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17, male: I think I have hemorrhoids but am unsure whether or not it is hemorrhoids or anal cancer. How can I tell the difference? I have constipation

3 weeks after knife piles surgery. Anal seepage all day, barley poop normal though. When should I be able to have a normal bowel movement w/o pain?

A child with anal blood. What could it be is not constipated?

A year ago i felt bowel perforation symptoms for 2 days after using anal toys. My irksome bowels beg the question: did i really hurt my colon or anus?

After getting a perianal abscess drained out there is itching in the anus while passing stool. Is it a fistula? My doc said for check up after a month

After piles surgery and being constipated. Is it normal to have to push your stool out?

After scope gastro said IBS&hypertrophied anal papillae.Clear definition plz of what 2nd thing is.&is it visible or related to blood in BM's or piles?

Anal bleeding every bowel movement for nearly a month. Amount has been increasing every one. Can feel small bump on rectum. What should I do?

Anal cyst, what are signs of hemorrhoids?

Anal fissure is very painful and bleeding. Stools are softer but its hard to pass the.?

Anal itching, scratches around anus skin, light bleeding. No pain/normal bowel mov. Rectoscopy normal. Ongoing for years. What is the best treatment?

Anal pain,stool leakage after defecation &severe constipation that doesn't respond to anything even laxatives.dr said no piles or fissure.plz help me?

Anal pressure normal? Have hemmoroid for two years no blood

Anal warts (hpv) causing blood during bowel movements. Help! how can I fix it?

Are bowel movements painful after surgery for an anal fistulotomy?

Are only fissures or lesions attributable to proctolgia fugax? Or can you have these spasms for no reason?

Are the rectum and the anus the same thing?

Bleeding after BM (Fissures), not constipated, colonoscopy showed no Chrohn's, etc. What else could cause anal fissues? Allergies? Stress? Reflux?

Blood and pus coming from anal when wiping and sometimes when not having a bowel movement was told had pocket in colon about 2 years ago 74 year old f?

Blood in stool, not hemorrhoids or obvious fissure. Advice on what to do?

Can a hemorrhoid grow that deep (7cm) in to the rectum?

Can a hemorrhoid somewhat block the pathway of stool?

Can colonoscopy aggrivate internal hemerhoids? I had no pain or external before procedure. I had pain 6 weeks in anus after, I have had piles 4 3 months

Can coughing excessively cause hemorrhoids?

Can damage to anal sphincter be mistaken for constipation?

Can enlargement of the prostate apply pressure on the rectum/anus and cause thinning stool?

Can external hemmoroids cause incomplete stool evacuation? Am also taking colchicine ???

Can having a bowel movement after an incision and drainage of hemorrhoids cause infection?

Can Hemmroids "Not" Cause any bleeding.. When they are prolapsed? And can they cause Constipation and the rectum to spasm making BM harder?

Can hemorrhoid affect the shape of your feces?

Can hemorrhoids (external or internal) cause problems with urination? Such as feeling like not emptying, and a pressure in the rectum?

Can hemorrhoids and constipation cause contractions?

Can hemorrhoids block me from pooping???

Can I have mobizox for external hemorrhoids pain?

Can internal and external hemorrhoids cause excessive passing of gas or a heavy feeling in the rectum?

Can internal and external hemorrhoids interfere with bowel movements?

Can internal hemmoroids be caused by an undetected gluten intolerance? They are stage 2 internal hemmoroids.

Can internal hemmoroids feel the same as a polyp?

Can internal hemorrhoids be felt during an examination? And can they cause bloody pieces of tissue during a bowel movement?

Can internal hemorrhoids cause difficulty in defecation?

Can internal non-bleeding internal hemorrhoids cause an incomplete bowel a movement?

Can internal piles be hard?

Can masturbating elevate or increase hemorrhoid or fissure or anus pain if one has those ?

Can my vagina prolapse during large bowel movement with straining?

Can piles or hemorrhoids lead to bowl cancer ?

Can Proctitis cause narrowing of the stool?

Can pushing too hard when having a bowel movement damage the nerves in the anal sphincter?

Can rectal pain be caused by ur bladder, prostate, or urinary issues? I'm being treated for internal hemorrhoids by a colon rectal surgeon.

Can rectum pressure be due to IBS ?

Can spicy food cause anal pain during defecation?

Can stools be narrower due to hemorrhoids ?

Can straining too hard cause haemorroids?

