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I have ankle swelling and ankle pain. i did this playing soccer

3 months ago I hurt my ankle hospital said it was sprained ever since my ankle keeps clicking once I move it up and down around the bone of ankle?

4 1/2 weeks after broken fibula and sprained ankle. Still painful to walk with airboot. Bad pain when trying to move ankle. Is this normal?

4 years ago i tore ligaments and tendons in my right ankle, why does my ankle still constantly hurt?

5 months since severe sprained ankle with aircast/crutches now pain around fibula/wraps around front of ankle. May be peroneus muscle? What to do?

6 days post ankle sprain, my foot ankle and bottom of leg go numb. Especially if i stand on it for a whilst. No fracture or torn ligaments only sprain?

A friend's son sprained his ankle. He is able to walk on it but it is swollen and bruised. Does that mean it is broken or this is normal?

A quad landed in my foot when it flipped and rolled down a hill I can walk on my ankle but it hurts on the outside of my ankle a lot..possible reason?

A week ago, I severely rolled my ankle. I have been icing it and keeping it wrapped. It is still swollen around the ankle bone. Did I tear a ligament?

After i get a cast off for ankle, what does ankle look like?

After i sprained both my ankles they haven't been the same. My feet swell and go numb and don't feel good. Why? What can I do?

Ankle and shin hurts after getting up from a laying down position for a few seconds. I had an ankle sprain 11 days ago. Is this normal?

Ankle injury last night. Ankle didn't hurt this morning but really hurts now. I can hardly wiggle my toes. What could it be?

Ankle kinda rolled, have i sprained or strained my ankle, how can I tell?

Ankle pain everday after two ankle sprains. Ankle is still swollen and crepitus with pai sometimes. This is 7 months later. Do I need surgery?

Ankle pain, no injury. Start with heel pain on L, ankle, move to achilles, outer ankle bone, then L ankle can't bear weight. Then, R outer ankle bone?

Ankle sore, bruised and swollen from toes to shin. Hurts to walk, toes throb. Was told it was just sprained, no xray was done. Injury from 5 days ago.

Ankle/foot hurts and is swollen after cast comes off, what to do?

Are there any podiatrist here? Injured my left ankle, inner ankle. From distance running. Wraped for wks. And it's not gone. Help me please

Around the first week of March. 2014, I injured my left ankle. It has been the 4th time doing it. I think it was a high sprain ankle. It still hurts.

Bad ankle sprain 2 weeks ago. Still badly bruised. In a walking boot with pain still and now bruising under my foot. And lump on side. This normal?

Badly sprained right ankle; help?

Broke both left clavicle and ankle how to walk, what to do?

Broke both left clavicle and ankle, how can I walk?

Broke fibula and sprained ankle 5 week ago. Slipped and cracked ankle on tile ledge. Feel something hard and uneven under swelling on ankle. Reinjury?

Broke my ankle and now my heel hurts. What should I do?

Broke my ankle may 31, 2013. Doctor said no pressure for 3 weeks. Its june 13, 2013 and my ankle feels fine and can walk on it. What should I do?

Broke my ankle three year's ago still a lot of pain?

Broken ankle painful 2 years later?

Can a bruise ankle cause poping when running in soccer?

Can a knee injury make your ankle hurt?

Can injured knee cause ankle swerlling?

Can someone tell me how long will a severly sprained ankle be swollen?

Can walking when its really painful on a badly sprained ankle make it worse?

Can you give me suggestions for ankle sprain.. Should i be worried?

Can you tell me about ankle or run. There's a hardly noticable bump on my foot near but not on my ankle. Is it sprained?

Can you tell me if i could get a cast for my badly sprained ankle?

Can you tell me what it's like to sprain your ankle or dislocate your finger?

Can your ankle be 4 inches above the socket is that normal and have a high ankle sprain ? Is this normal and my foot is turned to the right

Can't tell if i either sprained my ankle or broke it?

Could a hurt ankle be better in three days?

Could you tell me what happens when you go to the doctor with a sprained ankle?

Could your ankles bruise from running?

Damage my ligaments in my ankle were my whole foot and toes where black and a year later im still in daily pain and my ankle still swell daily ?

Did I tear a ligament in my ankle? Rolled it and very swollen on the outside.

Do you think I should go to the doctor for foot injury?

Do you think i sprained my foot? No pressure. A little swollen. Hurts to walk on it. What would the dr do? If it is fractured or sprained?

Fell over 2 weeks ago and could hardly walk on my ankle for the two days after. My ankle is still bruised and swollen. Have I chipped a bone?

