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'im in a air cast on crutches and spraind my ankle.Negative xrays but they said there's a space between two bones.See ortho weds what will they do?

"clean" break to my tibia 5 weeks ago and in a full leg cast. There is bone starting to form, how long have i got until i can weight-bear?

10 week old stress fracture in 3rd metatarsal is slow to heal- still with pain and swelling. Using moon boot and crutches.

10 weeks into recovery of high ankle sprain i found out i had stress fractures. For 4 weeks I have to rice. How do I go about exercise after this time?

10 yr old has accessory navicular fr.Had boots for 3 wks. Walked/played a lot, didn't heal and is in cast for 3 weeks. Is 3 weeks enough to heal now ?

100 days ago I have had a maleolare fracture.Maintained the foot akle 60 days in plaster. Swelling is a problem. What shoud I do to reduce it?

10yr old fractured tibia and fibia and cast just removed. X-ray still shows fracture in fibia and it's not aligned. Doc said it will correct itself. Now in walking boot. Can I use the boot for 2weeks then put her into a stabilizing ankle brace until the f

12 weeks of stable ankle fabula fracture bone completely heal som swelling and stiffness when to start normal walk how long does stiffness finish?

12weeks s/p tib-fib fx tibia imrod +3 screws. Ct shows <20% healing. Able to bear 60lb without any pain+ walk with 1crutch. Is it safe to bear weight.

2 yrs ago web b fib x cast & boot at 6 mnts non union orif plate screws graft sometimes still feels weak pain swells walking standing even at rest

2days ago I fractured 5th metatarsal & sprained the ankle. I got a boot so do I really need to see an ortho?

2nd degree ankle sprain 4 weeks ago. Still pain when pressed around ankle and walking far even with brace. How to speed up recovery? Crutches needed?

3rd met. bone graft/ORIF for nonunion, 6 wks in vacocast, after 6 months moon boot, crutches. Will physio be needed- what sort, how long?

4 aligned foot fractures (so no surgery). Doctor removed the fiberglass cast for the 3rd-week Xray, then prescribed the walking boot. Is it TOO EARLY?

40 female flight attendent fracture left ankle fabula doctor say its stable when i wil b able to start my job its been three weeks now wearing plaster?

5 th metatarsal avulsion fx when would i be able to bear weight?

5 week post distal fib ORIF WEB B. full weight bearing in boot. Pain at heal and difficult to walk. Is this normal? Doc expects no boot in 1 week.

5 weeks post ORIF Distial Fibula Web B surgery. Walking OK in shoe with limp. Swelling on ankle bad is this normal? When will it go? Feels Hard.

5th meta avulsion fx. Recently told to bear weight, having pain at fx sight when im on the ball of my foot, is this normal pain?

6 Weeks ago I broke my Ankle, non-bearing weight bone, They put me in an air cast for 4 weeks&rest for 2 weeks, But i still feel pain in the heel Why?

6 weeks nw plaster remov night whole ankl swells try to take steps stable ankle fabula frx wrap creap bandge its safe or NT morng less swelling why?

6 weeks post orif in lateral malleolus just had cast off , how long ds it need to gain motion without crutches , can compress physio into short period?

61 yr. female; avid swimmer: avulsion fr. in big toe: no pain splint and crutches when can I return to swimming?

7 mnths ago broke ankle 3 places. Surgery w/plate & 5 screws 4 fibula & 2 screws in ankle. Got dvt, major swelling when standing too long. Normal?

7 weeks after grade 2 sprain and simple fib fx. Still can't put all weight on foot without cam walker. Still swollen . Is this normal?

7 weeks postop brn fibula gr 3 torn delt lig not fixed bcuz of frac blisters. Weight bearing 2 weeks delt pain & heel pain. What now?

8 mos ago bad ankle sprain; Fx r/o. All ok but still swells significantly, esp after lots of walking. Will my ankle always do this? Is there a fix?

8 weeks after ankle avulsion fracture i still have weight baring pain. No surgery. No cast. Just walking boot. Mri shows fluid but nothing else. Normal?

8 weeks since simple fib fx and sprain. Still swollen and painful with foot flat. I'm in pt. is this normal?

9 weeks post ankle orif took cast off at 6 weeks on phys therapy , now walking w/out crutches full rom not gained yet, is it safe to start biking in gym?

