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After being under general anestshia, are you awake when leaving the operating room?

Any anesthesiologists with experience on what anesthesia is safe if you have had a stroke under general anesthesia and neuro rxn to local?

Any suggestions on which type of general anaesthesia should I have?

Anyone know about a hysteroscopic myomectomy? Intubated or IV for anesthesia?

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Are there other general anesthetics used for a tonsillectomy than propofol??

Are you given general anesthesia through an IV for arthoscopic shoulder surgery ?

Breathing complications during anesthesia, what to do?

Can a brachioplasty be done with a local anesthesia? Is it necessary to have general anesthesia for brachioplasty, or can I have it done with a local? .

Can a mentoplasty procedure be done by using local anesthesia without general anesthesia?

Can an appendectomy be done under local or general anaesthetics?

Can an epidural anesthesia be used for hysterectomy?

Can anesthesia cause amnesia after you leave the hospital?

Can any doc explain if you always need to intubate with a general anaesthetic?

Can any doc tell me what's the difference between sedation and a general anaesthetic?

Can Appendectomy be done without general anesthesia?

Can breast implant removal be done with local anesthesia? Can I have my breast implant removal done with a local anesthesia and sedation rather than a general anesthesia? .

Can cerclage be performed under regional anesthesia?

Can cleft palate surgery be done with local and not general anesthesia?

Can general anesthesia be dangerous for a 19 year old?

Can heart surgery be performed under an epidural or regional anesthesia?

Can I get conscious sedation as an alternative to general anesthesia?

Can i get tonsillectomy under local anesthesia only of just sedation? Or is general my only option?

Can I have a complete rhinoplasty done under only local anestesia and sedation?

Can I have a nosejob without general?

Can I have an appendectomy without general anesthesia?

Can I take acyclovir before undergoing under general anesthesia ?

Can i tell me how i can recover from general anesthesia?

Can there be complications from a general anesthetic?

Can u have a colonoscopy done with something other than general anesthesia? Such as conscious sedation?

Can you be allergic to anesthesia without ever having had anesthesia before?

Can you die from anesthesia?

Can you die from balloon sinuplasty under local anesthesia?

Can you die from general anesthesia?

Can you explain the difference between IV sedation and IV general anesthesia?

Can you give someone who has maligant hyperthermia general anethesia through an iv?

Can you have a tonsillectomy without general anesthesia in the us?

Can you have bad TMJ with general anesthesia?

Can you please explain in detail anesthetic awareness?

Can you take benedryl the night before a surgery with general anesthesia ?

Can you tell me about anesthesia awareness (i.E. Being awake during surgery)?

Can you tell me about anesthesia awareness?

Can you tell me about anesthesia techniques?

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Can you tell me about general anaesthetic?

Can you tell me examples of anesthesia techniques?

Can you tell me for dental surgery - IV sedation or general anaesthetic?

Can you tell me how can anesthesia work?

Can you tell me if i could request general anesthesia rather than local or regional?

Can you tell me is intubation always used in general anesthesia?

Can you tell me the risks of being put under general anesthesia during surgery?

Can your appendix be removed under regional anesthesia?

Concerning trigeminal anesthesia, what is "balaclava helmet anesthesia" and what is "snout anesthesia"?

Could any anesthesiologist out there give me the names of medications usd for anesthesia?

Could every anesthesia need to be injected?

Could general anesthesia cause cognitive dysfunction?

Could I be addicted to general anesthesia?

Could i choose to have local anaesthetic?

Could i refuse pre-op "sedation" since i'm having general anesthesia?

Could IV sedation work well during surgery?

Could someone had before a tonsillectomy when he was 7 can have any complications from general anaesthesia ?

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Dental work for 5 yrs old sedation or general anesthesia, what to do?

Do I have to eat before having surgery under local anesthesia?

Do i need general anesthesia for a thread lift? Can a thread lift be done under local anesthesia, or does it usually require a general? .

Do they use general anesthesia after circumcision?

Do they use general anesthesia for cyst?

Do you dream while under general anesthesia with propofol?

Do you get regional or general anesthesia for a carotid endarterectomy?

Do you think I should go under general anesthesia for liposuction?

Does any local anesthetic cause some sedation in a patient?

Does anyone know a doctor that will do a hysterectomy under regional anesthesia?

Does every surgery that require general anesthesia use intubation?

Does general anesthesia affect breastmilk?

Does general anesthesia causes hairfall? If so,how to treat it?

Does general anesthesia have a long-term effect on the memory after the operation?

Does general anesthesia have the same risks as with twilight?

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Epidural block is regional, local or, general anesthesia?

For outpatient surgery, are you hooked up to a ventilator if you are receiving general anesthesia ?

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General information about anesthesia.

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