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29 year old daughter got steroid shot for sinusitis, currently using Flonase spray. Could one shot and the daily steroid use cause an 8 lb wt gain?

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Befefits from soul cortef (hydrocortisone)?

Besides taking steroids what other drugs harm young athletes?

Betamethasone dipropionate Augmented 0.05% cream I am taking a drug test for a government job which I cannot test for steroids how long will this last?

Bodybuilding and moving onto a steroid cycle but want to have kids, is there any way to be able to do this as i've seen people using steroids do it?

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Can 2 injections ( short acting and long acting) steroids cause water retention and over all aching ?

Can / does anabolic steroids ( used for body building ) affect ulcerative colitis ?

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Can fluctisaone propionate taken through nasal route affect Eczema at all?

Can fluticasone propionate nasal spray cause weight gain ? I've seen people report it since it's a steroid , is it possible??

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Can i take steroids for muscles building, how it help me and what are the side effects is steroids?

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Can someone list a few oral/injection anabolic steroids and their functions. Specifically, that are used in the muscle building scene?

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Could dexamethasone sodium phosphate be used as a muscle steroid?

Could dexamethasone sodium phosphate be used as a steroid to gain muscle?

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Could the steroids that are used to get rid of poison ivy still give you the physical effect of ones athletes use?

Di had a Decadron (dexamethasone) steroid injection a few hours ago and i feel so hot. Like hot flashes. I'm only 20 so i doubt it's natural.Is it from the steroids?

Do anabolic steroids interfere with low dose combination birth control? If so, which steroids?

Do inhaled corticosteroids & nose sprays have the dangers like LONG TERM oral corticosteroids? I have asthma & allergies. I worry about future health

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Do testasterone boosters have the same benefits as steroids? Will you see the same results as steroids?

Does a steroid dexamethasone effect your lungs in a bad way or in anyway?

Does asthma inhaler use cause long term damage, cancer? How about inhaled steroid? Know need it, but i just want to know what risks may be for future

Does dexamethasone steroid effect your breathing in anyway good or bad?

Does injection kenacort (triamcinolone) 40mg is used for hair fall?And what does its sideeffects?

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Ensure plus is a steroid ?

For how many times should a person use hydrocortisone for adrenal fatigue By 100mg injection?

Formy epidural steroid inj, my dr said he used a powder that he mixed into a solution. Why are doctors here saying that "steroid powder" doesn't exist?

Frequent and long duration usage of steroid creams will lead to addict(depend) the skin to that cream? if so what is the duration steroids can be used?

Getting chicken pox and using steroid inhalers. Is this safe?

Has anybody discovered a safe alternative to anabolic steroids for fitness?

Hello doctor, am 28 years old and my weight is 64 I here for your assistance. I want to use steroids injection to build my mu?

Help please? What is the best (legal) steroid, orally taken for building muscle and endurance?

Help please? What is the likelihood of becoming infertile from prescription steroids?

Hi does seretitide cause weight gain. I heard it causes large amounts due to the cortizone (hydrocortisone) and steroids in it ?

Hi, I'm a 37 year old women with a serious condition of endometriosis. Is anavar a helpful steroid to use like a option?

How are oral steroids absorbed through the rectum?

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How can I increase my low testosterone if it is because anabolic steroid i used to take what can help me? If not is too late

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