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12 yr son has spiral fracture of tibia doc says non displaced but not completely stable, if becomes displaced will require surgery how likely is this?

25 year old had operated mid shaft humerus fracture an plate was fixed know angulation had taken after 1 month an 7 days union is there what to do.

3rd metatarsal stress fracture- nonunion after 21 weeks. Bone graft and ORIF. Success likely for this surgery? Complications?

4 month S/P ORIF Trimalleolar fracture of ankle. I have moderate swelling and sharp pain in location of 2 screws. Do the screw need to be removed?

5 month old missed talus neck fracture. Undisplaced , no avn after 10 week post injury. Currently on cast immobilization. What is the best treatment?

8mm of gap in femur,grafting surgery done from anterior spine on 26.6.14, 8 month old fracture. HOW MUCH TIME WILL IT TAKE TO HEAL? estimation please?

9 months ago plates inserted for distal humerus elbow fracture was removed and arthrolysis done. No improvement in elbow range of motion for 8months.

9wks ago I had a spiral fracture and fractured fibula. Cast for 3wks and boot for 6wks - no surgery. When will I be able to drive again please?

A 4th Metacarpal neck fracture, With a Knot in palm. How do I correct Mild Apex Dorsal Angulation after the bone has healed? Options? Costs?

ACL bony avulsion 4mm. No ACL Sprain. Dr said can't staple because the bones are broken small pieces & it will automatically heal in 4 weeks. Is it fn?

After 12 weeks my closed fracture ankle bimalleolar is not healing naturally, I have a airlock brace. What else do I need to do?

After a broken tibia surgery can someone have sex?

After a wrist fracture and disclocation will I ever recover my flexibility.?

After humerus bone graft surgery, can we travel in a bike for near by places? Its been 2 months after the surgery.

After my scaphoid fracture is healed through the screw, can I start smoking again?

After nearly 6 months since a displaced fibulas fracture , it is now a fibrous union, what treatment is now needed?

After orif and bone graft to a web b fx will I have to wear an ankle brace when training in the future or should it not be necessary ?

Ankle fracture surgery. How much range of motion would you lose after surgery?

Are there any alternatives to surgery for a fractured ankle that has not healed after 8 weeks?

Are there any long term effects on wrist or hand of surgically fixed (plates and screws) proximal fractures in both ulna and radius of same forearm?

Are there many cases of a non displaced lateral malleolus fracture treated conservatively in cast and non weight bearing, then aircast partial weight bearing, having to result in ORIF ?

Are there some C2 fractures that don't require surgery?

As a patient what should I expect from bone fusion procedure for lisfranc dislocation?

Bayonet accepted position of complete fracture radius and ulna will take how long to heal or build callus? My age is 26 is it still okay?

Bayonet apposition of complete fractured radius and ulna under arm cast as seen in xray both bones are in parallel position, would it heal?

Been limping for a long time. My left femur dislocated from its socket to some extent. Can this be fixed with a surgery.

Broke distal radius in 2 places & had surgery. 6 weeks after surgery, still have 1 fracture, but my MD traded cast for brace. Did he jump the gun?

Broke my fibula and tore ligaments in my ankle. Had surgery (with a titanium plate and connector between my fib and tib). What's recovery time like?

Broke my radial head on the 16, surgery is set for a 5 millimeter displacement on January 5. Is that too long to wait?

Broken forearm surgery time for recovery (plate and screws)?

Broken leg open fracture --what is the best surgery?

Can a bimalleolar fracture that is still in good alignment without surgery still become displaced after being put in a fiber cast? Would I feel it?

Can a nondisplaced hook of the hamate fracture heal is 5 weeks with no treatment and is there still pain after 5 weeks?

Can broken bones and their surgical repairs cause arthritis?

Can chip frcture on anterior margin of scaphoid bone heal itself by using metal brace splint on wrist. Ortho surgeon has recommended to use splnt?

Can I have surgery to repair peroneal tendon and fractured talus at the same time?

Can i resume smoking after 6 month of healing time for fracture on the midshaft femur bone? Or should I hold it for at least a year?

Can i travel with fractured humerus bone after a surgery?

Can leg tilt be corrected after bone fracture after 6 years without surgery?

Can multiple fractures of the humerus bone heal without having surgery?

Can there be any cosmetic surgery for healed forearm fracture?

Can there still be some degree of lucency on xrays after bone has healed?

Can u do surgery13 weeks after initial injury to repair ulna&radius broken mid shaft showing poor bone healing&appears to be healing "bowed"(bad angle?

Can you exercise while having a mildly displaced fracture of the distal coccyx?

