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3 yr old needs pulpotomies & crowns. Prone to allergies. Which is safest w/ fewest risks or side effects- Versed, Hydroxyzine or Demerol (meperidine hydrochloride)? Thanks!

A prescription, such as Zofran, (ondansetron) is commonly used for chemo and post surgical operations. Are they for use by the general population most times?

After cardiac resuscitation during surgery, is it viable/possible to resume anesthetics? (Propofol/Remifentanil)

After general anaesthetic I have akathasia and agitation. How long will this last?

Although uncommon and quite strong for this purpose, as a last resort can haloperidol theoretically be be used for plane anxiety?

Anaesthesia indications difference between ondanestron and metoclopramide?

Anaesthetists, does cannabis interact with agents used for EGD under GA? I use it medicinally as an antiemetic and orexigenic currently. Vaporised.

Anesthetics and sedatives: toxic or protective for the developing brain?

Antidepressants and Anesthesia. I'm on Reboxetine (norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor ) and have a twilight anesthetic (colonoscopy) on 23rd. safe?

Are anesthetic drugs considered a biohazard?

Are neuromuscular blockers and anesthesia the same thing ?

Are technicians supposed to administer anesthesia?

Are there alternatives using novocain (procaine) if the patient has a problem with "...Cain" drugs? Patients heart rate spikes when given novocain (procaine)

Are there other non nauseating anesthetics like propofol?

As I said before, having an Upper Endoscopy done next week. Was told I will be under light sedation. What type of drugs are usually used for this?

Can alcohol effect the anesthetic used in dental practices?

Can an anesthesiologist please list medications used for a total breast removal case?

Can an anti-nausea medication be added to my i.v. sedation line? Such as Zofran (ondansetron) to prevent the effects of the anesthesia?

Can being on cedax (ceftibuten) interfere with anesthesia?

Can diprivan use fatal complications during anesthesia?

Can Epi lessen the numbing effect of lidocaine? (I'm doing a research paper on anesthesia) Thank you for your time!

Can fentenyl be used in sedation for MRI instead of benzodiazapans for adult patient ?

Can general anesthesia be used in ablation for WPW (adult and child under 10)?

Can halothane make you unconscious ?

Can heart patients take anesthesia safely?

Can i be given propofol for surgery if I have bradycardia from propranolol?

Can I buy given medication to calm me down before I go under anesthesia?

Can i take an Advil after i had twilight sedation for a LEEP? They used Versed and Demerol (meperidine hydrochloride).

Can morphine be used instead of to replace anesthesia for surgery?

Can people to be allergic to general anesthetic?

Can propofol be used for status epileptus?

Can respiratory therapists administer anesthesia under supervision of a anesthesiologist and start ivs and give injections?

Can someone develop tinnitus if given a lot of IV sedation for a procedure? Are one of the side effects of sedation tinnitus.

Can THC affect anesthesia?

Can the anaesthesia drug ketamine cause blindness in people?

Can the conscious sedation I am having for surgery affect my asthma or vice versa? If so how?

Can they use local for patient receiving an epidural anethesia for pain?

Can versed alone be used for child MRI sedation? Why is propofal also needed? Hospital said they use them together for MRI.

Can Versed, Fentanyl and Gen. Anesthesia have long term effects on 18 mo old baby?

Can you do a rapid detox under anesthesia?

Can you explain pentothal use for surgery?

Can you give me 10 or more drugs that are commonly used in the operating room?

Can you give nalaxone to twins when their mother got an overdose of spinal local anesthesia ?

Can you tell me about which drugs are used to relax muscles during major surgery?

Can you tell me how can they give u general anesthetics r they like pills or something?

Can you tell me if there is any harmful effect of using local anaesthesia to delay ejaculation?

Can you tell me what if im put under nitrous oxide and then given anasthesia through iv. Will i die since i wont be aware or something?

Can you tell me what kind of anesthesia is commonly used in hospitals?

Chronic codeine use for years and general anesthesia safety?

