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Female of age 18 yrs having rectal prolapse , tenesmus and bleeding for the last 2 months . what could be the problem and Tx ?

Hi dr wt mean by rectal prolapse?

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How do you fix rectal prolapse?

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I have a rectal prolapse with the rectum pushing out into the vagina when the rectum is full, I have been doing pelvic floor exercises?

I have got a rectocele prolapse. What will the doctors do to sort it?

I have no money for treatment. I believe I have had internal rectal prolapse. My rectum will be full with no urge to deficate.

I have rectal ulcer with rectal prolapse am on pentasa (mesalamine) for 3 months but still have to much bleeding why? Could pelvic floor exercises help ?

I have rectal ulcer with rectal prolapse am taking pentasa (mesalamine) for 3 months but my doctor advise me to do pelvic floor exercises why? And how to do it ?

I have some vaginal and cervical prolapse, I have never had a prolapse examination. I'm 30 years old. Can you please give me some info about the exa?

I just had a rectal prolapse does it go away on its own?Is their a cure? Or am im on risk on having it over an over again

I think I have a rectal prolapse since I gained 20 lbs. Could it be from that?

I think I have a rectal prolapse, can I leave it or do I need to see a doctor immediately?

I think I have a rectal prolapse, what do you suggest?

I want to know what causes a anal prolapse and if you have a prolapse is it advisable to push it back in?

Im suffering from rectocele and bladder prolapse. What kind of doctor do I see and what are the options?

In continuation of my previous question what is the remedy for this rectal prolapse please.

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What are symptoms of rectal prolapse?

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