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does accutane increase anxiety?

1.5y on anti-deps(now 2 month discontinued)i'm very low at all aspect of mood, not benefits from ssris&snris, next medicine?Im hopelessness from drugs.

2nd acupuncture. More emotional release. Less anxiety. Feel hot and cold at night. Still couldn't sleep well, could this be an adverse effect of it?

3 weeks on 20 mg citalopram. anxiety is significantly reduced, sleep is better but depression increased. Is this common until i get used to med?

63 yr old. Anti pills. Diffuse OA, hypercholesteremia, menopausal, anxiety. Will Marijuana help eliminate simvastatin, effexor, (venlafaxine) arthralgia and anxiety?

A supplement for depression, mood enhancer?

Adhd meds and anxiety? Is there a causal link?

Alprazolam taken for sleep loses it's effectiveness in a few days. But for treating general anxiety and stress. Does it lose effect with time as well?

Although alcohol is a depressent, can it cause paradoxical anxiety during intoxication?

Anti depressants are over prescribed, depression is not always the result of low serotonin, in these people the pills can make them suicidal, true?

Antidepres increased my appet and wg, my depres is ok and not resist, only serta didn't cause sleepiness for me so change not good idea, best regards.

Antidepressant for fiction writer: might wellbutrin (bupropion) be better than ssris because of less emotional flattening and more motivation/drive?

Antidepressants increased my appetite &weight g, depression is ok , but bothering from day sleepiness, how to deal with this side effects?Best regards.

Anxiety really affecting my life. I've also been on a dopamine drug. What do you suggest?

Any causes or effects of both moodiness and sleeping disorders instead of depression?

Any experience/ advice on the use of 5htp for anxiety?

Any suggestions how to cope with stress and anxiety that is affecting my job performance. Use .5 mg ativan (lorazepam) for insomnia & lamictal for mood disorder?

Any thoughts for remedies for hypersensitivity (high sensitivity disorder)? Would something like Prozac (fluoxetine) help with this?

Are kali phos and anacardiam best for depression , memory?

Are mild auditory hallucinations linked to withdrawal from mood disorder medications, serotonin reuptake inhibitors in particular?

Are people with cushing's syndrome ever prescribed antidepressants for the "losing my mind" feeling of hypercortisolism?

Are there any actual medications that will reduce someone's suicidal ideation?

Are there any antidepressants that would be particularly helpful for atypical depression? (motivation, self-initiative, and persistence are all low)

Are there any natural dieretic or over-the-counter drugs/supplements to help with depression? Can low testosterone lead to depression?

Aside from stimulants, antidepressants & sedatives, are other Rx drugs effective for diagnosed Chronic Fatigue with Hypersomnia & cognitive issues?

At 113 mg efexor had no effect on anxiety. At 150 it helped a lot. Does this imply that norepinephrine was more of an issue for me than serotonin?

Benzo,s act opposite on me i get severe anxiety. an antidepressants cause dizziness , depression fluid retertnion . what's wrong with me ?

Bipolar disorder -- k2 vitamin ? Can we use for anxiety and nervousness..?

Can 10 mg of Lexapro (escitalopram) and beer cause major health problems? Can't sleep because of anxiety of a health issue from interaction

Can a lack of serotonin cause panik or anxiety thanks ?

Can a very low stomach acid directly/indirectly cause depression, depersonalization, anxiety as well as chronic hypersexuality?

Can add medications cause agression and hostility?

Can add medications cause one to have emotional instability?

Can alcohol affect GABA and those with anxiety?

Can antidepressants and ADHD drugs drive people crazy?

Can antidepressants and anti anxiety meds cause extreme fatigue and weight gain?

can anxiety cause muscle twitches all over body? I am having severe anxiety. Anticonvulsant meds for weight loss.

Can anxiety disorders (like social anxiety)cause misophonia? or could it be a side effect of Carbamazepine?

Can anxiety medication be good for restlessness in certain people who can't stay still?

Can anxiety.Stress or depression makes that the tear production decreases?

Can anxiety/depression cause respiratory depression? Especially in hot weather or shower?

Can being on Prednisone for more than a year cause depression in teens?

Can catnip infusions be used for anxiety and nervousness?

Can celebrex (celecoxib) change your mood or cause irritability?

Can chronic stress/environment lower serotonin levels? **psychiatrist only please**

Can CLA supplement heighten anxiety or nervousness ?

Can depression and anxiety delay period?

