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I have a fracture in my ankle and i have a cast around my feet! but near my toes their are two bruises. is their anything to worry about?

10 weeks ago I had micro fracture sugery on my knee. Have been walking with crutch but yesterday my ankle was very swollen?

13 weeks after ankle sprain. No fracture. Still pain at inner ankle when walk. Doing ankle exercises n physio. What else can doc do for me to recover?

3 1/2 weeks ago broke 4th metatarsal nondisplaced. In walking boot. Yesterday walked a lot & today top of foot is sore. Could I have displaced the fractured bone by wearing the walking boot too long?

4 weeks into a sprained ankle, still swollen, can walk with a limp, some pain. I can bare some weight but no great improvement. Is this normal?

5 broken bones in foot. Have it wrapped and a shoe with crutches, is that good enough to heal it?

5th metatarsal fracture. Ortho put me in a walking boot for 3 weeks. What kind of 5th met break do I have? Not much pain at all when in the boot.

6 year old twists ankle, will they need a walking boot?

After 6 weeks in cast or 4&5 metatarsal displaced spiral break of foot.Now in moon boot for 4 weeks. What excercises can I do to strengthen foot & ank?

After a fractured ankle. How long before i can return to soccer?

After I get my cast of for grade 3 ankle sprain will I just be able to walk normally without any other bracing? Cast on for 2-3 weeks

After removing an air boot and not walking for 6 weeks, doctor told me to start walking. How long my foot will be swollen and hurting around my ankle?

After three weeks of treatment for a broken heel, will i be able to walk?

Am i able to bare weight while in a foot brace up toy knee from a fracture on the top of foot?

Ankle sprain 1 week ago. Went to podiatrist. New orthotics (generic) bounce my feet and ankles. Old ones don't bounce and keep my ankles more stable?

Ankle sprain occurred 12 days ago but still cannot walk or bear weight on it. I have been using crutches and attempting to walk on it but it gives out?

Are there any cardio exercises I can do in my plaster ankle cast once I can start walking?

Are there any cardio exercises I can do while in plaster cast for grade 3 ankle sprain once I can walk on it without pain?

Are these normal complications with a broken foot? So i was put into a boot about 5 weeks ago and my foot still really hurts, i broke my 5th metacarpal and my foot is still bruised and when my foot is out of the boot it turns inward and my shin is startin

Are you still able to stand and walk with a broken toe?

Been four weeks in a cast and in couple days going to a boot. Will this be weight bearing without crutches.

Bone bruise on talus (MRI) 6 weeks ago.Still too sore to walk without crutches.What support or shoes best to help get back to walking independantly?

Broke 4th5th metatarsal 10wks ago, foot cast only now told to bear weight, ankle is huge as is leg 1 week later is this normal?

Broke fibula and grade 2 ankle sprain 6 week ago. Pain and swelling still. No surgery nec. Can't walk normal on foot without boot. Is this normal?

Broke fibula just above ankle years ago, and when it healed foot no longer lines up with knee & twists when I walk. How can I straighten it out?

Broken ankle 6 weeks ago. Cast off today and when I walk aided my leg goes from under me. Why is this?

Broken foot, been in boot cast 3 wks, 3 weeks w only ACE bandage. Foot still bruised, no swelling. When will bruise go away? It's healing!

Burning in the upper part of my foot and side. Broke ankle on 4-4-12 and foot. No more cast. I have a boot now?

By wearing a walking cast for broken ankle could I work?

Can a foot injury called sesamoiditis go away on it's own, and how?

Can barefoot running cause midfoot fractures?

Can I do cardio. Elliptical and treadmill with cam walker after fracture of fibula and sprained ankle?

Can i drive with a broken ankle?

Can I put any weight on my foot if I have a heel fracture?

Can i safely walk on my broken ankle?

Can i still need a walking boot for my fractured foot?

Can i still walk my dog with a boot (for stress fracture of foot)?

Can i still work out while wearing a walking boot? #nqlu I have a fractured bone in my foot due to an ankle sprain and must wear a walking boot for 6 weeks for the bone to heal. What type of exercises can I still engage in?

Can I use a walking boot for my sprained ankle?

Can i walk on tiptoe with a broken ankle?

Can strapping my ankle with kinesio tape will help where my tibia is around there?

Can you break a bone in your foot and still be able to walk?

Can you do further damage by walking, dancing and putting weight on a sprained and fractured foot/ankle? It's been 2 months and is not healing..

Can you fracture a bone in your hip/legs/feet and still walk on it?

Can you get a cast with ankle arthroscopy?

