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how could i have a healthy lungs? is there really no cure for asthma?

27 years old with hyperinflated lungs? I have had chronic anxiety and stress and am wondering if this could have caused it or is it asthma or copd?

4 mo. ago had a virus and bronchitis. Since then have had a crackle in lungs and recurrent URI's. No prior lung issues and a non-smoker. Why is this?

Are asthma deaths generally preventable? I have asthma plus bronchitis (acute) and I'm worried bc still wheezing on roids etc.

Are bloody sputums the symptoms of lung disease or bronchitis?

Are the elderly with COPD & pulmonary hypertension & clot in the leg prone to cough? How can cough be avoided?

Are there herbal supplements that can treat a pulmonary aspergillosis lung infection?

Are there home remedies that can treat a pulmonary aspergillosis lung infection?

Are there lung or breathing problems associated with graves disease?

Are there other types of ways of dying from airway obstruction?

Assuming that no other diseases are present, how fatal is it to have a combination of asthma and acute bronchitis at the same time?

Asthma 3 months after pneumonia. Symptoms of hyperinflated lungs and hyperventilation syndrome. I know i need to see my dr, but what can I do for now?

Asthmatic. Seem to have more lung/chest pain with exacerbations/bronchitis than before. Is this a sign of progression to COPD or worsened disease?

Bronchiole infection and bronchitis. What are differences?

Can severe and long term acid reflux lead to pulmonary fibrosis?

Can a baby with a vsd develop chronic lung disease from it?

Can acute bronchitis be attributed to smoking?

Can acute bronchits cause scarring in the lungs? Please reply me..

Can acute urticaria cause you to have lung spots?

Can air trapping be caused by asthma or is it always associated with smoking/copd??

Can allergic pulmonary aspergillosis relapse?

Can allergies to mold or cigarette smoke cause a reoccurrence of pleurisy? I has a bilateral pe and pleurisy.

Can bronchial spasms be contagious?

Can bronchitis cause impotence?

Can chest infections and asthma be related?

Can excessive coughing cause emphysema to worsen?

Can having broken ribs lead to respiratory failure from asthma?

Can I have normal PFTs and good peak flows with chronic bronchitis?

Can I still have lung surgery if my bronchitis is flaring up?

Can mucociliary dysfunction be repaired or restored in chronic upper airway issues, and people with bronchiectasis? if so, how please? thanks

Can pnd cause acute bronchitis or bronchitis like symptoms? I read that it can drip down into your bronchial tubes resulting in this.

Can recurrent pneumonia lead to lung disease in the future?

Can smoking worsen the symptoms of a lung infection?

Can steady exposure to carbon monoxide cause respiratory problems like emphysema, copd, asthma?

Can the wheezing due to asthma lead to throwing up?

Can there be any correlation between chronic coughing/bronchitis and esophageal strictures?

Can UCTD with elements of lupus/sjogrens cause chronic post nasal drip leading to vocal chord dysfunction?

Can vaping around a child cause reactive airway disease or asthma ?

Can you get blue skin as a symptom of pulmonary aspergillosis? What are the other symptoms?

Can you please explain why asthma is an obstructive respiratory defect?

Can you please tell me what exactly is COPD the disease and how is it different to asthma?

Can you please tell me, should a beginning smoker develop bronchitis or emphysema first?

Can you tell me about copd, pneumonia and pseudemonous infections on life support ?

Can you tell me the major signs and differences between lung cancer vs other benign illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, or an infection?

Chronic bronchitis emphysema and lung cancer can be caused by?

Chronic pansinusitits, otitis, bronchitis in 3 year old. Cf, IG def., obstruction, pcd, asthma ruled out. No smoke. Recurrent high fevers (105-107) .

Clarification: Not currently symptomatic but diagnosis w/viral induced asthma in past. Am I at increased risk for aspergillosis having viral induced asthma?

Copd with chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Is it possible to treat this?

Copd, I have been diagnosed with COPD and it was attributed to my smoking over 20 years ago. I thought your lungs recovered over time?

Could a chronic cough be one of the biggest symptoms in someone with lupus? Even with a clear chest x-ray?

