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? Over the counter medicine can you take for a cold or allergy's if you have emphysema or chronic bronchitis and heart mummer what over-the-counter med for cold and allergy male 57 emphysema chronic bronchitis and heart mummer can't tak

24 year old severe asthmatic Gasping for breath once every hour. Do i go to urgent care? Already done allergy pills and inhaler

2yr old diagnosed with seasonal (winter) asthma. She's been given a nebuliser which helps loads, but what other things could we do for her to help?

32 with asthma, keep having coughing fits after swallowing food, is it the asthma or something else?

3yr old had 2 severe asthma attacks within 2 weeks. Now can't run without  getting very sob and cough. Has reliever 4hrly what else can I do?

4 mo baby with loud breathing, sometimes wheezy for past 4 weeks & cough sometimes have asthma in family-possible asthma this early?

4 months after a bad chest virus I have severe asthma symptoms. Is there anything i can do besides take medication? When will my lungs reset to normal

43, no asthma, don't smoke. Get Bronchitis every time I get a cold now, 3 times in 1 yr. Why is this happening, & how can I prevent this?

4monthcough keeps getting worse. Pain, shortness of breath On ventolin flovent zyrtec and singulair (montelukast) not helping lungs burn when breathing no smoking?

4yo with peanut & egg allergy & has eczema. He says his chest hurt & itchy & he breath quite loud, is this one of the asthma symptoms?

57 year old healthy male with chronic cough, not asthma, not allergies, no pulmonary cause. Where should he go next? Chronic cough for over 5 years....Been to pulmonologist, allergist, no cause found, no medication has helped. Allergy meds, inhalers, me

7 y/o with ?Asthma and tic disorder, coughing a lot, more at rest than when active (but happens both circumstances). Could the cough be a tic?

After not having any signs of asthma for at least ten years with nothing triggering it or any other symptoms can u randomly have a asthma attack?

Air dust trigger my asthma badly...and all antihistamines makes my breathing can protect my lungs !!!

Allergies to many meds; now chronic cough. I'm 40, never had asthma, but could I have it suddenly now? Drs ask if I have it, but how would i know?

Am I having asthma symptoms if I just cough when i'm mowing the yard?

Anyone have worse asthma after they eat?

Are all asthmatics supposed to a see pulmonologist?

Are people always hospitalized when they have an asthma attack?

Are there any good ways to prevent or stop an asthma attack ?

Are there any home remedies i can try to help soothe my asthma symptoms..Such as wheezing or breathlessnes, other than using my inhaler?

Are there habits that make bronchiolitis more likely?

Are there lifestyle habits I can change to get some asthma relief and reduce my risk of an asthma attack?

Are your lungs being damaged by every asthma attack?

Are your lungs damaged by each asthma attack?

Asthma after pneumonia/bronchitis. 4 months after and now my asthma is out of hand. How am i going to fix this? Lungs feel scared and won't heal.

Asthma and nose alkergy with pregnanct?

Asthma and paint, can it make you vomit?

Asthma attacks in the night help!?

Asthma or COPD - I am not happy with my heart specialist, what do I have?

Asthma or COPD - I am not happy with my heart specialist, what to do?

Asthma patient with bronchitis symptoms. Is bronchitis contagious, and would you assume it best for me to stay home from school?

Asthma symptoms: wheezing coughing hard to breathe. Healthy 21 y/o male, nonsmoker. Not on meds. Have had flareups before, now returning. Nebulizer?

Asthma took over my life and just don't know what to do have >1 asthma attack/day pefr=150-300?

At night i can't breath easily.And I have no asthma.But when i was 5 years old, dr write down I have asthma. I don't know what should I have done!?:(

At what stage of asthma should I call my doctor regarding my asthma attack?

Bad asthma..preventive inhalers don't work at all..flovent and servent actually makes my breathing makes me breath faster .air hunger?

Bad asthma..Why only thing help me breath is ventolin...I tried singular and servent and flovent for many months without good results?

Barking cough untreated by asthma, allergy, and GERD meds. Only prednisone clears it up. It effects my life greatly and no one can fix this. Help!

Been short of breath past two weeks. No asthma, allergies, change in environment. No other symptoms. Thoughts on cause?

Blue inhaler stopped an 'asthma' attack but my pharmacist says bronchiospasms can be caused by stress without having asthma. Is this true?

Breathlessness, is this anxiety or asthma?

