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I am an adult with reactive airways disease. Will this get worse with time?

I am diagnosed with bronchitis or inflamed lungs every 2 months. I am always tired and catch ill easily. Non smoker, no asthma, no allergy. Normal?

I am immuno-compromised, am I more likely to get pulmonary aspergillosis?

I get bronchitis every year, at least twice a year. Do I have chronic bronchitis?

I got diagnosed with reactive airway disease is there any chance I could develop copd?

I had a pulmonary embolism bilateral and pleurisy. I have general allergies. Is it possible that I am more susceptible to negative reactions to mold?

I had respiratory failure (cyanosis) during general anaesthetic.The doctor thinks it was anaphylaxis. I am now diagnosed with both COPD stage 2 and asthma.Were these conditions the more likely cause?

I hav, haemophilius influenza bacterial infection in lungs and bronchiectasis, recurrent lung infection with difficulty breathing. I am non smoker. ?

I have a severe lung condition, but I also have asthma, bronchitis, and the most severe case of sinus polyps he has ever seen but is taking his time t?

I have antisynthetase syndrome and associated ild. 3 months ago pft was ok (not worsen), i dry cough more often lately. Should i see apulmonologist?

I have asthma and infection in my lungs. Please tell me how to manage my condition.

I have asthma i usually have itchy lungs does that mean i'm about to have an a attack?

I have been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy , bbb, copd, chronic bronchitis and glaucoma, all symptoms effect my life should I seek disability?

I have bronchitis obliternas and i'm due for a lung transplant soon. Will my voice still change because of my illness?

I have developed a chronic cough. I am 41 and a smoker. Could this be an early sign of copd?

I have frequent wheezing and bronchitis, but pulmonary function testing is always normal. Does that sound like asthma despite normal testing?:

I have had 5 colds in the space of 6 months, 3 chest infections and asthma. I have coeliac disease. Is this why I'm picking up everything?

I have had an acute bout of sinusitis and bronchitis, and major coughing and wheezing still (asthma?). This has affected my ear. Can i fly in 3 days?

I have had bad allergies). or does it sound like it could be COPD or lung cancer or something?

I have just been to my doctor and was told i have early stage chronic bronchitis,i also have asthma,is it wise to go to work?

I have lived with parrots for six years. Would I have already had hypersensitivity pneumonitis symptoms if I am susceptible to bird fancier's lung?

I have reactive airway disease and not asthma. What is the difference?

I have reactive airway disease-- could that be causing this deep wheeze coming from throat to stomach?

I have severe asthma 42% lung function. I'm coming down with a respiratory infection. Should i be hospitalized?

I have severe COPD and was hospitalised a few days ago with a chest infection. Is the end near?

I have small airway disease, not asthma, which means I have problems getting air out of my lungs. Is this restrictive or obstructive? The doctor didn't put me on any treatment.

I is it possible to have pain in the bronchioles or bronchii?

I often get mild allergies and post nasal drip into my lungs as a result. Can the constant and chronic phlegm in lungs lead to asthma over time?

I suffer with turbinate swelling and chronic nose,and throat issues, could this be caused as a secondary consequence of bronchiectasis? or asthma?

I was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. What is it? I haven't smoked in 6 years.

I was just diagnosed with restrictive lung disease, I have sob , tiredness and cough, at what stage of this affliction do these symptoms occur?

I was told by my lung specialist I have emphysema like changes and chronic asthma what does the emphysema like changes mean?

I've been diagnosed with both chronic bronchitis and asthma and was wondering what the early signs of COPD are? My asthma has been gradually worsening

I've being sent to a pulmonologist due to uncontrolled asthma and returning upper respiratory infections and asthmatic bronchitis. What should I expect?

I've had bronchitis for about two weeks now and would like to know the difference between acute and chronic bronchitis? I'm a smoker but quit before

If a laryngomalacia stridor reappears in a 1 year old is a bad prognosis?

If I have asthma, does that mean that my lung health is very bad?

If no other diseases are present, how fatal is it for a 58-year-old woman to have a combination of asthma and acute bronchitis at the same time?

If no other diseases are present, how fatal is it for a 58-year-old woman to have a combination of asthma and acute bronchitis at the same time?

If no other diseases are present, is it fatal for a 58-year-old woman to have a combination of asthma and acute bronchitis at the same time?

If you have asthma and are prone to frequent sinus infections, is this linked to the low lung capacity of 80% that I have? Facial sweat too?

