory diseases in the pharynx, trachea and the lungs respectively?

What are three respiratory diseases that cause shorteness of breath?

What are withdrawal symptoms of methotrexate? Dr.Stopping me after devolving chronic bronchitis and mild asthma.

What can cause Air Trapping in the absence of COPD/Asthma?

What can cause chronic bronchitis with normal lung function test and no relation to allergy or infectious disease?

What can cause chronic bronchitis with normal lung function test, no relation to allergy, infectious disease, tobacco and other chemical irritants?

What can I do about hyperinflated lungs due to untreated asthma?

What can I do if I have reactive airway disease?

What can lead to asthma, and is there a cure?

What can you take for the inflammation and pflem from pulmonary fibrosis ?

What causes tracheomalcia to worsen?

What does it mean to have a whooping cough? Is this a lung problem?

What is Air Trapping? Is it always related to Asthma/COPD, or can it be harmless/anxiety related?

What is another name for acute upper airway obstruction? How is this treated?

What is another name for an acute upper airway obstruction?

What is meant by double bronchial pneumonia?

What is minimal airway disease and what all causes it?


What is reactive airway disease?

What is reactive airways? How can it be treated?

What is respiratory disease? Is that the lungs only, or includes the nose and throat?

What is respiratory sarcoidosis?

What is the destruction of alveoli due to age or by respiratory irritants is called?

What is the difference between airway disease and asthma?

What is the difference between chronic airway obstuction and copd?

What is the difference between coughing with respiratory and coughing with cardiovascular diseases?

What is the difference between hyperactive airway disease and asthma? I'm confirmed to have both by pcp & pulmonary dr but i don't take any meds.

What is the difference between the 2 types of COPD(chronic bronchitis and emphysema)? And which is worse?

What is the difference between tuberculosis and bronchitis. (symptoms)?

What is the difference in symptoms between asthma and chronic bronchitis?

What is the etiology & pathology of asthma?

What is the main difference between COPD and chronic airway obstruction?

What is the main manifestations of sputum for all respiratory diseases ?

What is the physiologic difference between asthma, copd, emphysema and bronchitis? How to identify each as an emt? How are they treated?

What is the relation between acute bronchitis and smoking?

What is the relationship between reactive airway disease and pneumonia?

What is the respiratory disease that results in a closing of the bronchiole passages?

What is the risk of measles for someone with chronic asthma or copd?

What is uars (upper airway resistance syndrome)? Is it caused by allergies?

What lung disease cause clubbing nails and can it be a sign of respiratory acidosis?

What respiratory disease is "barrel chest" often indicative?

What respiratory disease is considered a long-term effect of air pollution on us?

What should I do for herpes, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, accumulation of phlegm, cerebral palsy, sciatica and lumbago?

What symptoms mean that my child has reactive airways disease?

What type of lung disease or problems can indoor mold cause?

What would happen to me if i smoke weed while having mild acute bronchitis?

What's acute vs regular bronchitis?

What's the differance in bronchiectasis vs asthma COPD emphasima. What there similarities between the other disease's. I can't stop coughing at night?

What's the difference between COPD and asthma. Could COPD be mistaken for asthma. Non smoker and non drinker but asthma not settled still after 3months since being diagnosed?

What's the difference between COPD and chronic airway obstruction?

What's the respiratory disease that results in a closing of the bronchiole passageways?

What's the youngest you can have copd?? I'm 26 and worried I may have it, I may just also have the after effects of chronic bronchitis. (I smoke.)

What's to be done about bronchitis caused by smoking?

What's worse, primary ciliary dyskinesia (pcd) or asthma?

Whate is the causes of the chronic venuos congestion in lung?

Whats the difference between chronic bronchitis and emphysema outcome?

Whats the difference between COPD and chronic airway obstruction?

Whats the difference between having chronic bronchitis and emphysema?

When someone has active wheezing from asthma are their lung funtion lower than their normal?

Which kind of doctor should I see for asthma/respiratory issues?

Why are emphysema patients more prone to infections such as bronchitis?

Why are emphysema patients more prone to pulmonary infectionsand bronchitis?

Why blood is seen in sputum or in cough in the case of bronchiectasis?

Why do patients with chronic bronchitis develop hypercapnia?

Why do people sigh? Is sighing a symptom of lung disease?

Why do people with a lung infection cough a lot?

Why do people with chronic bronchitis have a higher than normal rate of respiratory infections?

Why do we consider emphysema as a chronic obstructive airway diseasesince there is no obstruction occurring ?

Why is bronchiectasis caused by smoking?

Will someone with chronic bronchitis be more likely to have problems with acidosis or alkalosis?

With chronic bronchitis or copd, what is the color & texture is the mucous or secretions from the lungs ?

Would lung reduction surgery help someone with bronchitis cough less?

Would pneumonia cause an increased alpha 1 antitripsin acute phase reaction?