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4th metasaursal broken but not displaced. In a boot for 30 days. Does boot need to be on when you are walking from bedroom to bathroom?

Are casts put on for avulsion fractures or is it not needed?

Are fiberglass type casts required if you have a stress fracture?

Are unna boots comfortable?

Best ways to shower with a cast on?

Bimalleolar fracture of ankle 11 days ago. No surgery needed. Ankle is in a fiberglass cast. Ankle hasn't hurt since being in the cast. Should it be?

Broke lower tibia early April, rod & screws, no cast or boot, still Nwb, shouldn't I be able to put some weight, and no cast or boots is weird.

Can a fiberglass cast leave hyperpigmented areas on the leg?

Can a fiberglass cast on your leg leave bruises and abrasions?

Can a&e plaster the leg with the heavy plaster or fibreglass cast?

Can I accurately weigh myself with an ankle cast?

Can I find a waterproof cast?

Can i request a cast from my doctor?

Can i swim with a cast on?

Can I use a walking cast in order to work?

Can i work out with a cast on my broken foot?

Can somebody tell me how much does a fiberglass long-arm cast weigh.?

Can you paint a fiberglass orthopedic cast?

Can you put a cast on a single toe?

Can you wear ankle fracture boot instead of cast?

Can you write on a soft cast?

Cast remove after broken ankle: what occurs now?

Closed 1,2,3&5 metatarsal fractures. Doc put me in a Aircast. Would a fiberglass cast be better? Still a lot of pain in boot.

Could a doctor use a cast on a broken femur?

Could orthopedic doctor have a walking boot for a sprain and air casts in his office?

Do I need a cast for my avulsion fractured foot?

Do I need physical therapy for broken tibia and fibula while wearing a cast?

Do you always need a cast after ankle surgery?

Do you have to wear a boot while sleeping with a broken fibula?

Do you have to wear a cast after an ankle arthroscopy?

Do you need a cast after thumb surgery?

Do you think that i could get a cast for my 3 broken metatarsals?

Does a boots usable for eyeglasses at boots opticians?

Does my 2yr old daughet need a cast for a hairline fracture ? or is a splint ok for it to heal?

Fiberglass cast for ankle/leg, what is this?

Foot six weeks in cast what to expect?

For how long do I have to wear a cast on my hand?

For my tib bone fracture without surgry is in cast from 40 days & my doctor advised to keep cast for another 5 wks, is it advised to keep cast so long?

Fractured ankle swelling after cast removed. How long and how should it be treated?

Good idea to get my fiberglass cast wet?

How can I bathe if I have a cast of both of my legs?

How can I regain shape in leg after wearing a cast for a fractured femur?

How can I weigh myself with a cast on my ankle?

How do I know if i need a cast or not?

How do they remove a cast from foot?

How do you absorb sweat in a boot cast after a broken foot?

How do you cut a plaster cast off yourself?

How do you make a cast for your ankle?

How does a walking cast help a clean break through the tibia and fibula?

How long after cast removal of jones fravture will my foot be swollen?

How long do I have to wear a cast for a fractured ankle?

How long do I have to wear an air cast after a metatarsal fracture?

How long do I think I will have a cast on from a fractured calcaneus ?

How long do you leave an ankle sprain in a soft cast?

How long does one normally wear a cast after broken ankle surgery?

How long should I use an air cast after a broken foot?

How long should I wear a air cast for two bone chip fractures foot/ ankle?

How long should I wear my foot cast for?

How long will you wear a cast for a fractured knee?

How long would you wear a cast on an arm?

How many weeks would one have to typically wear a cast for a leg fracture?

How much does a cast weigh?

How much recovery time do you need after a broken ankle cast?

How painful is the sesamoid recovery process in general? Cast, wheelchair, boot or just crutches?

How to scratch a foot cast?

I broke my ankle and was in a cast for 6 weeks. I removed the cast 2 weeks ago and am in physio now, how long will the pain & swelling last for?

I broke my ankle yrs ago and they never put a cast on it, someone ran over it with a scooter a month ago,if its broke will they skip the cast? and why

I broke my fibula bone and and wearing a plaster orthopedic cast. Is it normal to have ankle pain?

I fractured my 5th metacarpal how long will I need cast?

I fractured my ankle 2 weeks ago, I am in a fiberglass cast, when can I start putting weight on it?

I had a maisonneuve fracture 3 weeks ago.. Is it a good idea to remove the cast and put a walking boot in the 4th week?

I had big toe fusion surgery in early march .... 6 weeks in cast. What is purpose of boot after that ? How do you walk in a boot ?

I had bunion surgery november22 2013 .Had cast on for six weeks. Cast is off. Would it be okay to use crutches. I can't get shoes on yet?

I have 5th matatarsal non displaced fracture. I bought myself a walker boot instrad of cast. Is this ok?

I have a broken foot with out cast ok for a bath?

I have a spiral fracture of my fibula. I now have to wear a moon boot for 6-8 weeks & use crutches. How long should I use crutches for with the boot?

I have an avulsion ankle fracture and i was put in an air cast and on crutches. How long should I be on the crutches? Is the air cast the right brace?

I have been told I have a fracture in my 5th metatarsal on left foot, and currently in a temp cast. Can I ask for a boot rather than a permanent cast?

I have broken ankle cast will have been on 7weeks will it be healed?

I just switched from a normal cast to an air cast and my foot hurts more and is numb, what should I do?

I think i might need a boot or a cast how can I tell?

I'm having ankle stabilization surgery & will be in a splint for two weeks. Can i request a cast after that instead of a boot?

I've been in a cast for two weeks for a non displaced metacarpal fracture (4th). Is there any way i could remove the cast in less than 4 weeks ?

Ideas for cast scratching?

If my toe is fractured what would they do? Cast, boot, or what

If you don't wear a cast or a boot for a broken fibula and tibia what will happen because i take my boot off a lot.?

Is a boot or a cast for better for a broken ankle?

Is a cast needed for a broken ankle?

Is an air cast boot good for when foot has swelling?

Is cast or boot better for ankle fracture?

Is it normal for foot to be swollen. Had foot in cast for six weeks. Cast was taken off january 6?

Is it normal for your foot to swell after having a cast taken off?

Is it ok to splatter paint an orthopedic cast?

Is it ok to use a boot cast for sprained ankle?

Is it okay to spray paint a fiberglass orthopedic cast?

Is it possible for you to submerge fiberglass cast?

May have fractured foot growth plate. If so would I get a cast or boot?

My cast too tight, what can I do to loosen it?

Nondisplaced distal fibula fracture. been in cast for 2 weeks. new cast tomorrow. can i take this cast off for tonight to wash?

Not sure what to do with my hand cast now that it is off?