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Is it worth doing endometrial biopsy under general anesthesia due to the pain?

(closed nose reduction) if the doctor has told me that he will use general anesthesia, what else will he use ? ( iv, endotracheal tube)

Anaesthesia effecting my life after surgery, who can I talk to about this?

Anesthetized patients with chronic bronchitis and emphysema and what complications expected to occur during anesthesia and surgical work and what are?

Are most anesthesia deaths due to not following proper protocols?

Are the surgery technicians supposed to administer anesthesia?

Are there ever any complications for going under anesthesia?

Been on Lexapro 20 mg for few months for anxiety. I have upcoming surgery on my foot w/general anesthesia. Is it safe to be on lexapro w/anesthesia?

Botched fiberoptic intubation led to near panic so I am scared of general anesthesia any advice?

Can a general anesthetic make you dumb? Also can a general anesthetic cause mental retardation?

Can a person use an anaesthetic during the lasik surgery to avoid pain?

Can a pregnant woman get general anesthesia for a dental procedure?

Can a sinus mucocele ever be treated as an in-office procedure or is it always outpatient at a hospital or surgery center under general anesthesia?

Can anyone tell me more about a breast biopsy--what do they do, anesthesia, etc?

Can cats be spayed on local anesthesia? If not then why is general anesthesia necessary? I would love to know in detail:)

Can circumcision be done at an older age with no type of anesthesia or sedation given can the area just be numbed in stead of being completely sedated?

Can epidural anesthesia be used in open heart surgery?

Can general anaesthetic affect periods?

Can general anesthesia cause constipation and swelling for more than 3 days after surgery! If yes, what are the remedies?

Can general anesthesia stop your heart?

Can General Anesthesia through an IV leave a teenager with any issues even months later?

Can general anesthetic hang around in your system?

Can heart patients get local anestetics?

Can i fly after having a cyst removed from my shoulder? They will be putting me under general anesthetic.

Can i get a tummy tuck under local anesthesia are does it have to be done under general?

Can I get blepharoplasty done under general?

Can i get complete rhinoplasty and septoplasty under only local anesthesia safely?

Can i get complete rhinoplasty under only local anesthesia?

Can i get general anesthesia for epiphora surgery? I need to have surgery for epiphora, where the doctor will put a tube in to stop my eyes watering all the time. Can this be done under general anesthesia? The idea of being awake for this procedure frigh

Can i get my gallbladder removed while i'm awake? Or do I have to have general anestesha? And what are the risks?

Can I guy get circumcised at an older age.. is it a procedure that involves putting to sleep or can it be done with patient being awake. ?

Can I stop Prozac (fluoxetine) a few days before major surgery? I'm worried that withdrawal may affect general anesthesia or cause problems during the operation.

Can I use regional anesthesia with a sedative, instead of general anesthesia for my arthroscopic shoulder surgery? I don't like being put under

Can opioids be used for pain relief during small procedures (like mole removal) like a local anesthetic would?

Can oral sturgeons normally put people under general anaesthesia when they do extractions?

Can people get general anesthesia when they have a hand surgery?

Can process of general anesthesia trigger gerd.

Can someone get umbilical hernia surgery without using general anesthesia? I want to be awake if possible.

Can the general anaesthesia administered for a d and c procedure (to investigate post menopausal bleeding) cause death?

Can they insert grommets in the ears of a child with general anaesthetic or local?

Can tonsils be taken out under only local anestesia?

Can u give patient who go for operation of elbow general anestetic if he takes Abilify (aripiprazole) and they gave him day after operation and day before operation?

Can you be under anesthesia and mentally be aware of what is going on in a major surgery?

Can you breathe on your own with arthoscopic shoulder surgery? I know you go under general anesthesia

Can you die from getting general anesthesia?

Can you die from local anesthesia for a small cosmetic procedure? I don't react well to benzo's. Scared of if they want mild sedation.

Can you do local anesthesia for labia repair?

Can you get a hysteroscopy with uterine biopsy without general or local anesthetics?

Can you give me suggestions for 1st time operation and general anesthetic on monday?

Can you please describe the first aid procedure for fainting?

Can you tell me about a complete hysterectomy using spinal anesthesia and an oral sedative?

