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1 year and 3 months ago i had radiation seed implant. What kind of infection makes your anus burn?

10 months bright red anal bleeding. Dr. Prescribed 2/day anugesic hc suppositories for 2 weeks with fo stool test. Sups didn't work... What should I do?

10 wks postpartum after 4th degree tear. Noticing some minor post-defecation leakage with softer stool. Will this improve as the sphincters heal?

12yo girl, recent appendectomy, developed hemorrhoids/anal skin tags. Is this common? No constipation

18 yr female.did banding of 3rd grade piles 2 days ago and the piles bluged out the 2nd day of bowelmovement and went backagain.when it'll fal totaly?

2 weeks ago had constipation which bled (Anal fissures diagnosd)/took treatment/today,constipatn recurred wid pain no help me to cure it?

3 months since anal fissure/sphinter surg. Still gas still escapes. After 3 mon any hope it will get better, any exercise?

3 mths post sphincterotomy. Fissures have healed but seem to acquire superficial abrasions/ulcer like on outer most of anus sometimes. Fissures?

37+2 pregnant and have pressure in my vagina and rectal tissues are flared to the max, and its been this way for 2weeks, but not this swollen/flared:-

4 weeks after piles knife surgery and i steal have anal seepage 24/7 and take anal muscle spams that hurt. I have to push stool out. When will it stop?

After giving birth, i suffered from hemorrhoids. Now its been 3 years its painful when i have bowl movements. How can I get rid of them?

After my bowel movement I'm experiencing a little abrasion and feel there could be a cut in my anal opening.. Is it safe to use coconut oil to heal it?

After treating chronic proctits with daflon and suppositories, i still bleed.What does it mean?Possible treatment?(no anal sex, no std, no antibiotics)

After very active (sport) weekend I got an external hemorrhoid that is 1cm wide. How soon after using prep h should I notice it getting smaller?

Always suffered from hemmoroids, usually mild minimal bleeding after a hard BM. Even with treatment/proper diet- still there. Why do some not go away?

AM on invega sustenna (paliperidone palmitate). Also anal fissure last year. why do I often smell out of butt. sometimes diet causes bad stool and I have to keep wiping?

Anal canal spasms, no bleeding, worse at night. Seen by dr, evaluated, told I have internal hemroidds, gave me hydrocortisone .? 3 days still hurts

Anal fissure & sphinterotomy 5 weeks ago. 90% healed. Sometimes just pass gas unexpectedly. Ugh! will that go away or how long will that be like that?

Anal fissure has been bleeding a lot for a week now. Started steroid cream treatment one day ago. How long will it continue to bleed a lot?

Anal fissure has healed but sentinel pile still there, although it got a little smaller its not going away. Should I wait longer? Other treatments?pls

Anal fissure reopens whenever I go poop. Was on antipsychotics and had constipation and when coming off then I developed the painful fissure. Heal it?

Anal prolapse: what home remedy to make it better?

Anal sex, now much mucous from rectum. Recently diagnoised with Herpes 2, Does anal cavity need special treatment?

Anal sore for 9 months.1st colo-rectal dr., didn't want to touch it but removed hem. 2nd dr. (many years experience)saw sore and removed another hem.Will go back in 2 weeks. Could it be anal cancer?

Anal swelling and pressure. Possible hemmhroid. What should I do?

Anal swelling that persisits--is it hemmroid or what?

Anal tear bleeds every time I go to the restroom. How long will this last?

Are there any bad consequences of douching your anus?

Are there any pulmonary concerns i should have while waiting for a thrombosed external hemorrhoid to go away? thromboembolism? It has began to shrink.

AreThere any pills Ican take to make the hemorrhoids back to normal-and not flared up.Not a fan of suppositiories and the cream doesn't work on intrnl?

Been checked by 3 different doctors.(Had hemorrhoids and anal fissure in past).Docs say not there now.Pain at times.GI say proctalgia f_ poss. what?

Been constipated for a few days, developed painful external hemorrhoid, no health insurance/little money, what can I do to treat at home/reduce pain?

Been told i have analysis fissure but I'm not shore. I've had a split back passage for 4 years and have had piles for 2, been treated but no change ?

