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All my brothers are asthmatic, and I may have mild asthma. If it is not certain whether I have asthma, is it dangerous for me to use a rescue inhaler?

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Can be my asthma preventer too week ? I'm on clenil modulite , is there more powerful preventers?

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Can beclovent (beclomethasone) be used to stop an asthma attack?

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Do i need to add maintenance and rescue steroids to singulair (montelukast) if i've never had an acute asthma attack but have uncomfortable breathing on exertion?

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Does anticholinergic or antihistamine alone relieve bronchoconstriction in asthma? Will doctors prescribe one or another or both with beta 2 agonist?

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Emphysema what should I know about newer inhalers and other medicines for this.I've been on the same meds for years now.Could you please help me?

For cat related asthma are there any treatments beyond bronchodilators or steroids?

For how many months should a child take dry powder inhaler with singular to treat asthma attack where she is suffering from olive pollen allergy ?

For how many months should be continued the medications for asthma attack?

Given spiriva but I have not been diagnosed with copd?

Have not been taking preventer, exercise induced asthma attack this morning, no blue inhaler with me at time, Ok now, should I do anything?

Hello so if I have asthma I shouldn't take this at all or is it okay?

Help can cocaine treat or cause asthma?

Hi Doctor,I am mohan (Age 28/M). I am suffering from asthma/Wheezing problem. Please suggest any salbutamol inhaler.

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How can I treat asthma?

How can I treat my asthma?

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