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Swelling in foot- rest/immobilization for other foot (also swollen- surgery). Is swelling in uninjured foot normal? Due to decreased activity?

swelling/ significant bruising thenar eminence, R hand after 3rd time at bat, first game. Swelling but no bruising over same area the week before after batting, 3rd game. Recommended treatment pls?

1/4/16Ankle tendonitis. Still suffering slight swelling at ankle and ache. Recheck on 2/17. What can be done? Cortisone shot?What about the swelling?

11 days ago I fell on my ankle. Nothing twisted-I could walk with no pain, but bad bruising. Still some swelling. How long should I expect swelling?

11 year old female soccer player presents with minor, localized pain and swelling around the medial cuneiform bone (I'm pretty sure).

14 mos post-op ORIF trimalleolar fx am having swelling and tightness on top of ankle where foot bends. Have little pain. Have been recommended to have steroid injections under US guidance. Helpful?

14 mos since a grade 3 sprain in right ankle and still have bruising and slight swelling around top of my ankle, is something still wrong?

2 weeks after an ankle injury i was put on heparin in the hospital and my ankle swelled up. Could the swelling help diagnose original ankle injury?

2 wks ago I injured my shin, then swelling moved to my foot. Swelling has gone down, but now I have pain in areas of foot where swelling remains.

3 1/2 month ago i missed 2 stair steps and rolled my ankle over completely. Had numbness &lg amount of swelling. Still much pain with motion.

3 weeks since simple fibula fracture and small sprain. Shouldn't swelling be gone?

4 mths postORIF (met. nonunion)-still swelling, pain and redness. Healing incomplete on xray. Foot swells in shoes- would vacocast again help healing?

4month ago MRI subcondral edema contusion and fluid around the tendon sheath now no pain verry little swelling and my ankle only get tired? Treatment?

7 day ankle injury! 1 dr said broke other said no. Severe swelling, pain, & bruising. Pain same more bruising Still doing "rice" and walking boot?

7 days after knee surgery I have pitted edema in my left interior ankle. Bruising and swelling are normal from procedure. Should I consult my doctor?

7 days ago sprained ankle. Still severe pain, bruising & swelling. Keep it iced and elevated. what's the next move. Told 1 dr it's broke 2 said no. ?

7 mo sprain wrist that is still very painful. I am afraid that it is more then just a sprain. Xrays and MRIs are normal but still swelling. What be?

7 months after Achilles surgery and bad infections my foot is swollen, painful and hot. Reduced swelling by ice and elevation. Should i be worried?

9 weeks distal fib orif. When does the swelling go away? After walking for a while it swells and aches. Is this normal?

A month ago i sprained my ankle by twisting , doctor said xray is ok, nw pain is less but longtime setting affects the swelling. What can I do ?

A month ago I sprained my ankle by twisting it out hiking, neither the pain or swelling has gone down. How long should it take to heal a sprain?

Acute left knee trauma = 1wk ago = bruising, swelling, numbness, burning and pain. Doing: rest, ice, compression, elevation = help.. Any ideas?

After healing of tibial fractures, should u always have pain, soreness & swelling in that leg?

An a elbow fracture occur without severe pain also with little to no swelling and no bruising?

Ankle pain w/ popping, w/mvment. Outside of ankle, below leg bone. 3 days. Sudden onset, no injury. No swelling, bruising. See doc or RICE and wait?

Ankle sprain swelling is increased but not much pain after 5 days?

Ankle sprain/avulsion fractured talus - 1 wk later still slight swelling, pain if bearing weight - foot turns purple & throbs when standing. Normal?

Ankle sprained 24 hours ago. Not broken.Swelling is worse after rice.Limited motion in three smallest toes that are now slightly swollen.All normal?

Ankle surgery 4 was ago, frag removed. Now having incidents of severe burning pain w swelling. Is this normal?

Ankle swelling/pain that is better with rest but swells quickly with activity. Twisted ankle a week ago. Sole is painful now (today). Hx of DVT. ?