Can drinking caffeine reduce the effectiveness of antipsychotic medications and depression medications? Can it make your psychosis worse?

Can eating a banana help decrease anxiety/nervousness?

Can geodon (ziprasidone) give you symptoms of mental illness during withdrawal? Only problem is the insomnia. Does the sleep regulate again like it was before?

Can gradually decreasing Zoloft (sertraline) from 150 mg to zero, cause some temp. memory,speech issues ? I also suffer from depression,PTSD before this..thanks.

Can high doses of inhaled steroids cause or intensify depression or anxiety? Can it cause insomnia (early awakening)?

Can higher doses of Effexor (venlafaxine) (above 75mg) cause depression to worsen and/or increase symptoms like anhedonia, lethargy, demotivation, etc.?

Can higher than normal libido be a sign of depression or anxiety dirsorders?

Can hormone changes effect or worsen adhd symptoms?

Can I eat Walnuts If I take Lustral, I'm on Lustral 75 form 20 days for Anxiety and Depression and still depressed. Can I eat 3-4 if it may help?

Can i take modafinil without prescription of doctor? I want to increase focus conc.& motivation.I have history of anxiety disorder.Will it be safer?

Can i tell me how i can stop abusing food to help depression and anxiety disorder?

Can II use any GABA supplements if I have anxiety?

Can ketamine cause seratonin syndrome when used with an ssri? I am thinking about doing ketamine infused therapy for depression and anxiety.

Can lithium worsen depression and cause fatigue within first week?

Can lovesickness be considered the same as social rejection sensitivity of atypical depression (eg lovesickness is atypical depression)?

Can medication withdrawals cause agression and hostility?

Can mood swings and depression result after stopping nicotine patches?

Can my psychosis, severe depression, and anxiety be linked to hashimotos disease? Symptoms not better with meds (synthroid (thyroxine) or anti-anxiety/depressents

Can percocet interfere with serotonin in the brain and bring on full blown depression in a person with depression history.?

Can perioral dermatitis have psycological causes? Does the psycological effect worsen the condition?

Can pregnancy also cause depression and irritability?

Can quitting stimulants cause rebound depression?

Can severe ADHD or low dopamine levels and a very disorganized brain be responsible for psychological drugs like antidepressants not working on you ?

Can sleeping habits effect bipolar mood changes? Or the level of intensity?

Can there be anything i can do/take naturally that will end my depression/anxiety?

Can too much caffeine produce anxiety and depression?

Can using meth/speed cause severe anxiety and depression?

Can Vagal tone be effected by depression and anxiety?

Can Valacyclovir cause depression as a side effect? Or at least worsen existing depression?

Can vitamin B12 help alleviate depression or dementia?

Can wellbutrin (bupropion) curb the sexual and weight related side effects of an ssri, and does this combo prove effective in treating anxiety and depression?

Can working a third shift job affect your mood, similar to seasonal depression?

Can you be arrested for driving under the influence of wellbutrin (bupropion) or other psychiatric meds?

Can you please tell me effects to the baby of so much stress, depression and anxiety during pregnancy?

Can you please tell me why exercising improves your depression symptoms?

Can you tell me are ssri/ssnri meds worth it -- low libido and shyness?

Can you tell me how i could crawl out of this depression minus medication?

Can you tell me if you had depression/social anxiety will your face permanently change ?

Chantix side effects. I want to try chantix again . Last time it caused severe depression and suicidal ideation. Also night terrors.

Clomipramine vs nortriptyline witch better depression and general anxiety and can help me to delayed ejaculation?

Considering L-theanine for anxiety. Does this cross the brain-blood barrier? Work for anxiety?

Could bilirubin increase be related with anxiety or depression?

Could insomnia cause bad social interactions?

Could lexotanil cause depression after use?

Could weed in ur system affect antidepressant meds?

Could you suggest any pill for stress anxiety ad depression?

Dear sir, does bloating belongs to depression?

Depress, socialy withdrawn, anxious, lethargic, just want to sleep, lack of interest. Take cymbalta (duloxetine) for fms + wellbutrin for depression. Any help?

Do antipsychotics increase the negative symptoms of schizophrenia (like apathy and social withdrawal)?

Do any natural pills help anxiety and depression?

Do any of you recommend or discourage people from using Mood Booster for anxiety?

Do co codamol improve the mood?

Do essential oils work to decrease or eliminate depression and anxiety?