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Can severe seasonal allergies cause an enlarged thyroid, or can a malfunctioning thyroid in a type 1 diabetic cause severe seasonal allergies?

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Can you be allergic to flaxseed if so what are the symptoms?

Can you tell me how common is shortness of breath as a symptom of grass pollen allergies?

Can you tell me how I could cure these allergy symptoms?

Can you tell me is there any homeopathy medicine for asthma associated with sever allergic symptoms such as cold, sneezing, etc?

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Food allergy symptoms, how long will it last?

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For what length of time do allergy symptoms typically last for?

For what length of time do the symptoms of food allergy last?

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I am having allergy symptoms in my house. What may cause these outbreaks?

I have all the symptoms of hives but without redness. ?

I have been seeing a homeopath for six months now for anxiety airborne allergies asthma and menopause symptoms still don't have any improvement?

I have complaint of allergy after under shaving please help.

I have had symptoms of a cold now for about 3 years now. My doctor has tested me for allergies but non found. What can be the cause?

I have many worsening food intolerances, (not allergies). Reactions are fatigue, rashes, sleep problem, constipation. What do I do?

I have rhinitis and in the last 4 months i started to have vertigo and nausea, is this also a symptom for rhinitis?

I have seasonal allergies similar to allergic tension fatigue syndrome. However I have no food allergies. And the neurologist and allergist is stumped?

I have symptoms other than those listed for dermatitis medicamentosa. Why could this be?

I have the seasonal allergies and honestly the symptoms are worst than anything i've experienced! what can I do?

I think I developed a banana allergy but I don't know symptoms?

I think I developed a banana allergy but what are the symptoms?

I think I have a raspberry allergy. But please confimr symptoms?

I think I may have an aspirin allergy. What are the symptoms and what can I do?

I want to know what's the cause of severe allergies?

I was diagnosed with seasonal/environmental allergies.For years, it was well controlled with chlorpheniramine. The allergies are bad now but the symptoms are constant. What should I do?

If i was allergic of my cat wouldn't I have breathing problems or other symptoms?

In what ways are allergies and eczema related, if they are?

Is a sore throat related to a wheat allergy?

Is allergic rhinitis a symptom of low thyroid?

Is diarrhea considered to be a symptom of gluten allergies?

Is drowsiness a symptom of wheat intolerance/allergy?

Is it normal for a child to have allergy symptoms for weeks at a time or could it be something else?

Is it possible for 5 out of 6 members in the home to develop allergies and asthma symptoms or could it indicate a mold problem?

Is it possible for me to have allergy symptoms in one eye only?

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Is it true that chapped lips are a symptom of allergies?

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Is trembling associated with nut allergies?

Is vomiting a symptom of chicken allergy?

Mild peanut allergy symptoms, but i don't have an allergy. Could it be developing?

My allergist says asthma is my symptom for allergies. Is this possible?

My doctor says I don't have allergies. So why do I have chronic allergy symptoms?

My seasonal allergies are generally upper respiratory. This year I have more systemic, mild anaphylactic-like symptoms. Should I see an allergist?

My seasonal allergies cause nausea and fatigue. Are there any ways to treat this?