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3 months ago i fractured my 5th metatarsal on X-ray it still looks broken. Still in a boot. I've seen four different and four different thoughts. Still uncomfertable. How long could this take to heal?

5 days ago i fell forward off some steps. During this I have injured my big toe, I think it may be broken. Should I go to a&e? Please see image

7 weeks ago was in a mva both knees sustained a hard blow there are bone contusions with bone marrow edema and a broken patella what are my risks?

A doctor for an X-ray but they found no fracture or a broken bone. What else could be causing the pain?

A friend's child was just diagnosed with broken ankle, is that a serious condition?

After a bone has been broken, will it get as strong as it was? :-)

After breaking my 5th metacarpal, theres a lump (im guessing its just a build up of bone used to heal it) how long for this lump to go?

Aloe plant is it good for dislocated bones?

Any ideas why broken bone hurts when the weather is changing?

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Are xray always realiable than the physical feeling on the broken bones? Eg. Radius and ulna better on manipulation but different on xray

Aspirin for pain for broken bone, does that work?

At my last check up, I forgot to tell the doctor about rib fracture. Is that ok?

At the doctors they x rayed my sons arm due to a possible break. She mentioned that his growth plates are wide open. He is 12. What does it mean?

Been to doctor for what i suspect is an ankle and knee stress fracture, doctors have taken since january to make get me an xray. What can I do?

Best treatment for break bone fever?

Bone fragments in wrist, should I be concerned?

Break a bone - im doing a project for my nursing about broken bones, the main aspect of the assignment is to identify ways in which a bone can break-c?

Broke 4th metacarpal 5 days ago. Doc scheduled me to see orthopedic in 3 weeks. Is that too long to wait to get it fixed, will they have to rebreak ?

Broke my collar bone again. Does it become weaker after every break?

Broke my leg doing a dismount. Others did the same dismount without a problem. Why did my leg break?

Broken ankle while pregnant. Is it safe to go for treatment at this stage?

Broken bone is weak after healing than before?

Broken tibia, no surgery - the soft bone around the break has all formed, how long should it take to harden/calcify? It's been 9 weeks since the break

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Can I run and gym with a fractured nose? It is 2 days after the injury. I am waiting to see a specialist.

Can i work out as usual as I use to do before my collar bone fracture . My coolar bone is joined X-ray shows that please advice.

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Can you tell me the process for getting a CT scan for a broken ankle do I have to take like a certain drink?

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Collar bone pain years after break?

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Diagnosed with a carpal fracture and am waiting 30 days to see specialist. What can I do with the fractured hand while i wait, as to not worsen it?

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Docs, could a broken humerus bone heal but extended the normal growth that may cause us inability to move the joint?

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Does a dr have to prescribe a bone stimulator for a fractured little toe that hasnt healed in 3 months? I can't find one anywhere

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Does nasal fracture mean a break of the nasal bone or the cartilage of the bone or both?

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Don't you normally get drugs to set a broken bone (lets say ankle) prior to a doctor putting on a cast?

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Foot cut through deep, and bone broken. What's the chance of bone infection after it's stitched up?

Foot cut through to bone, and bone broken. How serious can this be?

For how long to keep the pop dressing after the bone fracture?

Fractured cocsis or tailbone treatment? No better after two years

Fractured my ankle(fibula) 2.5 weeks ago & just now about to see an orthopedic doc. I go on monday 9-10-12.Should I expect any problems when I go?

Fractured or cracked skull fatal?