Can you make a full recovery from trimalleolar ankle fracture with dislocation?

Can you tell me how is a compound fracture stabilized after surgery?

Can you tell me if not, please describe which fractures cannot be repaired physiologically. Then explain how these fractures can be repaired?

Can you tell me what helps in healing multiple fractures after plasters?

Child humerus buckle fracture, is follow up really necessary?

Chipped tarsal navicular that never healed so was recommended to have chip removed. How is recovery for this?

Clavicle fracture for my fourteen year old sister. Recovery time?

Comminuted impacted fracture through the neck of the left humerus with associated mild valgus angulation of the humeral shaft. Can this heal in SLING?

Comminuted intraarticular distal radius wrist fracture when will i be out of the woods as far as having it fused if hardware doesn't hold? 2 lb limit

Complete fracture of radius and ulna, now from the xray it is on bayonet apposition how long will it heal and build callus?

Complete overriding fracture are noted in the distal thirds of right radius and ulna possible of healing even without metal plates?

Complete overriding fracture distal thirds of radius and ulna, bayonet apposition heals? How long?

Could multiple fractures of the humerus bone heal without having surgery?

Could a bone contusion require surgery?

Could a broken ankle return to looking normal after surgery?

Could a transversal fracture of the 4th metacarpal bone in the hand require surgery?

Could the transversal fracture of the 4th metacarpal in the hand need surgery?

Dislocated shoulder and reduced and broke clavicle in three pieces Dr. said it will heal by itself Need a second opinion?

Displaced 5th metatarsal neck on both feet, dr didn't perform surgery waiting for 6 weeks and if still displaced will perform, is this normal?

Displaced collar bone broken in middle how long will it take to mend without surgery?

Displaced fibula fracture 5" below knee. It's been 6 weeks with no sign of bone healing. Does it have a chance at healing still or is this non Union?

Distal end of clavicle fracture and slight dislocation of AC joint after falling down from stairs now on sling. Will it heal without surgery ?

Distal fibula fracture - is it possible to have an amputation?

Distal fibula fracture - is it recommended to have an amputation?

Do 3 or 4 part fractures always need surgery?

Do all Jones fractures require surgery?

Do I have to undergo surgery if I have scaphoid fracture non union in my hand? The fracture is already two years due.

Do skull fractures require surgery?

Do u need surgery if one of your metacarpals doesn't heal from a hairline fracture or sprain after 1 1/2 months if it still is not getting better?

Do you always have to have surgery for a hip fracture?

Do you need pt to recover from a radial head fracture?

Do you recommend corrective surgery for collarbone with hairline fracture that healed incorrectly? If not in a lot of pain, would you advise surgery?

Do you think I should have surgery to repair malunion on broken clavicle?

Doctors told that I have to undergo for a surgery for surgical correct ion of long bone fracture My qstn is after accident in how much time It will do?

Does a 90 year old with a displaced, slightly fractured tibia have to have surgery or can it be put in a cast?

Does a bad bone contusion always require surgery?

Does a brace help a pars defect to heal?

Does a broken collarbone require surgery?

Does a displaced tibia fracture on ankle need immediate reduction before being placed in a splint? Does this injury require surgery to fix?

Does a distal humerus supracondylar fracture require surgery?

Does a laminectomy bone heal afyer surgery?

Does a nondisplaced anterior nasal bone fracture need surgery?

Does having a displaced meniscus mean that i will need surgery to fix it? How did it get displaced?

Does improper immobilization of a fracture mean that it has been stablized?

Does the bone heal back after a laminaectomy surgery.

Even though I have a non displaced hook of the hamate bone fracture, it happened over a month ago, should I cast it or have it excised?

Fibula spiral fracture at ankle: 6 weeks in cast, typically, what is follow up treatment after cast is removed?X rays look great.

Following orif + bone graft to lat malleolus non union will i be placed in cast or aircast and for what length of time?

For a bone cyst in my femur , how long would be the recovery time?

For a simple colles fracture, why so long before return to play?

For how long after can you repair a finger bone that has been dislocated?

For how much time the cast is required for a closely reduced wrist fracture?

For rehab on a medial malleolus fracture that has had orif surgery is it better to see a physiotherapist or a podiatrist?

Found out I have a displaced fracture in my tail bone, do I need surgery?

Fractured lateral malleolus type B, Had operation needed plate and 6 screws. 21 Healthy. Feels good 0 pain good movement. Heal time? when out of cast?

Fractured lateralmalleolus, minimally displaced, doc said nosurgery. 4 & 1/2 weeks in, can it displace orbecome nonunion if start to put full weight?