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Allergies from pollen make me feel feverish all the time. What can I do for this?

Allergies have gotten so bad that i now need my enhaler several times a day. I am a very in shape person. Any sugrestions? Allergy med aren't working

Allergies, i get shots and i'm on two medications and never get allergies. What could be wrong with me? Is that normal?

Allergist wants to desensitize me to aspirin so i can take them again(allergy, no asthma.) he suggests baby asp a day, at home, to start. Is he right?

Allergy shots.They work i feel better. Except when pollen is real bad. If it doesn't work for high pollen will making shot stronger help or more often.

Allergy to potassium? Every time i get potassium (tablet 330mg) i feel bad. It is possible I have allergy?

Antihistamines, nose sprays, and completing allergy shots are not getting rid of my allergic shiners. Need advice. ?

Any advice? I have been getting bad asthma not too long ago, I don't know if it's the weather or allergies but i always get it after i sneeze?

Anyone still suffering from ragweed allergies? Is it another pollen this month? Maybe multiple pollens?

Are allergies bad for your health? If so, why do doctors recommend antihistamines? Isn't that making the allergies worse while lessening the symptoms?

As I get older, I seem to be developing more spring pollen allergies. Is this possible, and how can I manage these?

Aspirin allergy: what are the symtoms like?

Atopic derm & allergies (nasal, eye, indoor, outdoor) w/ allergy shot, skin is getting bad, should I stop shot? if so, allergies will get bad.

Can allergies be making you miserable too, or would you suspect a flu or infection?

Can allergies cause long term shortness of breath. I worked in sawmill and found out im really allergic to maple?

Can allergies give you hot flushes? Need expert opinions!

Can allergy shots be too strong causing problems?

Can allergy shots get rid of hives? Need expert opinions!

Can allergy shots make allergy symptoms worse? Need expert opinions!

Can allergy shots make you sleepy and give you a sinus headache?

Can allergy shots make your allergies worst instead of better?

Can an allergy to milk cause sinus infections whenever it is eaten? My older friend thinks she is allergic to 25 foods and if ingested, she will get sinus infections. Then she has to go get antibiotics. Can that be true?

Can bad environmental allergies cause you to snore? I'm on shots but can't get to maintenance due to reactions. I take meds/sprays but still snore.

Can having severe allergies and asthma from my allergies which is new affect fertility? Never had a problem getting pregnant before. I'm also 39.

Can I get rid of pollen allergy by moving?

Can i take a shower after i get a patch testing for allergies?

Can it be possible that when I get an allergic reaction and I sneeze should I be sneezing blood a little or not?

Can mucus develop in throat and creep in your nose, i take three different types of allergy medicines i get allergy shots i take and still mucus?

Can my allergies & asthma go away after I am pregnant?

Can my headaches I've been getting every day lately be coming from allergies? Im allergic to a lot of stuff , foods and environmental and cats,

Can OTC allergy Meds help with Shortness of breath due to allergies?

Can phobia of anaphalxis and good allergies cause you to feel like your actually having the symptoms i go through this everyday :(?

Can pollen cause such bad allergies that it can make you dizzy and give you headaches?

Can seasonal allergies make you tired and dizzy?

Can severe pollen allergies/possible head cold cause sever drowsiness and a overall tired feeling? Is this a common complaint in allergie sufferers?

Can someone help me understand allegry shots more? Why does giving you the stuff you are allergic to make you better?

Can someone help thst has anxiety and allergies?

Can there be a way to get rid of pollen allergies for good?

Can we try to get pregnant if hubby is medicating for his seasonal allergies? (Ebastel) thanks!

Can you get a Flonase allergy? How?

Can you get constipation from using allergy medicines every 4 hours for severe allergies?

Can you get flu like symptoms from being allergic to eggs?

Can you get levothyroxine allergies?

Can you get over an allergy by exposing yourself to it?

Can you give me suggestion: my allergies are irritating and i cannot fix them by myself!?

Can you not have hay fever or allergies your entire life then suddenly get it one year?

Can you suddenly get an allergy to cats when you never had one before? Is it possible?

Can you tell me how i could find a perfume i like with allergies?

Cant always be away from dogs w my slight allergy to them. Besides flovent for asthma what can I get to help allergy for when they are around me.thank?

