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Dr. I have mild case of rectal prolapse mass protrudes through anus with bleeding during defication but no pain. Do I go for surgery or any other way?

1 week after treatment for pinworms can you perform anal licking?

4 weeks post op from rectal prolapse surgery having rectal bleeding with bowel movements and bulge inside rectum. Is this a sign my sutures have bust.?

A 26 year old otherwise healthy male who has developed anal fissures that do not heal. Not amenable to surgical repair. Has tried hyperbaric oxygen.

A friend of mine did surgery to remove fistula from her rectum and after this surgery it just keep bleeding isn't this dangerous?

After a hemmoroid surgery?

After one year of anal fissure ,doctor advised me to have surgery, but i am scared to do it ,i do not have much pain ,can i live without surgery?

After surgery of anal fistula do masturbation have effect on healing on males?

After surgery of anal fistula do masturbation have effect on healing on males?

After surgery to drain a perianal abscess I developed a big external/internal hemorrhoid, what should I do besides the suppositories and site bath?

Anal fissure surgery, tailored sphincterotomy, can you tell me more?

Anal fissure that is extremely painful. What is the fastest treatment for this?

Anal tag surgery. How much pain for how long?

Anal wart removal pain. How to relieve it?

Anyone know about the use of anoratab as treatment for anorectal fistulas?

Are any follow-up treatments needed after anal fistula surgery?

Are there any genetic causes for imperforate anus?

Are there any non-surgical methods of dealing with imperforate anus?

Are there any symptomatic differences between an external hemorrhoid and an anal cancer growth?

Are there medicines for anal fistulas, or is surgery the only option?

Are there several different procedures for treating anal fistulas?

Are there ways to prevent symptoms of an imperforate anus?

At what point should hemorrhoids be removed?

At what point would you recommend the removal of hemorrhoids?

Ave anal pain , painful defecation and secretion for 4 months . I've visited a general surgeon and he said no piles or fissure . thanks in advance?

Been seeing a colon rectal surgeon for internal hemorrhoids, had banding and laser treatment but still having rectal pain when I push to go to the bathroom. Could it be from the procedure or proctitis?

Bleeding from rectum. 88 years old with hemorrhoids. Worth it to fix them if health problems?

Can a general surgeon confirm I have a fissure fistula?

Can external hemorrhoids cause problems for someone who is going to undergo colonoscopy procedure ?

Can haemorrhoids reoccur after operation 30 yrs ago?

Can hemorrhoid banding and laser coagulation cause slight prostate inflammation?

Can hemorrhoid banding be done under anesthesia? i have anal fissures i was in pain when they tried banding it heals then comes back on off

Can hemorrhoid surgery affect your sphincter muscle?

Can internal hemorrhoids more and other issues than external ones if left untreated? My dr diagnosed my ext hemorrhoids only by sight and didn't chec

Can rectal prolapses come back after surgery?

Can somebody tell me how much is a hemorrhoidal cauterizing procedure?

Can treatment for internal hemorrhoids cause relief if it actually is anal/colon cancer?

Can ultrasound detect hemmroids, fissures, prolapse? I'm scheduled to have one for suspected hernia. How will prolapse look different vs hernia?

Can you give me more info on to get a sentinel pile caused by an anal fisure removed by surgery?

Can you provide some advice for someone who's had hemorrhoid surgery?

Can you recommend colorectal sugeon and gastro dr. In louisville, ky? My surgeon insists bleeding not from abscess surgery. Gastro ignored abscess.

Can you remove any bleeding anal lumps by surgery?

Can you tell me if large erosive internal hemorrhoids requires surgery?

Can you tell me of a charity for imperforate anus?

Chronic fissure for 2 months given diltiazem 2 weeks ago will it heal the fissure if it has been this long is surgery a must? what else can i do?

Colonoscopy was done no problems just 2 internal hem. And 1 external , banding proc. Done on one so far, after 2nd banding will ext. Shrink?

Colorectal doc said I need surgery for external hemorrhoids (also have internal ones). NO bleeding or pain, just feel like need to push in muscle after BMs. Is surgery really nec or are there other options can be tried first?Hear surgery very painful

Colorectal doc said need surgery for external hemorrhoids causing feeling of muscle/ball that has to be pushed in after each bm. Is surgery really nec?

Colorectal surgeon said I have obvious posterior anal fissure & gave cream to heal. What does obvious posterior mean? Is it really bad? Healing well.

Colorectal surgeon says bleeding since abscess surgery for 4 months ago not related to surgery. Husband just had colonoscopy and treated for crohns.

Could anal skin scar tissue be responsible for minor post-defecation leakage with a perineal tear involving only rectal mucosa and EAS (IAS intact)..?

Could general surgeon understand and treat people with anus/rectal problems?

Could i play soccer still and have the anal fistula or should I wait to be treated?