Could any anesthesiologist out there give me the names of medications used for anesthesia?

Could combining anesthesia with poisons give you a painless death ?

Could epinephrine be used as a local agent to curb extremity bleeding in major trauma?

Could every anesthesia drug need to be injected?

Could fentanol citrate increase the sleep time of propofol?

Could I experience a heart arythmia days after anesthesia or would it only appear while under the effects of the anesthesia?

Could propofol be used in out-of-hospital setting?

Could topical anesthesia make you fail a drug test?

Do countries besides the us allow halcion/triazolam?

Does alcohol reverse the effects of local anesthesia?

Does anesthesia affect patients with costochondritis differently?

Does electronarcosis really induce sleep or anesthesia?

Does ingested cannabis oil interact with anesthesia used in surgery?

Does isoflurance anesthetic have a potential for suicide if used inappropriately?

Does marijuana cause a reaction with anesthesia?

Does marijuana use have any interaction with general anesthesia? I use once a day and having VSG tomorrow.

Does methohexital cause nausea like other anesthetics?

Does methohexital for anethesthesia during surgery cause significant nausea and vomiting like other anesthetics?

Does nitrous oxide gas interact with methadone? I would rather not disclose that I am taking methadone, but i may need nitrous during the procedure.

Ever heard of oral sedation using midazolam syrup to reduce anxiety in addition to oral transmucosal fentanyl citrate for pain prior to surgery?

Expert opinions? What kind of kinds of drugs might be used to delay absorption of a local anesthetic?

Following 600 mg temazepam, which clinical procedure is used to restore respiratory inhibition?

For extreme nervous patients undergoing a c section, is general anesthesia better or taking a light sedative? Can sedative be given before spinal?

For how long should a patient stay on oxygen after being on nitrous oxide?

For what length of time does IV sedation take to wear off?

Has anyone used biolitec evolve life laser for bph? Less chance of re? Safer then greenlight? Under local anesthesia.

Having a back tooth pulled this week with IV sedation. What drugs do oral surgeons usually use for IV sedation? Just in general. I know it depends.

Help plz! Can propofol (diprivan) be used in an "out of hospital" setting?

Help! need to know if there's some anesthesia or numbing agent that kids are allowed to use once they turn 3?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is acute propofol intoxication?

How can the mind be used to lessen fear and pain during procedures?

How could a anaesthetic induce unconsciousness?

How could anesthesia come up as cocaine in a drug test and what types of anesthesia?

How could the use of drugs for anesthesia change over the years?

How deep of a sleep does electronarcosis induce? I read it has been implicated for use as anesthesia in surgery?

How has anesthesia changed specifically in the last 15 or so years?

How is isoflurane gas administered to a patient?

How is sedation used for refractory vomiting?

How is the dose of local anaesthesia in dentistry is calculated for a patient?

How lmany hours do anesthesiologists usually work per day?

How often can epidural anesthesia be used for?

How often can epidural anesthesia be used?

How safe is deep sedation given by on oral surgeon. Im nervous that it will disrupt my breathing.

How will morphine sulfate affect awake state?

I am a pharmacy technician at a hospital can I stiil work in the IV room? We work with mostly fentanyl, glycopyrrolate midazolam, chlorpromazine

I am curious why in the NYT article today the protocol for physician's assisted death is IV Midazolam, Propofol followed by roncurium. Would not it be?

I am undergoing a colon test next week and they will be using Propofol. They used general anesthesia on me when I had a hysterectomy done and I had a lot of problems. Was it Propofol they used that caused the problems?

I had surgery and they gave me propofol for induction, did they switch to gas during the surgery?

I have an eight-year-old brain injury from misusing other peoples' antidepressants. Can i safely have general anesthesia?

I know both are generally safe, but is intravenous safer than general anesthesia? Does intravenous cause complications if you have heart problems?

I may be having a hydrocele surgical procedure and I would prefer not to have general anesthesia. Would versed & demerol (meperidine hydrochloride) or some similar combo be OK?