A few months back I fraxctured my ankle and my foot. I was told at my last appointment in aug to wear a brace for a month then I can bare wieght in it. I still cant bare weight and my ankle bone that I fracture looks out place what should I do?

A lot of medical websites say that a "boot or short walking cast" can be used to help heal an ankle impingement. Is this true? If it is how long?

About to have ankle debridement and bone fragments removed as result of ankle sprain last nov. Will i be able to return to distance running?

After 4th metasaursal non displaced fracture how long will it take for the swelling to go down. In boot for 4 weeks.

After 4th metatarsal nondisplaced fracture completely healed will foot be back to normal & I can wear same types of shoes that I wore prior to break?

After 5 weeks immobilised in a splint for a tibial plateau fracture I've started to PWB - I have bad cramp in my calf is this normal?

After 6wks swelling normal or not in ankle stable fabula frx mortise weberb lateral mallo feel my whole feet swelling lot when i try to take step?

After a sprain, which ankle rehab exercises (done at home) will help prevent another sprain?

After ankle bone contusion is healed how many time does it take to get back to soccer? How many month of excersise?

After bike crash, ER doc says sprained LCL. Said no other injuries in knee--ice it, okay to walk with no brace until healed. Is this usual treatment?

After getting off crutches what is the rehab time for a fractured femur?

After injury, surgery left foot- crutches, boot for a few months- other foot swells a little. Could this be from taking more weight on it? Normal?

After limb lengthening surgery, when do you start walking without crutches or a walker?

After my leg plaster is removed will i get an air boot if I have dvt?

After stable fabula frx heal wearing creap bandge important or not stil hav swelling 7 weeks now whn can I start proper walking not gvng much weight?

After you have the bone spurs removed from the ankle , what happens then are you put into plaster or a boot do you still need to use a walking aid ?

Ankle fracture what to expect when plaster comes off?

Ankle orif 4 weeks ago doc said healing well. Just slipped + put some weight on cast no pain no swelling. Could I have re broke bone or made it worse?

Any exercise for stable ankle fabula frx10weks now bone heal after six weeks little pain andswelling it reducing day by day wht exercise for stabl wlk?

Are there any little tricks to speeding up the recovery of a broken bone? Any help is welcome, please... Im a collegiate women lacrosse player, and broke my leg skateboarding 2 & 1/2 weeks ago. I completely dislocated my ankle, and fractured my tib/fib..I

Athlete in walking boot for 4-8 wks for sesamoid stress injury (and arthritis). ankle is getting very stiff and pops. how csn i not lose strngth?

Badly fractured calcaneus cast just got removed, how long before I can walk again?

Basic in 3 weeks-mild foot sprain-doc ruled out all fractures and tears. Will I be good in 3 weeks? When should I start walking?

Been in cam walker for 4 wks. 5 broken met bones, foot turns purple when hanging in shower. Why is that?

Bilateral plica removal and knee cleanup 4 days ago. Can walk with a limp but unstable. Should I use the crutches at a crowded event tomorrow?

Broke 1st metacarpel 7 weeks ago, cast off after 5 1/2 weeks. Have regained full range of motion / discharged. How long before playing goalkeeper ?

Broke 4th metasaursal nondisplaced. In boot & 4 weeks dr will ex ray & start weaning off boot. What happens after that in recovery process?

Broke 5th metatarsal.Wore CAM boot week b4 surgery got 5inch DVT clot.Bone fixed w/ plate&4 screws.Using apixaban.How to balance DVT v immobilisation?

Broke both my 5th metatarsal neck on both feet, one being displaced. No surgery, wanted to wait for other to be healed. Is this norm? Can it heal?

Broke lateral malleolus jogging last Tuesday, X-ray: Weber A fracture stage 1, can limp last Thursday. Bones align well. Bruise. Would a cast/boot do?

Broke my distal tibia & got severe high ankle sprain. Cast for 6 months. How long will my ankle, hip, and back be in pain when I walk? :(

Broke my fibula 9 days ago, low impact, no surgery. Given walking boot and crutches. Feels like I would be OK to bear weight on it, possibly lose crutches. Is this an option at this point? How long should I wait to bear weight? Can't get into my ortho Dr

Broke my tibia 5 weeks ago (sept), in a full leg cast. Will i be able to ski in january? I was an intermediate skier before the accident

Broked my left ankle mind communication in talus bone .I m on non weight bearing on foot for 7 weeks cast, what to do?