Bronciectasis & asthma related chronic cough has made my life a torment, so far inhalors are not stopping this, is there any way to stop cough?

Can a 4yo be tested for asthma?

Can a asthma attack get cured on its own ?

Can a diagnosis of asthma be made even if i never cough. Not even much, when I have a cold.

Can a epi pen help during an asthma attack?

Can a massive heart attack and CHF cause asthma to be worse? Never had a problem before but after this asthma seems to come more often. Any reason?

Can a person who doesn't have asthma, have an acute bronchial attack?

Can a person with asthma have normal chest sounds during asthma attack ?

Can acid reflux give you asthma? If so how can I prevent myself from getting asthma? (assuming I currently don't have asthma )

Can acute bronchitis/asthma trigger shortness of breathe when lying down? I have attacks after i get up from this. Is it sleep apnea?

Can advair cause heart palpitations and arrhythmia's? Is it normal? I'm on 250/50 for an asthma flare up.

Can albuterol worsen the whezzing?

Can antibiotics trigger gallstone attack or can diahrrea trigger an attack?

Can anxiety constrict the airways, even in people who do not have asthma?

Can any doc tell me what's the difference between an asthma attack and anxiety attack?

Can asthma be fatal?

Can asthma be triggered by roaches? I heard that they can trigger asthma attacks?

Can asthma cause anxiety?

Can asthma cause palpitations?

Can asthma develop with age, as in 27 years old and just now showing symptoms? And is Benadryl (diphenhydramine) bad to take if showing symptoms of asthma?

Can asthma or asthma medications give me trouble getting an erection? I've never had this problem till they put me on these meds for asthma? Help

Can bronchitis be prevented from happening?

Can CHF make my asthma worse?

Can cinnamon make asthma symptoms worse?

Can COPD make taccycardia worse?

Can crying trigger asthma attacks in asthmatic infants? My 7mo doesn't sleep on her own and I fear CIO methods due to vomiting and wheezing.

Can CS gas cause an asthma attack for somebody with mild asthma? Atleast the odds of it?

Can dairy aggravate asthma? Every time i consume dairy there is a increase in my need to take my rescue inhaler as well i develop a barking cough

Can diarrhea trigger an asthma attack?

Can doctors tell me what does the hospital do if you go for an asthma attack?

Can GERD trigger asthma like symptoms? Or do you have to have asthma and it just makes it worse? I only seem to have breathing issues duringgerd flare

Can get COPD in the future which is much worse than asthma?

Can humidity make asthma worse?

Can hypothyroidism and Hashimotos make asthma worse? My asthma has been so bad lately, my rescue inhaler doesn't even help for that long.

Can i almost have an asthma attack?

Can I exercise while I have walking pneumonia? I've been on meds and an inhaler for 4 days and the only thing bothering me is a slight cough

Can i get an anxiety, panic attacks and asthma from gastroesophageal reflux disease?

Can i get angioedema from botox? I don't have asthma.

Can i give cpr to another person sence I have COPD & ashma is there. A danger of me having an ashmma attack?

Can i go running if i suffer from bronchospasms?

Can I have an asthma attack even if I am not asthmatic?

Can i possibly suffer from asthma, how can I know?

Can I still become a doctor if I have moderately bad asthma?

Can I still get into the army with very mild asthma?

Can i still remove my asthma now I am already 22 years old?

Can i tell me how i can get an asthma attack overnight?

Can i tell me how i can know if i had an asthma attack?

Can i tell me how i can survive an asthma attack?

Can I unconsciously make myself wheeze? I hear a whistling sound when I exhale in a certain way. Pulmonologist said its anxiety. I have OCD and GAD

Can lisinopril cause asthma attacks?

Can lungs get dependent on daily asthma inhaler? Could I have outgrown my asthma even though i wake up feeling short of breath until i take symbicort (budesonide and formoterol)?

Can musculoskeletal tension, rhinitis, and anxiety cause breathing problems. I had pft which confirmed asthma. I don't take any medications. Should i?

Can my new blanket be causing my asthma attacks?

Can my very severe seasonal allergies aggra ate the injury induced osteoarthritis in my ankle or am i imagining it. Had asthma attack first time today?

Can plants cause asthma attack?

Can poorly controlled asthma turn into COPD even if you never smoked? Only asthma symptom is constant phlegm, hardly wheeze, asthma since 3.

Can roach droppings trigger asthma attack?

Can snorting drugs like cocaine cause or worsen lung conditions like asthma?