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How can I better deal with horrible year round allergies?

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How can I find out of i'm allergic to my cats? I've been sick for ages. Cough body rash and no idea why ? His do I make a test ?

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How can I tell if my occasional diarrhea is from working in childcare, or from an allergy of some sort. ?

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How do I get allergy relief?

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How do I know if I have slight stomach pains. I know it's not a gluton allergy or lactose allergy and i can't seem to find a cause for this?

How do I make out with my fiance when my allergies are acting up?

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How long does seasonal allergies last? I still have an awful cough and i don't know what this means.

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How to find out if allergies Is causing my lightheadedness for 5 yrs or if it's anxiety Ent says allergies don't cause it I'm confushed?

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How to get rid of the tearing in one eye? Only happens during the spring season, is it allergy or sinus problem.

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How to stop alergic coughing at night caused by pollen?

How to stop bad horse allergies ?

How to treat allegy like hay fever in a 4 year old boy?

How we will come to know that person has allergy ?

Hypervolemia can be seasonal and cause by somd kind of allergy? Or does cause pain on the skin?

I also wanted to know if I'm on singulair (montelukast) now does that mean I'm always going to have to be on it? Or if it's for allergies just during allergy season

I always sneeze after taking shower. How can I determine what I am allergic to?

I am 19 year old guy,doctor say to me you have allergic bronchitis due to allergic and is milk can make my cough worson?

I am affected very badly with hayfever or some kind of allergy every time i go to barbados. Any info?

I am allergic to dogs is there anything that can stop me getting the symptoms?

I am going to work with bad allergies, suggestions?

I am severely allergic to cats and have two of them. Is there an effective long term allergy shot that i can get? I'm also breastfeeding.

I am suffering badly with allergies even though I take zertex every day?

I am wondering when it is appropriate for me to give up my stuffed animals due to asthma and allergies and should I feel bad about needing to do it?

I currently am being treated for seasonal allergies because I feel like I cannot breathe properly or fully. How do I know if it's allergies or anxiety?

I experience nasal stuffiness during the day due to tree pollen allergies,but symptoms get worse at night (when pollen count is lower). Any ideas why?

I get a nosebleed everyday if not everyday it's every other day. I'm not sick I'm not allergic to anything. What can be the reason?

I get hives everyother day and I have been tested for allergies but they found none, the dr says he can't help me any further. Is there anything else?

I get hives from nsaids due to cox-1 inhibition. Does this make me a better candidate for desensitization than someone with an actual allergy to them?

I get immunotherapy for allergies for 3 yrs now last night I broke out in hives for first time. Very scary. Don't know what I got into. Stress?

I get really bad itchy palate and ears during pollen season, can this become serious or is it a harmless allergy symptom? Any way to relieve it?

I get really congested due to year round allergies. I can't tolerate the decongestants. Could i try a child's dose to see if it would help?

I get severe breathing problems with my allergies. The over-the-counter stuff does not work. What else can I take?

I get sinus headaches almost everyday in spring.will allergy get rid of them .i suffer year round with them.getting allergy testing next week ?

I got allergy from pollens in the air . Whats the treatment ? And how should I avoid them ?

I got wheezing problem.. I got dust allergy.. Please suggest me how to control without much medicines..

I had a grandson- 2years. He got running nose so often. Can it be a allergy? What we need to the spring comes. It is worse time for allergy. Thanks,

I had allergy today , was it due to any of my medicine ?

I had an allergy to cats ten years ago and I really want another one. Is there anything I can take to stop an allergy attack so I can own one?

I had ashma and allergies when until I was 9ish then it seemed to go away. Is it possible that ashma and allergies change or come back 20 years later?

I had hives for about 6 weeks and Claritin (loratadine) got rid if them- does this mean the hives were definitely caused by an allergy? Is another cause possible?

I have allergy problems very bad cold?

I have 3 year old grandson with allergies and he also get headache with is there anything he can take

I have a allergic problem in dust. How do I get rid of this allergy?

I have a cat that I want to keep. How can I reduce my allergies to her? I am currently getting allergy shots and I keep her out of the bedroom. Is there anything else I can do?

I have a dry, very itchy cough that wakes me up 5-8 times per night. I think it's allergy-related but I'm already on allergy meds. What should I do?

I have a really severe peanut allergy and was wondering if there's anyway to be ridge of this allergy?

I have a severe allergy to shellfish. Is it possible for me to find any kind of cure for this?

I have a TYERD under-eye problem dark & puffy I deal w/allergies i take meds for them, but I still look so TYERD is there anything else I can do?

I have allergies and over-the-counter medicine don't work what do I do to get rid of the allergies?

I have allergies in the spring time every year. They are very annoying. If i just suffer through will i become immune to it?

I have allergies that are extremely bad, what do I do, what do you recommend?

I have allergies which caused me to get the allergic shiner .. How do it get rid of it?

I have allergies year round and after 2 - 3 mos I flare up and get allergy infections. It's getting worse as o get older and I try all da over da counter but nothing works! I'm on antibiotics now and ALLEGRA D which ALLEGRA D is the only thing I haven't

I have allergies, someone gave me some plants, now my mouth and throat hurt, should i give them away or go see a dentist? pollen is one of my allergie

I have allergy in my throat as doctor say. Bt i don't know from which thing I have allergy. And one doctor also say that there are symptoms of typhoid?

I have an allergy seems like histamine?

I have an allergy to paint fumes I have had a headache for a week now how can I get rid of this headache?

I have asthma caused by stress and allergies. I can't get rid of the stress or the allergies right now. Should i just take albuterol as needed?

I have bad allergies but whenever i take allergy medicine my sinus cavity hurts the entire day. Is that normal? Is it drying me up too much?