Ankle xray shows no fracture only soft tissue swelling. Still have symptoms of pain and swelling on exersion. What could this mean?

Ar what point should the inflammation/swelling and pain subside from a cuboid avulsion fracture?

Are bruising and swelling in the fingers a sign of wrist fracture?

Are there any foods or rememdies that can stop swelling/relieve pain from a post sprained ankle?

Avulsion fracture of fibula with inframalleolar swelling, 3w ago. No treatment and still painful/swell. What is the treatment?

Big toe fracture with toenail torn off. How long should swelling and pain persist? Xray was normal 6 months later but still swollen and painful.

Bilateral ankle subarticular marrow edema. Past sprains/fractures. Pain/swelling. Return to sports? Treatments? Air casts?

Bone swelling showed on ankle MRI of lower tibia. About how long until it resolves? Months?

Both second toes are swollen every morning proximal, not distal. No trauma, no pain, no swelling. Other toes are not affected. ?

Breaking tree limbs w/leg. I hit it wrong-severe pain in my ankle (jammed not twisted) initially. Mild swelling slight discolor. Should I see a dr?

Broke ankle years ago. Started having pain, numbness and swelling. Is this related to the broken ankle or something new. Do not remember twisting it?

Broke medial malleolus in two places 7 weeks ago. Swelling overall going down but still tender and seeing swelling in heel area. Is this normal?

Broke my ankle in 2 places 6 months ago. Didn't need surgery so is it normal to still be in pain with pitted swelling in the ankle?

Broke small bone in ankle week ago. Was told to bear weight and walk. Too painful. Kept elevated. Not elevated throbbing and swelling.

Bruise on leg from a fall on a scooter , what is the treatment how long does the pain last there is no swelling , just discoloration ?

Bruised tailbone symptoms. Heal time and treatment.?

Bruising around ankle after ACL surgery, is this a blood clot?

Can CRPS cause swelling isolated from just above ankle to just before the gastrocnemius begins? Most swelling posteriorly but some anteriorly

Can gout occur in the ankle area?

Can i expect to have nerve damage to my ankle due to docors not diagnosing my ankle pain and swelling due to os trigonum for 17 months.

Can i wear compression stockings to reduce the swelling in my leg and ankle? I have a simple fracture of the left lower fibula

Can it be normal for severe, sprained ankle bruising to get worse after 8 days?

Can you develop an infection from a severe sprained ankle?

Can you have inflammation from ankle tendonitis drained if doesn't go down? Had cortisone shot 4 days ago. Xray no break. Rice 4wk. Want swelling gone

Compression or a brace for ankle tendonitis? Other home care treatments? Swelling & pain. Thank you!

Could I have fractured my wrist even though there is no bruising and very little swelling?

Could swelling in my left foot be a symptom of a torn ligament?

Could the swelling in my foot be related to my broken 5th metatarsal 6 months ago?

CRPS- normal for swelling to change throughout the day? Can headaches be a symptom? Fracture/ORIF caused CRPS- hasn't healed- more surgery good idea?

Dislocated ankle injury a month ago their still swelling and pain how long before fully healed and swelling and pain to go away?

Dislocated knee 4 weeks ago swelling is still severe should I return to work ?

Do I have structural damage in ankle? Symptoms; swelling,pain all the time especially after working;,ankle weakness. I have sprained my ankle twice.

Do i need an ankle brace for severe medial ankle pain with normal X-ray and anaemia in blood test?

Do symptoms of a fractured hand involve swelling?

Do you think I should see a doctor for what is probably a mild ankle sprain?

Docs, could a spica cast cause swelling in the abdomen?

Doctor said i fractured and displaced my 4th toe. Other than pain & swelling there's been no discoloration. It is 10 days now, should i play kickball?

Doctors, what are the symptoms of a fracture in the ankle area?

Does a ACE wrap for an ankle sprain actually help? It doesn't seem to change the swelling much. What's bad about swelling? Does swelling cause damage?

Does icing a bruise/bruised testicle actually HELP it or help recovery or does it just relieve the pain? Please be specific. I don't get it.

