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17 wk pregnant.Had my wisdom tooth extraction.Local anesthesia administered had epinephrine.Surgeon told its mild n safe.Is it safe?

A dental patient of ours has positional dizziness (for years). He is unmedicated. Is it safe to give him nitrous oxide?

Any advice for a nervous dental patient?

Any alternative to midazolam to use in dental clinic. Safe and easy?

Are dental dams used for oral sex?

Are patients who have quarterly periodontal cleanings allowed nitrous oxide to decrease pain during the 45 minute hygienist procedure?

Are there any lidocaine alternatives for heart patient at dentist?

Are they going to use general anesthesia or just a local anesthetic for a wisdom tooth extraction?

At a dentist, which do you prefer, nitrous oxide, or sedation? What should I do?

Before dental work is septocaine safe as well as clindamycin?

Can a dental assistant be licensed to administer nitrous oxide in many states?

Can a dental hygienist perform anesthesia?

Can a simple dental anesthetic last for days?

Can dental anaesthetics cause dizziness?

Can dental anesthesia cause upset stomach?

Can dental anesthesia give you a headache?

Can dental sealants be safely removed if there is decay under them without the use of a drill? If so, how will it be done?

Can dental work with local anesthetic cause loss of taste?

Can gp dentist use nitrous oxide?

Can i drink alcohol after receiving dental anesthetic?

Can I have nitrous oxide (during a dental visit) while pregnant?

Can i receive a gas anesthetic for extraction of teeth?

Can i take more than 0.5 grams of triazolam for dental work?

Can i take novocain (procaine) for dental visit when on chantix?

Can there be any dentists in the philippines who can perform sedated surgery using nitrous oxide?

Can there be some alcohol in novocaine or other anesthesia used in dentistry?

Can they put you to sleep for dental surgery?

Can you have a beer after receiving dental anesthetic at dentist?

Can you have someone in the room with you whilst your under local anesthesia for tooth extractions at hospital ?

Can you tell me about nitrous oxide (n2o), or laughing gas, is commonly used as an anesthetic in dentistry and surgery. how many m?

Can you tell me if i could get my wisdom teeth out with just nitrous oxide?

Can you tell me of any alternatives to dental anesthesia for asthmatics?

Can you tell me some alternatives to dental anesthesia for asthmatics?

Can you tell me with what or how to naturally excrete the dental anesthesia septocaine after a visit?

Conscious sedation at the dentist while on methadone, is this okay?

Could dentist charge for returning sedation pills?

Could nitrous oxide for dentist work ?

Could you tell me what are all dental methods of anesthesia?

Dds what are your thoughts on halcion (triazolam) it was suggested to me at an appointment today as an alternative to general anesthesia for extensive work?

Dental phobia since botched intubation: how effective are drugs, sedatives?

Dentist does not pre medicate or use nitrous oxide in practice prior to connective tissue gum grafting of the palate. Switch from dental specialist?

Do dental hygienists use botox for their procedures?

Do dentists use versed to sedate patients?

Do you have to take laughing gas for multiple dental extractions?

Do you think I should have my 5 year old sedated at the dentist?

Docs can you explain, is it safe to do extraction to a patient with meningitis?

Does it hurt a 16 year old to be given nitrous oxide from a dentist for 2 hours without being monitered.?

Does IV sedation for dental implants mean I will be totally asleep or are there variations of sleepiness?What if my perio dds does not give it at all?

Does triazolam work good for dental surgery?

Due 2 $ i may not be able to do IV sedation for teeth extraction nitrice oxide and local....If I have trouble w/that would they be able 2 finish w/ iv?

Extreme dental fear, triazolam vs valium, which is better?

For anesthesia in dental filling work how long will it subside?-

For filling is local anesthesia at a dentist better?

Getting nitrous during dental op but besides this i feel it's not sufficient. Is it common for all dentists to have some topical cream to add?

Have AVNRT, SVT. Is carbocaine safe for tooth extraction? Been a year needing extraction & dentist cannot decide.Tooth is decayed. Lidocaine safe?

Having tooth pulled. .5mg halcion (triazolam) 30 minutes prior with nitrous oxide during procedure. Is this safe? Will it put me at ease?

Hello docs, is citanest good to have for a dental procedure?

How can I excrete the dental anesthesia septocaine after a visit?

How common is it to be knocked out with laughing gas at the dentist?

How could dentists repair people's teeth before anestesia was introduced?

How does being sedated for dental care work?

How does being sedated for a dental procedure work ?

How does nitrous oxide sedation at the dentist make someone feel?

How effective are the sedatives used during dental procedures?

How effective is halcion (triazolam) with regards to teeth extraction?

How is it most comfortable to let the gum anesthesia fade away?

How long will the anesthesia effect last after a cavity filling?

How safe is halcion (triazolam) for a dental procedure? I'm nervous already Bc of my dental phobia.

How to naturally excrete the dental anesthesia septocaine after a visit?

How will i know what does an dental anesthesiologist job entail?

How willbeing sedated for a dental procedure feel?

I am extermely dental phobic. Need to have more work done but nitrous oxide did nothing. What are my options?

I am having a root canal. Will Valium and halcion (triazolam) help meat the dentist's?

I am having nitrous oxide at dentist (laughing gas), should I be concerned?

I am terrified of dentists and want to be put to sleep for my procedure. Can i request it?

I had halcion (triazolam) this mornig at 830 for some fillings. Its now almost 7 at night, can I have a drink?

I have a dental phobia: how effective is sedations?

I need a root canal with local anesthesia for my molar tooth. I now take 0.25 mg xanax (alprazolam) 3 times a day for my anxiety. Is it safe to have anesthesia?

I need fillings. Can you get nitrous oxide and novacaine if breastfeeding?

I need help to figure out why nitrous oxide is not routinely used in dental clinics?

I need to have a gum graft and was wondering, are you sedated or given nitrous oxide prior to the procedure?

I need to know what is oral sedation like for dentist?

I only have 2 wisdom teeth in. My oral surgeon won't let me have just a local & laughing gas ..He says i need to go under IV sedation. Why is this?

I want to know what is the difference between being put to sleep and laughing gas during a dental procedure?

I wanted to know is citanest good to have for a dental procedure?

I wanted to know when you get your teeth cleaned do they use anesthesia(novocaine)?

I was quoted 200 dollars for nitrous oxide gas, per session. i was just wondering is 200 dollars the normal price for laughing gas?

I was wondering what do you dream when under nitrous oxide in the dentist's chair?

I will see a periodontist for a 2nd dental opinion. The office offers IV, nitros oxide and oral sedation. I never heard of oral sedation.What is this?

I'm breast feeding and I need dental work done with local anesthetic is it ok?

I'm having IV sedation and nitrous oxide for my wisdom teeth extraction, will i be awake and aware of all that's going on?

I'm nervous for dental filling. Can you calm my worries?

I'm not sure but is inhalation sedation or IV sedation better for tooth extraction?

I've got dental phobia: how effective are the sedatives?

If i receive nitrous oxide for a dental procedure will i be wearing the mask all the time and will i hear conversations of the dentist and hygienist?

If my child is getting dental work with laughing gas and still doesn't cooperate what will they do?

If ur child needed many dental fillings, WWYD? Oral sedation w/dentist, IV sedation w/dentist who's also anesthesiologist, or gen [email protected]?

If your wizdome theeth is not out jet do the dr use genral anestesia to take the theeth out?

In usa is it considered best practice to pull wisdom teeth without sedation?

Is 2 mgs lorazapam a good dose for dental procedure?