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2 yrs rhinitis symptoms. Tried steroid sprays, allergy meds, scans, reflux, the lot! One possibility: v.high IgE Total on allergy blood test. Ideas?

29yo. Never had food allergy but recent skin test had some allergies. Done for Chronic hives. What r the chances of going into anaphylaxis now?

3 allergists told me there was no way to test for an aspirin/nsaid allergy. I am desperate to know for sure if i'm allergic. Is there really no test?

A test to see if they have a dog allergy?

About how much would it cost to get allergy testing and immunotherapy for allergies?

About how much would it cost to get allergy testing and immunotherapy for the allergies?

All the allergy tests i took (food, dust, pollen, nuts) was 100 % negative. Im afraid of anaphylaxis. No history of allergies in my family. Phobia?

Allergies and to be tested in 2 days.. What to do?

Allergist/Dermatologist confirmed Urticaria from Nickel tooth braces.3 months later I still have symptoms at least once a day.What else could it be?Can it be helicobacter pylori (I have read online)?

Allergy doc says I am allergic to "dust mites" and all sorts of grass (had skin prick test)- so what am i suppose to do about that other than meds?

Allergy RAST/blood (IgE) test reports no milk allergy. Is it possible I could still be allergic to dairy? Suffering from thick nasal mucus.

Allergy testing babies; how old do they need to be?

Allergy to eye makeup, ingredient lists too lengthy between products, it's impossible to find the culprit. What's the best way to test for allergy?

Animal protein gives me rhinitis and weaker bladder. How is this possible?. Skin allergy tests don't show any allergies.

Antibiotics susceptibility test can determine allergies?

Are allergy shots for a specific kind of allergy?thank you very much doctors

Are there pediatric allergists who specialize in dealing with food allergies?

Are you able to take a test besides patch testing to see if you are allergic to something? can a skin biopsy tell you if you are allergic to a cosmetic or is there some other test that help determine if you are allergic to it

Being sent to a certified allergist for a complete allergy and immunology workup. I know what allergy test is but what does immunology work up entail?

Besides allergy would could indicate a rash around mouth and eyes. She is 18 months old. She tested negative for common allergies. Puzzled!

Can a allergist decide that allergy testing is medically necessary for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction?.

Can a high positive ANA cause allergies? I never had allergy symptoms and now I react to so many things (food, medication, contrast dye, pollen, dust)

Can allergy cause acne?What test should I take to know the allergy?

Can an allergist do a skin test to see if you are allergic to penicillin, in case you need to use penicillin?

Can an allergy test determine how badly (the severity) allergic you are to something?

Can date palm cause an allergy?

Can drug allergies be confirmed by allergist testing?

Can I go to my gp to get allergy testing done or does it have to be an allergist?

Can seasonal allergies affect a methacoline challenge test?

Can seasonal allergies cause itchy skin? If so, are there tests to confirm the cause? How is it treated? How can you tell allergies from eczema?

Can someone be tested for allergies to toxoids?

Can someone get an allergy to gold?

Can there be anything i can do about allergies during pregnancy?

Can you get dhystrotic eczema from a gluten allergy?

Can you see an allergist or immunologist to check for sun allergy skin reactions or immune disorders that cause them?

Can you still be lactose intolerant even though IgE allergy test reveals no allergy?

Can you still be lactose intolerant even though the IgE allergy test claims no allergy?

Can you take dianobol if you have food allergies, asthma and eczema?

Can you tell me how i could decide if I am allergic to gluten?

Can you tell me is there an external allergy test for wheat allergy?

Chronic allergies & sinusitis. No meds help. Last sinus cat scan clear. Had allergy tests, the allergist recommends allergy shots. This would be my 3rd time, first two ineffective. Should i?

Cost of food allergy testing?

Could a nickel sulfate hexahydrate allergy identified through a patch test trigger a mast cell response? Could a low nickel diet be helpful?

Could a wheat allergy cause bladder infections?

Crohn's disease at age 27? I can't figure out why my eyes are always red. It's not allergies and i can't figure it out. How do I rule this out?

Do abnormal allergies exist?

Do allergy shots work for really bad allergies? My IgE level is about 1300.

Do i need to see an allergist or an ENT doctor about my allergy?

Do pediatric allergist only focus on allergy issues?

Do people with allergies such as rhinitis and urticaria have higher chance of tattoo ink allergies? how do I get tested for tattoo allergies?

Do you get shots when you see an allergist to test for food allergies?

Do you have allergies to tiny amounts like in allergy testing if first exposure?

Do you know any way to see what caused these hives without an allergy test?

Does hypothyrodisim have anything to do with allergies?

Does allergy medication even work? I've took several kinds and i still have symptoms. Have been tested for allergies and I have them.

Does allergy testing detect all allergies?

Does allergy testing detect all your allergies or just a few?

Does an allergist put you out while testing?

Does anyone out there have a yeast allergy by testing that doesn't have symptoms?

Does asthma and allergy cause a high ESR ? (77)

Does intradermal allergy testing hurt and are there risks associated with it?

Does naturopathic allergy testing really work?

Does naturopathic allergy testing work well?

Does one's sensitivity/reactivity to allergy testing decrease with advanced age?

Dr. How to test for food allergies? How does allergy testing work in general? And what about non food allergy testing?

Ent consultation or allergist for chronic allergy/enlarged turbinates. Each has different opinions. Diagnosis after allergy tests, allergic rhnitis.

Eosinophils are high and have psoriasis and had esophagitis ? Maybe allergies?

Every time I have had an antibiotic I have had an allergic reaction. I have a had inconclusive allergy testing. What antibiotics can I use if needed?

For allergies is there anything better than journal of allergy & clinical immunology?

Has anybody else been tested for IgG antibody food allergies? I thought allergies were ige?

Hello! my age is 19 year old.I am suffering from allergic bronchitis.Doctor said that allergic test will say which vaccine you need.Is it good for me?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes allergic rhinitis?

Help! need to know if there's an external allergy test for wheat allergy?

Hi Doctor,Is there any test to find out which antibiotic is allergic to a person before using it?

How accurate are allergy skin prick tests? Are 'true' allergies only manifested by nasal/eye secretions?

How and where does a allergy testing happen on your body?

How are drug allergies diagnosed? By the person at home?

How can allergy testing work?

How can a doctor do muscle testing to know if I am allergic to something?

How can a person be tested for drug allergies?

How can I avoid complications from allergy testing?

How can I confirm whether I have allergies or a cold?

How can I discover my allergies?

How can I find an immunologist or allergist?

How can I find out if I developed an allergy to certain preservatives found in some vaccines? Is there a special test that can be done?

How can I find out what I am allergic to?

How can I find out what someone is allergic to?

How can I get tested for a shrimp allergy?

How can you check for allergies without contact?

How can you determine whether you have allergies or a different heat-related reaction?

How can you get tested for a gluten allergy?

How could docs check for allergies?

How do a sensitivity and an allergy differ?

How do allergists find what i'm allergic to?

How do doctors diagnose milk allergies?

How do I find out what I am actually allergic to? Rast says everything... But have never reacted to tested food substances?

How do I find out what my 3 month old is allergic too?

How do u evaluate urself for allergies ?

How do you confirm children's allergies from ?Different foods?

How does allergy testing work? Trying to find out if I'm allergic to a scent - skin issues or food that triggers it?