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How do i know if a hemorrhoid is infected?

20 year old Has internal hemorrhoids. He had sigmoidoscopy test. doctor refer him to a proctologist and was told he has anal fissure. can he have both?

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Can anal fissures vaginal fissures be related to the same cause? Can spasm from sphincter cause a vaginal fissure? Unsure of sphincterectomy surgery.

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Can lichen sclerosus cause anal fissures?I have LS confirmed by biopsy on vulva & perineum with fissures but wondered if anal fissures are LS related?

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Does a anal abcess leaves u with a anal fisura?Or weak anal skin

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Hello I have frequent urination and i think I have anal fissures..What can I do about both?

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How can you tell the difference in hemorrhoids and anal cancer?

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