Brokefoot 10weeks ago, knitted then walked on it and broke it again, now at the same stage and walking, i broke 2 metatarsals but ankle/leg huge!norm?

Broken ankle surgery three weeks after i am on 50% weight bearing. I'm nervous. Any tips?

Broken ankle, surgery, nwb 8 wks. On wk 7. Any tips as i start gradual weight bearing, please? I'm a bit nervous to start. No pt ordered or walk boot.

Broken fibula & tibia in 99. Leg length discrepancy of 1.5" but only tibia is short. Fibula bowing. Problems feet up. Pursue Taylor spatial frame?

Broken fibula required surgery and 8 weeks no weight. On week 6. Was told to start weight bearing in 2 wks, as tolerated, no phys therapy. That normal?

Broken fibula, plate and screws were put in place currently in fiber glass splint. 2 weeks post surgery getting a boot, when will I be able to walk?

Broken leg w/ screw told not to put weight on it or else screw will shatter. Fell, leaned on leg briefly while wearing walking boot. Will it be okay?

Broken right fibula 4 weeks ago, wearing a boot. Could I remove the boot to drive or would that cause further damage?

Broken tibia & fibula in 99. Leg length discrepancy 1.5" but only tibia is short. Fibula bowing. Problems from feet up. Pursue Taylor spatial frame?

Broken tibia fibula operated with intramedullary rod.How long it may take 2 heal to walk?I am 22. Will i be able to play football with the rod inside?

Broken Tibia on right ankle. Ankle reduction 2 weeks ago, no improvement in new X-ray. What should I do?

Calf pain when standing, subsides while lying down. Ankle plate surgery 6 weeks ago, and have been in a cam walker for 2 weeks now, weight bearing.

Can a stress fracture of the 2nd metatarasal take longer than 9 weeks to heal? I've been in a walking boot for 9+ weeks but still have pain and swelling

Can a walking shoe/boot help metatarsalgia? (No stress fracture - MRI confirmed.) Tried everything else - PT, RICE, meds - still no relief. Ouch.

Can an athlete get full recovery after a trimalleolar ankle break?

Can Athletes Ankle be healed with a boot/cast? It's been 4 months since it started. I honestly feel like if I were to immobilize it, it would heal.

Can i ski with a tarsal coalition? I'm 35 yrs old and haven't been able to ski well. Could this be why? I don't have much range of motion in ankle.

Can i walk as usual because of my talus broke ? What month of recovery?

Can metatarsus adductus cause a delay in walking?

Can my child return to school with splint or does he need to wait until they put the cast on?

Can someone tell me how long will it take to to walk properly after a steel ball has been implanted in hip joint?

Can surgical shoe be used successfully to treat non displaced 4th metasaursal break instead of boot. The boot is very cumbersome and uncomfortable.

Can they do an arthroscopy when taking screws out of your ankle?

Can you recover from fractured kneecap and if so- what is treatment?

Can you tell me if doctor advice after one and half month to put full weight and to walk after broken femur?

Can you tell me, are there any braces made for a broken fibula just above the ankle that would allow me to compete sooner?

Chipped outer ankle bone 2 years ago Reinjured ankle not re broken, doc said use crutches for 5 days Start new job Monday, can I just wear air splint?

Confused with gp's?Foot op - due to broken bone, then wore a cast, but after diagnosed with clot in sural vein. Do i wear a cast or compression hose?

CRPS in foot after foot fx, failed ORIF. Trouble with shoes- need support for still healing fx, but CRPS pain and sensitivity make it hard. Any ideas?

Diagnosed with a maisonneuve fracture and ankle fracture what is the treatment plan waiting for ortho appointment next week. Soft splint now can ice?

Did a syndesmosis injury to my left ankle. It has not healed properly, suspect it never will. Can i still scuba dive?

Dis fib b with swell and tenderness on lat and medial side xrayed casted xrayed again at 10 days ankle check when cast removed at 6 weeks not heal why?

Distal fib orif plate 8 screws. been 18 weeks post op. When can i start jogging again roughly. Feel well walking fine. rom good.

Doctor I have a Jones fracture in my right foot. I did not get surgery. How long would you say I would have to rehab to be back playing bball?

Doctor said my growth plate looked compressed but didn't want to call it a fracture yet and is sending me to an ortho.If it is will I get cast or boot?

Emma age 10 has a buckle fracture on her 5th something beginin in M .on her left foot . No cast was given just bangaged during day .