Can you tell me about a port that gets implanted into the chest of a patient before undergoing chemotherapy? General anesthesia and ?

Can you tell me how an anesthesiologist know how much anesthetic to give to someone who rushes in from a car crash or something and needs emergency surgery?

Can you tell me if I am having IV sedation for an hour long procedure is it safe to do so while experiencing minor congestion?

Can you tell me is dental surgery under general anaesthetic possible if you can't breathe through your nose?

Can you tell me the pros and cons of the procedure "elbow manipulation w/ gen anesthesia". ?

Cold and cough days before surgery under general anasthetic?

Could general anesthesia affect your brain's memory after having four major surgery?

Could having a bad seizure when i'm waking up after surgery be a reaction to general anesthesia?

Could having general anesthesia just before conception be dangerous to my baby?

Could my Anxiety be a reason why I was put under general for a ganglionectomy or the fact it was very small?

Could my breast surgeon lower one breast that he admitted to placing too high in his office & without using anesthesia?

Could smoking marijuana after a surgery where general anesthesia was used cause any huge issues? It's been 12 hrs since the surgery.

Could you shoot up liquid lidocaine from a doctors office and what would the affects be if done?

Could you tell me how to calm my husband who is having oral surgery in the morning with just topical anaesthetic?

Could you tell me what happens during the local/general sedation process of an abortion ?

D&c tomorrow for post-menopause bleeding investigation.Is general anaesthesia for d&c dangerous? What are the risks? Is local better?

Dental: Day after SCTG very nauseous. Very involved procedure than I thought it would be. Local anaesthetic used. How can I ever go thru an implant?

Do all general anesthesias require a breathing tube? Like arthoscopic shoulder surgery? Would it require one under GA

Do anesthesia shots for eyelid surgery hurt?

Do anesthesiologists only work in the operating room or do they also see patients in an office?

Do children get general anesthesia when they get acupuncture?

Do most people elect to have IV anesthesia when undergoing one or two dental implants at same session?

Do oral surgeon usually completely knock you out or will they usually use local anesthesia?

Do oral surgeons intubate pt. For tooth extraction? Is it a simple intubation or is it rsi? Any paralytic involved?

Do oral surgeons normally put people under general anaesthesia when they do extractions?

Do people with red hair really require more general anesthetic?

Do they puter you under general anethesia for a miscarriage ?

Do they sometimes give more than one anesthetic for arm surgery?

Do you know if patients tend to be awake when operations are done on their brain?

Do you know of risks with getting a spinal block for a cesarean followed by general anesthesia for more surgery?

Do you think I should get a spinal or just go under general anesthesia?

Do you think it would be appropriate to have a regional anesthetic for scrotal surgery instead of a general?

Does an anesthesiologist have to stay with his patients the whole time while under anesthesia?Thanks

Does anesthesia linger in system after major surgery?'

Does fentanyl patch can be used as sedative during minor oral surgical procedure like mandibular fracture reduction, cyst enucleation in place of ga.?

Does general anasthesia affect celulitis

Does general anesthesia cause alopecia?If so how long would it take to occur after surgery?Mine occurred a few months after so is it possibly related

Does general anesthisia for mouth surgery be given to a pregnant woman?

Does laparoscopy for see the extra uterine gestation needs general anesthesia or local anesthesia? How long the procedure will take? Any risk

Does local anesthesia numb the bone also when they are doing oral surgery?

Does local anesthesia used during an ingrown toe nail procedure show up in a urine drug screen?

Does the anesthesia affect on fetus?My wife did an operation for Bartholin's abscess.

For a short procedure hysteroscopy/d&c if general anesthesia is use would a tube be put for breathing or a mask? Female/54yrs

For what length of time does it take for my local anesthesia to wear off?

For what length of time will I have to stay in hospital for after a short procedure and general anesthetic. ?

For what length of time will they monitor/keep me in hospital after general anesthetic ?

For what reasons general anesthesia is recommended for young people ?

General anesthesia in hospital to have a back molar pulled. Is it safe? How long will I be out? I have hypothyroidism. COPD anxiety.

Getting a mole removed from my face, does this involve general or local anesthesia?