Dx with bursitis in my right elbow, the swelling hasn't gone down and the ortho says I have a hematoma from the trauma. Any advice for healing?

ER diagnosed me with a contusion in my ankle. Now foot is swelling and in a lot of pain. Any ideas on why? How long til it heals?

Experiencing ankle swelling, ankle pain and ankle stiffness. Haven't had an injury. Taken off hydroxychloroquine 400mg 1 week ago by rheumatologist. ?

Experiencing bruise-like pain on the bottom of my heel for past 3 days upon weight bearing. no swelling, bruising, inflammation, etc.

Extremely painful, swollen/puffy and stiff ankle. Ct scan showed fluid in and around ankle joint. No breaks or fractures. What could this indicate?

Fell on knee,severe brushing&swelling wk ago.walking on it waiting on xray results. Increasing pain.could I walk &have a fracture, even with mobilty?

Fibula break with ligament tear. Pain with severe swelling and bruising. Now ankle and top off foot numb. Is this from swelling?

Foot injury with pain and swelling but bruising went away. What do I do?

Fracture or sprain?Swelling+numbness after an impact to my finger, and later noticed lots of bruising (too dark to see immediate bruising at the time)

Fracture tib/fib, 4 years ago; swelling and pain treated 6 weeks bactrim; swelling with no pain recurred; resolved but serosaguinous exudate overlying?

Fractured external malleolus, grade 2-3 sprain, cast on for 4.5 weeks removed 2 days ago, what now? Still pain, swelling v. limited mobility

Fx radial head a,week ago. Still have pain, swelling of hand & wrist pain. Dr treated with 3 ACE bandage. Unsure if present symptoms are normal?

Galvanized nail puncture to leg to the bone , swelling and pain up leg to my knee. What antibiotics do I need?

Gradually worsening pain when walking on the lateral side of foot. Slight swelling over the cuboid. Play soccer but no recent specific injury occurred?

Had a fall about 2 weeks ago. My elbow is sore when pressured. There is no swelling, bruising or,restriction of any movement. Will it heal untreated?

Had a grade 3 ankle sprain, 10 weeks of pt still pain, weak, in stable and swelling. Doctor said i may have nerve damage? How is this treated?

Had a recent ankle fracture and there is swelling post cast removal. Should i be worried?

Had a severe ankle sprain with MASSIVE swelling > 6 wks ago. Pain not improved. No fracture. Still mod swollen. now pain in arch too. What is this?

Had a very severe ankle sprain 6 wks ago with massive swelling. Still very swollen, have start up pain, and crepitus when moving it. What is this ?

Had closed reduction on ankle 2 weeks ago. No sign of improvement. What now?

Had knee injury,July 30, broke off cartlidge,august 30/suffered pulmonary embolism, ,and doing physical therapy,now experienc,ankle swelling?

Hand injury occurred with no fracture seen in ER. 4 days later I'm still having severe pain. Could it be fractured with little to no edema?

Have an aspirated hematoma on pinkytoe. Dr said it was due to overcompensating for a sprained ankle on opposite long for hematoma to heal?

Have ankle swelling from. Ankle arthoscopic surgery 8 yrs ago, whaat could be causing this?

Have ongoing swelling and redness (and some pain)13 weeks after met. ORIF- top of foot and ankle. Told to walk normally. Ideas to get swelling down?

Have spiral fracture 5th metatarsal & in 4th week with walking boot. Have swelling & bruising but noticed petechial hemorrhage today. Is this normal?

Hi I injured my leg saturday night. Urgent care said I have a proximal fibula fracture. its swollen around the calf area, no swelling in the knee. ?

Hi, I had my cast off 3 weeks ago after a stress fracture, I now have pain and swelling at side off foot, could it be soft tissue damage?? It's very painful to walk on.

Hi,i am 27 year ,had Calcaneus fracture 2 months back ,but still swelling is there , may i know how much time it will take to heal and swelling to go.

Hi,I twisted my ankle two months ago and it's still very swollen doc said its a bad sprain.Now it is bruising and hot,is it possible I may need surger?