Immuno compromised (cellcept) o2 of 92. Crackling when breathing & deep cough no fever.Should i still worry about pneumonia? Have sarcoidosis in lungs

Is 82% spirometry, being an ex smoker, a sign of copd?

Is a basement apartment bad for an infant with chronic lung disease?

Is a bronchospasm possible in someone without asthma or a respiratory disease? A single cough sets me off, and not even a forceful one!

Is a flu shot mandatory if I have chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (copd)?

Is a thickening of the bronchial tubes likely to be considered as symptoms of early tuberculosis?

Is an allergy a respiratory disease?

Is an inhaler commonly given to patients with acute bronchitis?

Is asthma a respiratory disease?

Is asthma related to getting chronic bronchitis?

Is bronchiectusas serious?

Is bronchitis considered an upper respiratory disease?

Is chronic bronchitis contagious? My uncle has chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Can i catch bronchitis from him? .

Is chronic obstruction airways disease a progressive illness?

Is COPD worse than enphazyma?

Is coughing up blood normal for a patient with chronic bronchitis?

Is having pain in the lung typical of copd?

Is infection due to mumps causing obstructive or bonds obstructive azoospermia?

Is it chronic bronchitis can lead to rvh or vice versa

Is it founded that those with respiratory disorders such as asthma are more susceptible to uri's and pneumonia?

Is it possible for COPD to occur in only one lung?

Is it possible for meconium aspiration syndrome to cause asthma?

Is it possible for you to reverse hyperinflated lungs caused by asthma?

Is it possible to have aymptomatic asthma?

Is it true that air pollutionis the leading cause of respiratory disease?

Is it true that people with chronic bronchitis shouldn't breathe 100% oxygen?

Is late night coughing a lung or allergy problem?

Is small airway disease showing obstruction in the small airways the same as copd, asthma or something else? Prognosis?

Is the hypoxemia related to pneumonia ? that's all , thank you

Is there a convection between lupus and reactive airway disease that does not respond to inhalers?

Is there a test to confirm if chronic cough is due to Asthma or not?

Is there association between asthma, bronchitis, chronic sinusitis, respiratory tract infection and pulmonary hypertension?can they affect each other?

Is there association between asthma, bronchitis, chronic sinusitis, respiratory tract infection and pulmonary hypertension?can they affect each other?

Is this serious? My baby's on ventilator developed condition called bronchial malasia/bronchomalacia. What is this?

Is tracheitis and COPD dangerous together?

Just diagnosed with mild COPD i also have a 5.2cm bullae I have become more out of breath. Is this more likely due to the bullae rather than mild COPD

Lung infection with sever asthma?

Lung medication leads to lot of cough.Pllzz help?

Minimal airway obstruction is present suggesting small airway disease..what is this?

My 10 year old girl has chronic bronchitis ...What to give her ...Is it dangerous?

My 2-year-old son was diagnosed with reactive airway disease. Is this just another term for asthma?

My baby has recurrent croup. (9 bouts in 4 months) doc has also mentioned reactive airway. On albuterol. Could g.I. Problems cause this? What else?

My doc thinks the methotrexate i was on caused the bronchitis that caused the asthma. Is that true? Are my breathing problems permanent?

My mom has just been diagnosed with chronic airway obstruction. What is this from--smoking?

My mom was just been diagnosed with chronic airway obstruction. What does this mean?

My son has reactive airway disease and has a fever of 103.4 could the two be.Linked?

Over time can seretide cause lung problems?

Please tell me if there is a specific term for being prone to lung diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis?

Please tell me if there is any relation between lungs infection and hyper acidity?

Pls can u advice what is an allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis? And what test are required to diagnose if one's lung condition is caused by this?

Recently treated for pnuemonia for 4 weeks and still having bronchiospams. What might be the best treatment now! Lungs are clear no asthma hx?

Respiratory infection or asthma, what's the difference?

Undiagnosed asthma can cause multiple infections in the lungs. True?

Wha bacteria produces a yellow green sputum in a COPD patient and/or exacerbate chronic bronchitis?

What are common symptoms of meconium aspiration?

What are the consequences of pulmonary eosinophilia in a child?

What are the different symptoms from mesothelioma and emphysema?

What are the final symptoms of copd-emphysema?

What are the negative effects of breathing sawdust? Lung Cancer and mesothelioma? Copd? Or just temporary irritation(cough, shortness of breath, etc)?