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After asthma attack, how long does the wheezing continue?

After chest X-ray diagnosed acute bronchitis ant+inhaler given 3 days still out of breath , fever, normal? Pneumonia? No smoker or asthma.

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Can you tell me can I have asthma but nobody else in my family does?

Can you tell me how could I have bronchospasnm but be told i don't have asma?

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Can you tell me in patient with status asthmaticus, what is the cause of inspiratory wheezing?

Can you tell me is B6 good for asthma?

Can you tell me is it possible asthma with no wheezing or is it still early?

Can you tell me what are signs of asthma?

Coughing for months. Dr said either asthma or allergy/environment. Been on flovent inhaler for 4 wks, cough still present. Would this rule out asthma?

Could a doctor tell you have asthma just from a checkup?

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Differences of asthma & bronchitis?

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Do you recommend a bronchoscopy for asthma patients?

Docs, could a doctor tell you have asthma just from a checkup?

Doctor just told me I have bronchial asthma.Got ventolin+seretide.I'm 40 years old, never had asthma before. Is this a life long condition for me now?

Does a normal spirometry rule out asthma?

Does anything bad happen if someone uses an asthma inhaler for a cold, but didn't have asthma symptoms then?

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Does hyperventilating cause bronchoconstriction in non asthmatics?

Dr says cough is either allergies or asthma. Been on Flovent inhaler for 6 wks and cough still present. No other symptoms. Does this rule out asthma?

Had bronchitis or pneumonia for much of last 18 months. Cough up sputum everyday. Wheezing fatigue shortness of breath. COPD or late onset asthma?

Have been on prednisone and now have a wheeze when I breathe... is this related?

He could have whooping cough, asthma, chronic cough, allergies, croup. I am so confused. How do I tell the difference?

Help please! is asthma just asthma; or is there a big difference between bronichial asthma & asthma?

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How are bronchitis and asthma different?

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How can I have bronchospasnm but be told i don't have asma?

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How can you treat bronchial asthma?

How come breathing in during inspiration is not affected by bronchoconstriction (asthma/copd)?

How come I have bronchial asthma, but nobody else in the family has it?

How come i wheeze when i don't have asthma?

How come i wheeze when i don't have asthma?

How do doctors treat a patient with both asthma and SVT with daily symptoms of chronic coughing and wheezing?

How do I know if I have asthma (important)?

How do I know if I have asthma if i just have asthma symptoms?

How do I know if I have bronchitis, candida of the bronchil tubes, asthma, or acid reflux?

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How is cough variant asthma diagnosed?

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How to determine when you have asthma?

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How to tell when a cough is provoked by the use of Pulmicort or by asthma?

How you can tell if a new cough is caused by Pulmicort or by worsening asthma?