Five years ago I sprained ankle, walked a km next day and never did anything about it. ankle sometimes gives out since then. Could that be the cause?

Foot stepped on with soccer cleats now its bruised and swollen. What is the best treatment?

For 2 months i sprained my ankle. Today it still hurts. What can I do?

For how long is a sprained ankle swollen?

For what reasons might the ankle swell up so much after you sprain it?

Help my ankle is swollen is it broken or just sprained it kind of hurts when i walk on it but the pain is not that bad?

Help please! is cracking toes with sprained ankle bad?

Help! had a fractured ankle with plaster for 5 weeks, but now ankle is swollen and toe hurts to step on?

Help! my leg hurts a lot, i think i sprained it?

Hi can you tell me what should I do because I have a spring ankle and it hurts badly i cannot walk a lot on it can you tell me please ?

Hi docs, do you think I can get crutches for a bruised knee?

Hi i broke my fibula tube. My foot and toes are swollen and bruised and now I have a burning sensation at back of ankle is this normal ?

Hi I rolled my ankle yesterday and there is swelling the size of a golf ball around my ankle bone but the pain goes up to my calf from my ankle?

Hi I sprained my ankle over two weeks ago the ankle is still very swollen and I can't really walk on it still, should I go back to the doctors?

Hi, I have hurt my ankle. It is very swollen and I can not walk very good. Would I have to go to a docter for a sprained ankle? I have tried the RICE.

High ankle sprain hasn't healed since it was sprained 8 months ago. It only hurts if I walk on my toes, or twist the foot. What to do besides rest?

How can elevating your hurt ankle above your heart help?

How can I fake a swelling/bruised ankle?

How can I get my ankle to stop hurting after having an ankle sprain?

How can I get the stiffness and the soreness away of a sprained ankle?

How can I stop spraining my weak ankle?

How can I tell if my ankle is broken or just sprained. Haden sprain had a sprained ankle once before but this feels different should I go to the emerg?

How can it be that my ankle always hurts while i run?

How can it be that my ankle still hurts two years after injury?

How can it be that my ankle swells up after basketball?

How can you stop getting sprained ankles after dancing?

How concerned should I be if I twisted my ankle?

How do I know how serious my ankle injury is? I twisted my ankle walking (rolled it) and it hurts pretty bad and is swollen. Could I have broken it? If it is a sprain, do I need to see a doctor or will it just heal on its own?

How do I know i twisted my ankle if i landed on it?

How do I know if my ankle is healing well? I think a sprained it on 4th of july by landing awkwardly.i can walk on it now but still have mild pain.??

How do I know what happened to my ankle?

How do I tell if my leg is broken, sprained or just hurts?

How do you tell between a broken knee and a bad knee sprain?

How long does the swelling of a sprained ankle persist? I sprained my left ankle for the second time and after almost 5 weeks it is still swollen.

How long should a sprained ankle be swollen?

How long should a sprained ankle hurt when rotated?

How much can an ankle fracture hurt?

How much should I be with on my feet if I have tendonitis in the ankle after a car accident. I've had pain for about 2 months?

How soon after i sprain my ankle can I walk on it?

How to look after a rolled ankle?

How to stop getting sprained ankles at dancing?

I twisted my ankle and went to the dr first he told me that it was fx of ankle lateral malleolus went back two days later now it just a sprain .

I am a cheerleader and my ankles and feet always hurt! what could be the problem?

I am no stranger to sprained ankles, I get them a lot. This time i sprained my ankle and can barely walk on it, but there is no swelling. Is that bad?

I believe i sprained my ankle 8 weeks ago and it still hurts. I can walk on it now but not when it happened. No bruising some swelling. Have it CKD out?

I broke ankle- still hurts/ slipped on ice, what to do?

I broke me fibula by my ankle. The top of my foot hurts, bruised, and swollen. Could I have fractured my foot also? I was playing football

I broke my ankle 10 weeks ago now it's healed my doc said i can walk now but my heels hurts so bad why my ankle doesn't even hurt?

I broke my ankle last year and recovered with a cast but i still sprain it a lot. Also whenever i play ball without rolling the ankle it swells?

I broke my fibula and have a complete tear of deltoid lig. Dr. Said a brace wouldn't help my ankle, but it feels like my ankle wants to roll outward toward the other ankle. What can I do?

I broke my fiibula on the right leg. During the recovery my ankle was swollen and now after the bone is fine i still have swollen ankle.What to do?

I broke my leg&ankle 7 years ago & 2 years ago the ankle was fused. I have just been on holiday the ankle swelled up like a balloon. Why is happening?