Best way to treat a hemorrhoid and fissure? Ive had both for 4 months, the fissures come and go. I still have big stools that caused them

Can a person with anal fissure that has taken medication to heal the tear have anal sex after a long while let's say 2-3 months after the wound healed?

Can an anal fissure be bowel cancer? Had it for years recently got it treated. Just wondering. I get the classic fissure symptoms and 17 years old.

Can External Hemorrhoids can lead to inflammation like fissure do in anus which spread to whole anus? WBC in Blood is 6.3(5.2 to 12.2) Thanks

Can genital injury sustained internally near rectal area near the prostate heal even if it has lasted for years? It has been getting a lot better.

Can hemmoroids develop into cancer? I have had a few yeas of hemmoroid problems. Some days better than others. The bad days result in pain and bleeding. Usually after cleaning and applying over the counter creams, the bleeding will stop. When i had m

Can hemrrhoids banding be done in emergency room? My rectum hurts and burns while walking my doc appointment is in July that too long

Can i take daflon 500 mg for acute heamoroihds attack while breast feeding?What dr to consult in case of heamoroihds or anal fissure?

Can i take dok 100 mg rectal?

Can I use ice to sooth pain from internal hemorrhoid or fissure? Saw idea to freeze water in glove & insert. anucort helpin but still in constant pain

Can I use oxycodone acetaminophen 5-325 so I can try anal sex? I don't want that pain of the head entering the anal openning.

Can inserting a shaved raw potato pellet rectally post bm and leaving it there til the next bm really heal anal fissures? (folk remedy?)

Can internal piles stick out and hurt like external plies? Can you have a mixture of both? What can u do other then (diet, fiber, water, prep h, etc.)

Can mild internal (non-prolapsed) hemorrhoids heal on their own using conservative methods such as water and fiber? Or does that just ease symptoms?

Can ob/gyn treat hemorrhoids? Im using anucort suppositories but it still hurts badly. Does anucort cause gas and urge to move bowels. GI dr?

Can pruritis ani contribute to getting anal fissures? Had surgery, eat a high fiber diet, take softeners and still get reoccurring fissures. What now?

Can running long distances worsen anal fissures?

Can you please help my digestion, but i was wondering if this could give me hemorrhoids?

Can you put aspirin directly on hemmorroids?

Can you see a pcp if having anal burning & pressure after having anal intercourse? How long do you wait before seeing the dr?

Changed diet, increased fluids, less straining. Now I have 2-3 weeks anusol for external hemorrhoids.Is this usually an effective cure? Im a gay male, so i need enough success to resume sex. Suggestions?

Chrohns flare with new symptoms? hemhorroid after bout with constipation? Unsafe anal sex - maybe partner wasn't honest? Pain, mucous, blood, urge

Cna you feel parasites in your recum? - can it be a fissure?

Colonoscopy tomm @ 9am. This evening i developed a large abscess at the opening of my rectum and a pilonidal sinus with discharge. Should i cancel?

Constant rectal noise, started few years after anal rape. what samples to collect for better diagnosis?

Constipated yesterday and after I move my bowel I got hemorrhoid. It's external and small but doesn't bleed. Any medicines or topicals? Toget rid fast

Could colon cleansing really make you loose wait and if you are cleansing why does your anus hurt?

Could internal protruding hemorrhoids cause u not 2B able 2 have bowel movement? Took 2x laxido and 1x Dulcolax and was able to go but can't otherwise

Could my Dr tell if I have stenosis when he checked to see if my fissure was healed? Fissure is healed but still have thin stool but not pencil thin.

Dc i had a analfistulla .last i had a operatiaon on my anal after 4 month ihad one more same place its make me uncomfertable when i do my work?

Diagnosed with anal fissure as source of bleeding for 5 years, failing to heal, no pain though. Fair diagnosis ?

Diagnosed with hemorrhoids. Taking hydrocortisone supossitory but still see light blood when I wipe here and there. How long does it take to resolve?

Diagnosed with pid. Finish medications. Period started but seem heavy. It seems very red luke fresh blood. Is this normal? Also have anal fissures.

Do I need to stop playing basketball+weightlifting if I have hemorroid?Can pull-ups or push-ups cause piles/hemorrhoids?