Crohn's is under control, but what could be causing bleeding from rectum for four months after perianal abscess surgery?5 drs visits-no advice.

Do I need to get my external hemorrhoid removed? Does it pose any threats to my health?

Do minor anal fissures require surgery or medical attention?

Do people get fecal incontinence after hemorrhoid surgery?

Do people who have surgery once for anal fistulas usually need repeat surgery later?

Do there exist procedures where a surgeon actually removes or kills the vein associated with an external hemorrhoid?

Do you recommend doing Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization ?

Do you think I should I go for surgery with my hemorrhoids?

Doc saw problem with hemorrhoids she wants banding done i have burning off on in rectum for years should it be removed? causing too many issues

Doctors can you tell me how often should a 68 yr old man have a colon proceedure for internal checking?

Does imperforate anus mean you will probably have anal cancer later in life?

Dr diagnosed me with 2 anal fissures. I'm ok for about 4-5 weeks and then they break open again. What can I do to help heal the fissures for good?

Extremely painful, protruding, and the entirety of the area hemorrhoids. Prep H doesn't work, and it's becoming difficult to function. What can I do?

Fissures have healed but there is a big sentinel pile for yrs which is not resolving.. Cud u plz suggest some nonsurgical treatment to get rid this?

For anal fissures that do not heal in a three months period the only option is surgery?

For what length of time do untreated hemorrhoids last for?

Good evening, i have a large internal and external hemorrhoids and sking tags. (for 7 years...). Would it be possible for rubber band ligation?

Had 6 polyps removed during a colonoscopy, but still feel extra tissues at the anus. Must I have another surgery to take care of the hemorrhoid?

Had a 4th degree episiotomy on march 2 and now I have little fecal incont. Dr said to wait more for a repair surgery. Can I still have anal sex?

Had anal abscess surgery last year. Now have hemorrhoid and jelly discharge? What could be causing these things? Should I see a specialist again?

Had hemorrhoid surgery removal 3 days ago. Had 2 external & 1 internal. Its impossible to go to the bathroom because of extreme muscle spasms. Help?

Hai..may i know what are the type of incision for patient who have both perianal and gluteal cleft abcsess about 8cmx6cm.

Have anal fistula for 16 yrs. 10 surgeries haven't fixed it. No ibd or health issues. Looking at bowel resection. Opinions please.....

Have been diagnosed with a colon ..Vaginal fissure..Fistula..And have been recommended surgery. Are there any alternatives?

Have had a grade 2 & grade 3 internal prolapsed hemorrhoids for 17 years. Would banding be sufficient or opting for full surgical removal?

Have had banding and sclerotheraphy done for severe hemmorhoids.Now am told only surgery will help, but i want to avoid that. What else can I try?

Have had hemorrhoid for about 2 years. Used proctafoam maybe 2 times. Would this heal it? It has been bleeding. Could I do something without surgery?

Have internal hemmerhoids, doing the electro therapy through a scope and rectal insert. Able to zap one of the problems but more persist. Other ways?

Have recurrence anal fistula. Is anal fistula would be related to constipation? and if operated is it permanent to change my diet or for temporarily?

Hello docs, is hemorrhoid surgery really necessary?

Hello docs, is hemorrhoid surgery worth the pain and risks?

Hello dr my husband had anal fissure surgery for 2 days and he complains from svere pain in the area. Is he need intra anal medication?

Hello I have a multiple opening Anal fistula for 3 years but I am to much afraid to do the surgery because of the pain how painful is the post surgery?

Hello, I have external hemorrhoids stage 4, recommended I do surgery. Nevertheless, this thingy does't really bother me (age 30). What do you suggest?

Hello, i made opration for ano fistula procuder fistula plug and it pass 4 months and still the wounds not healing always white dischrge please guide me?

Hello! my mother have an anal fissure she has did an operation befor 19 years old and now the same problem repeat with a cicatrization in the buttock ?

Hemorrhoid surgery. How is it done? I have an external one that won't go away

Hemorrhoids or anal lump--how can I tell the difference?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a fissure on your colon and is it treatable?

Hi I recently went to the doctor assuming I had a hemorrhoid. Turns out, it is an anal fissure and sentinel pile. Is surgery the only option to remove?

How bad does your rectum prolapse have to be in order there to be a surgical procedure?

How can I find a GI doc in MA that uses a rigid proctoscope? Can not do flexible because of allergy & clean out. Problem low rectal/anal area.

How can I treat anorectal and perineal discomfort?

How common are complications from external hemorrhoid surgery? (hemorrhoidectomy) horror stories about people needing diapers forever afterwords, ect.

How did our ancestors on the prairie treat rectal impaction?

How do I cure my embarrassing anal leakage problem?

How do I remove stuck dung in my anal sphincter?