Can strawberry seeds irritate internal hemorrhoids and cause rectal bleeding?

Can swollen hemorrhoids cause constipation?

Can too much tea (or coffee) aggravate the colon and rectum to where it bleeds?

Can we pass on hemorrhoid to someone?

Can you always see hemmorhoids on sigmoidoscopy? Even small ones?

Can you get a rectal prolapse from straining really hard once?

Can you get hemorrhoids after bowel resection?

Can you tell me how haemorroids form in rectum area and what causes them to bleed?

Can you tell me how one go to the restroom (#2) with an anal fissure?

Chronic constipation.Bloody stools..Dr said its anal fissure nd take care of constipation.Have occasional black stool too.Feel heavines in anal regon?

Colorectal dr said i have fissures and hemeroids, 6 months later having rectal bleeding and pain, its sporadic. do i need to be seen again? Or no?

Colostomy but leaking stool from anus c4 level sci, 21 years post injury. Colostomy about 18 years. Leaking stool from rectum last 4 or 5 days..?

Could a prolapse of my bowel cause infertility im 26 and have a bulge between vagina and anus have to push on bulge to empty bowel completely help?

Could an anal fissure bleed without bowel movement?

Could anal fissure cause pain before passing stool as in just prior to passing motion? Had fissure issues before too. There is pain after passin stool

Could gonorrhea of the anus have scarred my rectum and colon? Is there some way to heal it?

Could hemorrhoids and hard stools cause bumps in the anal canal ?

Could hemorrhoids cause ascites problems?

Could the internal anal sphincter relax during sleep ?

Diagnose anal fissure last year.ct w rectal contrst last year ok.feel presur in anal &low back.need pass stool but rectum empty.fisure?ibs?consption?

Diagnosed with anal fissure. Burning pain during and after bowel movement. Can fissures cause some inflammation?

Diagnosed with hemorrhoids after a colonoscopy, i feel blocked up and struggle to poop is this normal? Finished anusol and no change in bowel habits.

Discomfort from hemorrhoids is worse while having a bowel movemet. Should I wipe with witch hazel?

Do Anal fissures heal on their own? I think I have a small one, it only hurts if you touch it or when I have bowel movements.

Do glycerin suppositories dry out rectum increasing chance of anal tear?

Do hemorrhoids always bleed and become itchy? I had a colonoscopy that revealed hemorrhoids 3 yrs ago but now feel something at my anal opening

Do hemorrhoids in toddler cause purple color around the rectum with some inflammation? Can this cause bleeding. He is often constipated.

Do hemorroids cause excessive mucus? If so, what is the cause of this?

Do I have anus cancer or hemorrhoids? How would I be able to tell?

Do internal hemorrhoids bleed even with small bowel movements?

Do internal hemorrhoids cause rectal damage and blood in the stool?

Do you really need to treat internal hemorrhoid with canasa if you don't have bleeding or symptoms. Just small anal fissure.?

Does anal sphincter spasm cause stool leakage?

DOes hemorroids fallout and detach by themselves during bowel movement. ?

Does mild piles can be a symptom of ca colon?

Dr says internal hemorrhoids.. Bleed and pain with bowl movements. He didn't do colonoscopy how does he know it's not cAncer?

Dr. Said I have an inflamed anus either because of internal hemmrhoid or fissure. Says not to worry. No family history of colon cancer I am 42.

Feel new small "skin tag" type outside anus- was told 1 yr ago had internal hemorroids- could this be external one? Chronic constipation & strain w BM

Fissures just below anus that bleeds after passing a bowel?

Five years ago i had . Last year i had 2 blockages resulting in bowel resection. Since then I have anal discharge after most bms & constipation often.

For a year i have anal pain and stool leakage after defecation,diagnosed with puborectalis impaction so what causes the leakage?

For about 2 weeks I have been having painful bowel movements with a lot of blood and now some clotting, could this be a fissure?

For days i've been moving my bowels more often and there's always lots of blood. It's not an external hemorrhoid, maybe internal ? Or something else

For people with hemorrhoids, do hemorrhoids generally bulge through the anus?

For the last two days I have had a green stool. I have also had discomfort in the rectal area could I have a rectal infection?

Frequent anal bleeds.. Had piles once last year. Frequent :1 a month kind. Is it serious?

Fresh blood after bm rectal pain and itching after bm..Anal fissure two yesrs ago...Is it hemmorroids?

Had anal sex and now bleeding during bowel movements. What is the treatment for this?