Could COPD be caused by an early childhood deformity in the lungs?

Could dairy affect respiratory function in people with respiratory diseases like pulmonary fibrosis?

Could I have a lung tumor if chronic cough?

Could meconium aspiration syndrome cause asthma?

Could tea have any beneficial effects on COPD emphysema chronic bronchitis sufferers?

Diagnosed 10yr ago with asthma, COPD and sarcoid. All recent test results now say only sarcoid. Can asthma and COPD disappear?

Diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, constant dry cough and dysnea, high pulmonary blood pressure, but my lung function tests are normal. Why?

Diagnosed with small airway disease. Born 27.5 weeks, on vent and pneumonia and pulmonary edema as baby. Had pft. Chronic coug. Tightness in chest when not on inhaler. Nonsmoker. What does this mean?

Difference between pheonima and bronchitis?

Diseases of respiratory system that can be predicted by colour of sputum ?

Do people with lung damage from asthma/repeated bronchitis ever need lung transplants? If so, are they cured of asthma? How bad can lung damage get?

Do people with pulmonary fibrosis cough up blood occasionally?

Do you know if pneumonitis can lead to ptb?

Do you know is turmeric useful when having a lung infection with asthma?

Do you know is wheeze just smoking related or sign of chest infection?

Do you know of any air purifiers that you would recommend to prevent pneumonia and other related lung issues?

Doc says I've chronic bronchitis but I have no cough or sputum production my full pred.Value spirometry was 83% could it be late onset asthma ?

Doctor says I don't have inflammation but have been on inhaled corticosteroids for 5 years b/c of lung/pulmonary test. can this still be asthma?

Does bad air affect respiratory function in people with diseases like asthma or pulmonary fibrosis?

Does everyone who inhales ldb into the lungs develop legionnaires' disease?

Does having chronic turbinate hypertrophy cause lungs problem if not treated for long time due to difficulty in breathing?

Dx with infolding of arytenoids upon inhalation. Worsening Winded/wheezing. Could this be related to undifferentiated connective disease?

Explain the dyspnea in patients with viral pneumonia, where the alveoli is not filled with exudates?

Extreme short of breath. My pulmonary doctor first diagnosed as asthma, then after more tests, says I have copd. How do I know it's not lung cancer?

Father suffering from pulmonary fibrosis having cough and short breathing during cough. Is there any medication for pulmonary fibros.

Hello doctor , why HP (Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis)less in smoker than non smokers ?

Help! need to know if there's a specific term for being prone to lung diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis?

How can black mold effect someone who has asthma or other lung diseases?

How can catarrh be treated if I am a nonsmoker?

How can I find whether is bronchi or pneumonia?

How do I know if I have undetected airway obstruction?

How do you get chronic obstructive airways disease?

How do you tell the difference between cystic fibrosis symptoms and asthma symptoms in a toddler?

How does bronchitis affect the lungs?

How does bronchitis affect the lungs?

How does bronchitis develop?

How is COPD confirmed? I'm 27, have asthma, have smoked in the past, and after a bad chest infection 5 months ago my lungs have still not recovered.

How is reactive airways disease diagnosed?

How likely is it, that i still have asthma, when my peakflow are normal? Is it possible to have significant inflammation in lungs with normal peakflow

How long does severe hypoxia associated with asthma last?

How many times a day i need physiotherapy for bronchiectasis and how many times each day should I do postural drainage pls?

How often chronic cough results from heart disease especially if your lungs are okay?

How often do I need breathing treatments for COPD spasms?

How often will I need a breathing treatment for COPD spasms?

How to know what is another name for acute upper airway obstruction?

How will breathing through a straw simulate chronic lung disease caused by smoking?

How would breathing through a straw simulate chronic lung disease caused by smoking?

How would you treat a patient with possible chronic respiratory disease who present with 1 day hx congestion,clear sputum, afebrile, no SOB, or rales?

I am 63 years old and just been diagnosed with COPD due to acid reflux. My husband has been exposed to whooping cough. What should I do now?

I am an 18 yr old girl with a chronic cough. Is it possible that I have copd?