Do internal hemorrhoids go away?had since child birth 18mths ago. Some bowel movmts are easy and others are hard and bleed. Benefiber helps

Do kegels help tone anal sphincter and manage hems? Keep them from swelling?

Do lots of people get rectal abscess, or is it unusual?

Do squatting exercises irritate hemorrhoids?

Do you need to clean out your anus before anal sex? Recommendations (gay bottom here). Secondly, after a hemorrhoid flare, how long to wait? No blood

Doc prescribed me proctosol for enteral hemorrhoids.i can't get cream to go in rectum and I'm on a lot of pain. How do I get cream in?

Doc removed a huge clot in ext thrombosed hemorrhoid today, and expressed the wound. Is it ok to drink alcohol now?

Doc says I have Anal Fissure.Not major issue, but something to take care of.Gave me lidocaine2% and suppositories.Doc here said no to supp. Confused?

Doctor said hemmroids internal & external. Started w/ pain then bleeding yesterday when wipe & small stain on underwear only. How can best be treated?

Does fissure and rectal cancer have similar symptoms? My dad is having fissure & i wanted to know the difference between the symptoms of both of these

Does preparation h help hemorrhoids go back in place?

Does shore natural fiber therapy work for anal fissures?

Dr . there is blood and mucous coming our from anal region and my stomach is flat during morning but inflated till evening.i have taken daflon.

Dr. If i'm allowed me anal fistula and i'm pregnant what to do with me sore you take an antibiotic?

Ever since I got a external hemorrhoid I have been constipated thoughts?

Ever since March colonoscopy:big hemorrhoids!Cant b 2 intimate w bf!Water, fiber,tucks,witch hazel,diaper rash gel,flushable wipes etc!Just b patient?

Every time II try to go to the bathroom my anus swells up really big and II can't use the bathroom..What do II do help?

Ext. Hemorrhoid different than norm. Lrg & hard/painful. Can't push back in. What can I use to soften/shrink it? Lessen pain?

External hemorrhoid right outside anus, it's not hard & no pain, but bleeds.Been there a long while.Over the counter treatments for it please?

Fast natural way to cure internal hemmorhoids? They are so swollen and hard that they are blocking the entrance and can't have defecate and. Thank you

Feel bulge at opening of anus. No bleeding. Uncomfortable to sit. 10 weeks ago csection. I take colace (docusate sodium) BID. Is it a hemorrhoid.? What should I do?

Fissure formed by anus, recently used new products and saw it there. How do I treat it while waiting for an appointment?

Fissure wont heal, 7+ years don't want surgery. Red fresh blood. Can this be cancer, under 20 years old. Hi fibre diet stops pain and blood on toilet?

Fissure, dr prescribed nifedipine ointment . Spoke to nurse said use qtip. Don't get on skin, headache. Concerned what should I expect? Will it help?

For a month now I've had a VERY itchy hemorrhoid. I can't go a day w/out a suppository and creams/wipes. Can't afford dr - no pain but not going away?

For mild anal fissure, how effective is nitroglycerin ointment 0.2% vs the rectiv 0.4%. Is it ok to use 0.2% to avoid some side effect. Thanks.

Four or five days ago i had a dry bowel movement that tore skin at the anus. It has been bleeding since then. How can I stop it? There are no more details.

Gi doc thought i had an anal fissure, prescribed proctofoam hc, taking 2 months now, fishy rectal odor still here, if hemrrhoids my next move should be ?

Good evening, I have anal warts and piles. I have seen a doctor and he said to go to a sexual health clinic. I'm so confused on what to do ?

Got an anal fissure. Seemed to heal within a few days- no more bleeding & zero pain. Bt every time I fart my labia move. Can fistulas be painless?

Got external hemorrhoids because of preparation for colonoscopy. They are extremely painful and itchy. How long will it take to heal? Will they by themselves? Can I do something so they can heal soon?

had a external haemorrhoids which was there for 5 days it finally poped on its own yesterday & felt relief but it's bleeding few drops is it normal ?

Had an external hemarrhoid that burst this morning. I'm pain free but it's still bleeding a bit. What can I do to stop it? No health insurance :(