Cholinergic urticaria happen without reason? year ago no problem. but past several months, got worse. why? but i have allergy history.

Coughing for 5 weeks straight? Allergies? Worse possibilities?

Could a humidifier make your allergy symptoms worse?

Could allergies become worse near the ocean?

Could allergies go away after a while?

Could allergies go away on their own?

Could allergy shots actually make your allergies worst insted of better?

Could allergy shots get rid of hives?

Could allergy shots make allergy symptoms worse?

Could i get flu like symptoms from being allergic to eggs?

Could ihave a tick allergy?

Could it be real, that smoking makes me feel overcome pollen allergy symptoms for a while? It helps for a brief period.

Could it happen such that a nut allergy cause painful sinus problems that aren't instantaneous?

Could u pl let know the reasons having cough only in night & not in day time in adults & also in children.If allergies, how to find tht what allergy is?

Difference Between Allergies and Cold I have mild allergies, and it started out mild this year, but two days ago it got 2x worse. Cold Or bad Allergy?

Difference btwn an allergy and sensitivity? I get hay fever symptoms every time I visit the salon. I think it is due to an ingredient in the shampoo.

Do a lot of people get allergic rhinitis?

Do food allergies get worse as you age?

Do people get fevers from allergy attacks? My husband thinks it's allergies but I think with a fever it's more likely a virus.

Do symptoms like allergic rhinitis go away quickly?

Do you have any tips on how to improve allergies?

Do you have to go to allergy specialist to get tested for food allergies?

Do you know any way to get rid of my allergies towards dogs?

Do your allergies get worse when breastfeeding?

Does allergy and asthma go hand in hand? My son has being diagnosed with allergy, but nothing is helping and we do have a large dog so i wonder?

Does allergy get worse when exposed to pollen even if i take antihistamine and feel ok? I mean the underlying longterm immunological cause of allergy

Does going to an allergist to get diagnosed with allergies hurt, sting, etc..?

Does steaming fruits get rid of symptoms from oral allergy syndrome?

Does taking bee pollen really work for getting rid of allergies, or is it a gimmick?

During summer my skin suffers allergywhat measures should I take to prevent such kind of allergy?

EVERY spring I get headaches daily(forehead) I have seasonal allergies but I have no symptoms really. Any reason why I have headaches all spring?

Every time I go running it triggers my allergies really bad. Is there any way I can go running without having to deal with allergies afterwards?

For the 1st time I have allergies. I only have allergy symptoms at night. Why is that? It doesn't bother me much during the the day.

For what reason can't people with asthma get the nasal spray flu vaccine?

Get irritated from treatments. Could I have a progesterone allergy?

Getting a skin test by the allergens given get you the allergic reaction a get you feeling bad?

Going to start highschool in less than a month but I have perfume allergy! What can I do?

Got brochitis and coudln't breathe well. Do I have allergies or is this common?

Has anyone had an allergic reaction to wheat where they cough and their lungs start to feel congested?

Have a good day, im suffering from allergy cause by deisel and gasoline, what is a good ways to prevent this allergy?

Have allergies one day and none the next. Is that weird?

Have BAD allergies. Steroid sprays give me nosebleeds. (I spray outwards). Refuse allergy shots. Is it worth seeing an allergist? Options?

Have had a dry cough for about 2 weeks how do I determine if it's allergies, gerd or asthma?how do I know what allergy med to take if needed

Hei. Is there any progress in the field of asthma? I im a pretty bad case and would like to do anything to get rid of the asthma and allergies combind

Hello i have allergies like dust mold etc but a few months ago I was diagnosed with bronchitis due to allergies, well it's gone now ?

Hello! My allergy is extremely bad this year, I want to see an allergist, Could anyone please recommend a good one in the New York City area? Thanks

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes eye allergy in children?

Help please! i don't know when to decide if a pet allergy is not going to get better?

Hi docs, my husband has an allergy to penicillin and no other allergies... Why is it that every time he tries pesto his throat closes up?

Hi I've just had an allergy reaction to a sushi roll. Hives around mouth, a bit wheezy and hoarse. History of allergies. Will the gym make it worse?

Hi, iam 28 years old and in my first trimester of pregnancy. I also have severe dusti and humidity allergy. Please let me know which allergy relievini?