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Undisplaced fracture/bone bruise on posterior medial talus 3 week ago.Given ROM exercises and walking boot today,told to wear only when walking?Right?

Very frustrated college soccer player Been out with sprained ankle for 6 weeks Now mri says I have 3 small bone bruises and edema Recovery time?

Was on cast nov 17, until dec 17 for a oblique fracture on tibia. Started running a month ago and my ankle still hurts as of this day. No therapy was required.. After running for 15 minutes it hurts.

Was told I have a stress reaction on my right tibia. I began wearing a medical boot to help with pain and healing. How long should I wear it?

Was walking on a severe sprained ankle for 6 weeks. Had MRI which shows a fracture. Will the fact I was walking on it for so long complicate things?

Wear boot for non displaced 4th metasaursal break that I take off at night. Do I need to put boot back on just to walk from the bed to the bathroom?

Went over on foot fractured cuboid bone how long approx until recovery and until i can weight bear on it ?

What are some good exercises to recover quickly from a broken fibia tibia? My son (7 yrs old) broke his leg skiing 3 months ago.

What are some light exercises i can do that won't be to hard on a healed, fractured tibia?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of weight bearing as early as 3 weeks post fibula fracture as opposed to resting for 5 weeks with elevation.

What are the consequences of removing an ankle cast few days early so I can go to camp?

What are the long term symptoms/damage from bi-malleolar ankle fractures. I have had ankle pain since a 35 ft fall in '85, ?

What are ways to speed up healing anterior ankle impingement? Can wearing a boot help? Some say yes, some say no

What are your experiences prescribing a walking cast after surgery?

What can I expect when my physio says that I need hard work on my recent broken patella?

What could happen if I put weight on my fractured fibula?

What could happen if screws become loose in ankle?

What do doctors usually give crutches for?

What do I expect when my physio says that i need hard work on my recent broken patella?

What exercise to do wiith fibular tip fractrure wiith boot?

What indicators on the x-ray signify that an ankle is ready to be weight-bearing after an ORIF for a trimalleolar ankle fracture? (no gaps, etc)

What is expected healing time for simple fibula break with grade 2 sprained ankle?

What is screws out of ankle surgery and recover like? How long will I have to be out of work and school? Will I need a cast or what?

What is the best therapy for a ankle fracture? How soon can I start jogging?

What is the best way to keep in shape when having an immobilized leg (walking boot) due to a broken big toe? Ideas? Why am i so tired since it broke?

What is the ideal amount of time to wait before wearing high heels after a minor fractured ankle?

What is the next step if casting does not work for CRPS?

What is the recovery time to be able to walk normally after fracturing my left heel?

What is the safest time frame for a bone to completely heal from a taylor's bunionectmy without questioning whether to start walking on your foot?

What should I look for in a good type of waterproof tape to align my 5th metatarsal and cuboid?

What symtoms should I have with high ankle sprain grade 2 with crutches full weight bearing for 3 weeks, on week 8 and a half since injury?

What to do if I broke my fibula, and its slowly healing but not much at all, and I'm in severe pain with it, what are the options?

What to do if i broke my left ankle mind communication in talus bone .I m on non weight bearing on foot for 7 weeks cast?

What to do if I broke my tibia (ankle) 8 weeks ago, I'm walking prettyagain, jumping 2'6 and up atleast, having spectacular heels, and extreme leg muscles?

What type of cancer would someone have if they walked on crutches?

What type of compression garment to be used in ankle as it swell&become red.? IM nailing&ORIF of tibia 3months ago.

What types of exercise/physical therapy can someone with a type b lateral malleolus (ankle/fibula) fracture do to stay fit?

What will happen at an orthopedic appt. for pulled or torn ligaments in ankle? Boot? Cast? I used RICE, NSAIDS, and it's been 4 months since injury

What's the expert opinion, could the doctors have to reset my ankle again after breaking it?

Whats the safest way to return to activity after my nondisplaced hairline fracture of my tibial plateau heals? Is a stationary bike safe?

When can I start exercising after grade 2 ankle spain and simple fibula fracture. Looking to do cardio?

When can I start running after a severe broken fibula and tibia?

When can I start weight bearing after bi-malleolar ankle fracture non displaced?

When u should u start rehab for a broken fibula and tibia?

Why are the medical boots so heavy?

Why is ankle fusion performed if it is not related to ankle arthritis? What are the main reasons? Recovery time? How long are you in a cast?

Why is my dr telling me no weight bearing on simple broken fibula for 6 weeks? Have cast

Why won't the pain in my heel from a calcaneal spur go away? It's with me all day long and nothing works. Right now i'm in a soft cast and a boot. What could be the cause?

Will a orthopedic use a cast/boot for pulled/torn muscles in ankle that won't heal? It's been 4 months! have appt just wondering what outcome might be

Will have arthroscopic on R Hip+L Ankle in one day (FAI+loose bone frag in ankle).How many day hospital rest required. I Understand this is suboptimal?

Will having sex slow down my recovery for a broken tibia and in a short leg cast ?

Will i ever run again? have a closed displaced medial malleolus o right tibia, currently non-union 4 months in. Doc approves weight bearing (painful)

Will i get a medical boot if i broke my ankle in 2 places?

Will i still be able to walk normally after having ankle surgery?

Will tibial stress fracture heal if i walk on it? I'm talking about regular walking around at my job...I can't wear a boot/brace at my job.

Will weight have an effect on healing of broken tibia? Fractured with a rod. Walk on it, but it hurts. I am an obese 40 yr old female

With a potential ankle fracture should you keep the shoe on until ems arrives. It appeared fx since she was c/o numbness in toes.

Would a plaster cast be needed for my ankle sprain? It's been 6 weeks it's swollen in pain but my initial X-ray show no breaks

Would a plaster cast help a painful knee if I think it is dislocating? One of my friends in Spain have had this done.

Would it be healthy to not be able to move you ankle after the cast comes off?

Would it be too much to let the amputee use their crutches on a plane?

Yes 5th metartarsal fracture has been in a boot the whole time and non weight bearing for 6 weeks now. If a circulation problem then what will happen?