Can you go swimming with a sprained ankle and broken toes?

Can you tell me how I could exercise with my ankle in plaster?

Can you tell me how to lessen a limp after a broken ankle?

Can you tell me when can I walk again after an ankle/leg fracture?

Can you walk on a broken ankle?

Can you walk with a broken mcl?

Cast on ankle six weeks what next? Rehab?

Could i exercise on a sprained foot?

Could i go to school with foot fracture?

Could I put weight on my ankle if I have a fracture?

Could I still dance after having a screw put in my foot?

Could it be a good idea to go to a house party on crutches with an ankle cast on?

Could it be bad to be on crutches with a broken ankle?

Could someone possibly fracture your leg and still be able to walk?

Could you walk on a fractured foot?

Diabetic foot sore from ankle cast, what to do?

Diagnosed with stress fracture in foot. I have an air boot but my leg is starting to hurt when i walk. What do you suggest?

Do i need crutches for a grade 2 ankle sprain?And how should I tell my parents to get me crutches because they think i'm a big baby?

Do i need crutches for my broken toe. It is Slightly displaced and I can't walk on it.

Do i need to rest my ankle and restrict activities if pain occurs on weightbearing (after standing/walking for 10 mins) after 9 months of ankle sprain?

Do i require a walking boot and crutches because i sprained my foot and i cant put any pressure on it?

Do they put you in a walking boot for a bad sprain?

Do you have to sleep with a walking boot on while your fibula and tibia is healing or no ?

Do you think I should be using crutches for a sprained foot?

Do you think I should be worried about my foot sweating in my ankle cast?

Doc says my stsble fabula frx ankle heal when can I start proper walk without walker its been 7 week now can I gve more weight on my feet still swelng?

Doctors, do you think I can break Ir ankle/foot and still walk on it?

Does a dislocated ankle look weirdly pronated without weight bearing?

Does the orthopedic doctor typically let one choose between a cast for a broken foot and a walking boot?

Feature of sprain? Foot is swollen no pressure can't really walk. What would the doctor do? Crutches and walkingboots if so what kind?

Fibula fracture. So how long will i be in a walking boot?

For 5th metatarsal fracture(midshaft fract, slight displaced), is it too early to stand/walk with weight on heel in aircast boot (aft. 8 days in cast)?

For a severe ankle sprain, do I wear a brace when resting or just for walking?

For how long after a severe ankle sprain should I wear a supportive brace? It has been 5 weeks and I am still walking with a limp.

Fractured 2nd metatasal 3 weeks ago. Rt foot is in a fiberglass cast and now I am having trouble movin my toes and foot keeps swelling. What should I do?

Fractured ny foot tiday. What can I do?

Fractured the very tip of fibula. I'm walking in a boot now. How many weeks can I expect to wear the boot?

Going on vacation idaho to mexico but sprained my ankle a week ago and can barely walk will a walking boot help on vacation so i won't need crutches?

Had an avulsion fracture of the ankle 15 weeks ago and it really hurts again when i walk... My dr said it just takes time, i think something is wron?

Had microfracture knee surgery 3 days ago. I'm in a knee immobilizer with toe touch weight bearing. Can i walk with my foot down?

Have avulsion fracture of 5th metatarsal...26 days ago. Just off crutches and into walking boot. Why am i bruised on top of foot near 2nd/3rd toes?

He put me in a boot, with no weight bearing at all. After 8 weeks he put a shoe type boot and told me I could walk its been 5 days and it is so swoll?

Hello, I had bone fracture on my right ankle what kind of shoes do I have to wear? How long it takes to walk with any shoes?

Hello: i was a broken ankle bone, specifically in the talus before 90 days now can I put my body weight and i walk on the ground, what do you think ?

Hi dear doctors, 2 weeks ago i had malleolus medialis, no short-leg cast is put on my ankle, but i cannot bend it upwards (dorsiflexion) is it ok?

Hi if i fractured my fibula in my ankle would I get a moon boot or a cast where i cant walk for 6-8weeks?

Hi.. I fractured my 2nd metatarsal 5 weeks ago. ( 4 Wheeler) I've been walking pretty good in my Cam boot.. but still swollen. Is this normal?

Hoping you can tell me, is boot better for an ankle sprain or is a splint better?

How bad dose your ankle sprain have to be to get a walking boot?

How can a 14 year old go to boot camp?

How can I do cardio with a broken foot?

How can I avoid having a stiff ankle or leg while wearing a cast?

How can I break my ankle by standing on it with my other foot?

How can I fake a sprained ankle to the doctor and to get crutches?

How can I get a cast for my ankle?